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I am beating the boy's agan mom.!

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help mom post,she busy packingto get moved

September 8th 2013 10:09 pm
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I do not like it when we move, because we all have to be in our kennels and most of us are two by two in the kennel's and this time I hear that babie with have all her new borns and older kitten with her. and so will Jazzmint have her new borns with her.than is going to be two by two unless you are to big to share your or to mean. oh well here is moms post.

Well today was very relaxeing.Harry let me sleep until 4pm today.than we went and looked at the outside of a few house's.well call in the morning to see the inside of the house.than we have doctor's this its going to be a busy week.Harry is doing go and so is Michelle,I have had no arm pain today.All the kittens eyes are healing awesome.packed more stuff of my in the frontroom from the desk and bed headboard.that will help kept the kittens from knocning stuff off the headbaord and getting me in the head.hopeing that by end of this week to have found the dupexl we like a nd will fix our persnal needs.but need more boxs before any more packing can happen.Their are very hard to came by for some unknowing reason.There is so much to pack and than we need to put michelle all by its self now that she takeing the upper.its more work for me to pack our stuff.but thats life.hope you all have had a great day or will have a great day.God bless


we are going to move at last and that make me so very- happy.

August 20th 2013 8:38 pm
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here mom's post .
well I have good news to tell you all.Our loan was appove,but we can not get the house we went because its out of our budget.but John,is going to help us find some thing driffer in our my dream is cameing true at last.I looked at i this way God wents us to move but not in the house,that God is trying to safe us from something that maybe wrong with the house that we did not see.So we will be looking for a driffer and better fact he is going get someone to help us find this we are in deed going to get moved at last.Just kept saying those prays everyone.Our was great.I decdie today that we all three need to get out of milwauke for a hours or so.So we took a ride to the state line truck stop for dinner and just sat there and talk about stuff and everyone felt a lot better.made a list of what we went in a house.Where we would love to live.It was nice to get out of the city for a few hours today.the kats a re all ok,but the kittens are getting into everything which is up seting Harry a bit,I told Harry to just claim down we will be move soon and will have a lot more room to move around in.And the kats and kittens will have a lot move space in which to play and would not be under his feet all the time.I am so happy that I just went get everything packed over night and put it all in storage until we move but what we need to us.Michelle just about has her room packed up,she just needs to go thur her clothes and give away what she doe no longer wear or does not fix her any more.Thinking of haveing a rumm sale.which would help michelle get same exart cash in her buy struff for her part of the house.will I guess I should get the rest of my post up and head to bed.God bless


help mom post once again.

August 11th 2013 9:46 pm
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I have been doing ok. but lately I have been biting my skin a gain more than likely my algie have kick in once again. Mom kept telling to stop. I happy that mom when back to our special diet food from the doctor . Will here is mom's post.

things are going good here.monday with be 27 years with Harry and I could not ask for any change's in our life together.In fact I do it all over again if I was asked.still wish I would have meet Harry when

I was much before I got married to my first husband .my life would have been a lot more happy a nd we would been there for each other a lot more..both of our lifes would have been much better.who know I maybe not be so over weight that I am now.I may have found my daughter at a younger age as well.But God has plans and there are to be done at the time he would like them to be so I hapy that we are together now.

I thank God for putting Harry and I together as he has done.and that michelle was able to be part of our lifes too.The kittie's all were real good today.I was home with them all unti laround 4pm when we went out for a they were able to have time a lone for about a hour.

Harry will be takeing me out to dinner monday and Michelle will be cameing with us.He just needs to tell where he like to go for dinner.michelle got her room all pick up a nd clean.Than satuday at noon we will be going and looking at the house on south 57 street bythe VA hosptail.will let you all know what happens..we had nice weather here today,with hope it will be that way all week long.

hope that your day was wonderful and your weather was great too.Godbless


we are still help mom out with her posting

August 7th 2013 10:04 pm
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I have been ok,do miss my three son's and my one daughter the past over to rainbow bridge and my newhp Tgyerlee and my mom and dad as I have been drepress the past few days or more.haveing the new born kittens in the house now is what got me thinking of my kids that past over.but I will be ok .Mom plans to let michelle kept them all but Bellamaria,Tabithra,Tevor james andtwo from each of the litter to came.oh well I better get moms post up fpr her.

I just wish that we find one place and that we can finsh the packing and just move right in to it.that be so awesome.that we could get out of this moblie tend can we are calling a home .I need much more room to move around in and that kittens and kats need they space in which to run and play and be happy.That is a other way to make me happy and un depress once again.that everything I own would have its place to sat and be seen once again,instead of pack away in a box in the stroage bin with every thing else we own.that there is no room in this place for any more, to have any thing.we just all need a much bigger place to be liveing in asp. so please I ask that you all would please say prays that we find what we went and can get mover before winter set in.Because I am refuse to live here one more winter. its so hard to get out when there is snow,because they plow us in all the time.and they know for a fact that both Harry and I are not able to do it with our heath and michelle with her bad back.because if i need to i will pack up the rest of my stuff and put in storage bin what we would not be useing and go live out of a moltel once again like we have done in the past.when we could not find a place to live.I am atthe end of my rope looking for the right place to live until the right place came around for us.It be much better the kittens and the kats,for thry have more room in which to move around and there be less fighting bewettrn everyone here.well I pray that your day was been good to you and your had awesome weather.God Bless


just posting for mom again ,she so busy.

July 31st 2013 8:12 pm
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hello everyone,day was good.walking better every i am back to nomal as far as my arthis go that is.The kats and kittens are all good.but Sassy been bleeding from her second butt hole the past far days off and on.I plan on getting her to the doctor after I get paid thusday.I thinking that Cdlye may have try to have his way with her and ripe her w hen she fight him off.other wise all is fine here.Harry is doing good as is michelle.Hope that you are all have a great week.Thusday is my big monthly shopping I am going to busy all day thusday.I will write again sometime thusday.God bless.


just posting for mom once again

July 30th 2013 11:46 pm
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boy have same awesome news to tell to eveyone at last. I have the bottle artortech 75 and have taken my first two and hole pill sure be in full froce able will be walk and move with out any help and be able to more stuff once again.the way I love friday I should be back in for froce life around the Schaubel will be back up and running again,the day went great for me.The kats ad the kittens have been getting into a lot of struff.But I would not have it any other way,I plan to go and look at a house on wednesday,its a three bedroom teo bath,washer and dryer untils and a nice showers a nd huge fronrooms .so I going to go look at it to see itf its the one we are looking for.when the packing will start.againwhen Sabyna got out of her now we will need to find it before bed time.hope you all had awesome day.and weather .God bless


monday here and gone

July 29th 2013 9:00 pm
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boy have same awesome news to tell to eveyone at last. I have the bottle artortech 75 and have taken my first two and hole pill sure be in full froce able will be walk and move with out any help and be able to more stuff once again.the way I love friday I should be back in for froce life around the Schaubel will be back up and running again,the day went great for me.The kats ad the kittens have been getting into a lot of struff.But I would not have it any other way,I plan to go and look at a house on wednesday,its a three bedroom teo bath,washer and dryer untils and a nice showers a nd huge fronrooms .so I going to go look at it to see itf its the one we are looking for.when the packing will start.againwhen Sabyna got out of her now we will need to find it before bed time.hope you all had awesome day.and weather .God bless

I thought I help mom out by posting for her she so busy tonight.I am doing ok,but my collar fall offand /I will not tell mom nor dad or Michele where its at.


hello monday

July 28th 2013 10:23 pm
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It's me Sabryna,I just thought I would post this for mom being she is so busy this morning..

it was on the cold side once again today. but for same unknow reason I was unable to stay a wake today. So I send my whole in bed. At less I did not have to put up with all the pain I was haveing. and top of it noe Harry's knees are not working for him when he need to get up from his chair. tell you this weather is for the birds. first its in the 90's or the 80's than it drops to the 70's and before you know it its drop to 50's and you are truening on the heat in july this is a first for me. you sure that this is not fall instead of summer? it seem that Chaileray and Jazzmint are becameing a couple

at last ,Cldy has out grown his first collar .. So will need to replace it for him on the frist, as I may need to collars for all the kittens and bonnie a nd jazzmint. first collars so tim to replace then all for they final collars at last. Michelle has got a few more day to school starting for the new year. she be walking across that stage this year. with her friends and classmate's. I am so proud of Michelle for she has came a very long way andd rough road of nothing but rock's. Now since I been home schooling her, she has came a very long way in her study's. and now it will be time for collage f or her. she has grown up so fast right in front my eye's and I did not miss any of it either ,Thank You God, Harry had a other fal today and fall on to the floor why trying to get dress. I wish the doctor at the v.a. would do something about his falling. he seem to have one or two a month. I said something once before I guess I will have say something again. I and miche lle see our doctor next week. bleed work and just about everything you can think will be done. for her school check up and for my recheck to get all my meds refilled and talk about what we are going to do to get my artortech 75.if I do not have ot by that time. God for bid. I am just looking forward to a new week with a new start at everything and its gets to hard for me I will drop in God almighty lap and let me handle it totaly. well with hope I hope that you all have a great weekend and weather was better than my. God bless.


a new month and week all in one.

July 1st 2013 11:29 pm
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well my day started out with awaesome news,three ago when we look under seat thur out the whole van there was no keys under harry seat.this mornoing he drop is coffe jar and went to look for a nd reach off to the left side of his saet and out cames my van car.I loss inside of walmart so now did show up where it was check a hunred of times and was not there,but no Harry pull them right out from under the left side of his chair in the van,darn ghost are at it again. other wise to was nice and so was our weather nice.Michelle slept until 5pm and got up to go to dinner at the old pancake house.than I went and buy her shoe for the class reuion on the 20 of this month.she happy that I am takeing her with us.I got one pair the same pice for two pair instead which michelle need badly for the summer.We only got walmart and canv shoes done today,so that means we have pick and save and woodmans left to do get.and than go and pay the bills on top of all that.And of couse there are doctors appointment s for everyone this yes this is going to be a busy day ,I mean Fredryckelee is eveb going to have appointment with the denist this month.he has a tooth that infect a nd needs to be pull that going happen this month.because he seem to be causeing touble when he eats his food.well time to head to bed .I have at less five kitte's on the bed waiting fo me to join them so I belive its time to say good night.God bless


mom feeling sad

June 24th 2013 10:15 pm
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Angela,Michelle was doing her own up until the tranmisson went out on the washer and we have had to take it out to do it.the why I told her to go outand but me a new washerand dryer,so she could do it herself are so right they went us to wait on them handand foot at that age,

will the last set of new borns are now working they way around the whole it wacth where you walk or sat agian.and can tabthai climb anything..So now Harry has to watch it when he rocks in his chair at night.I just love to wacth them walk and wiggie their small butt's as they walk.It make me laugh everytime.I decdie to at last to go out and get the three week laundry wish I had one here at home,so I would not have to go out and do it and have Harry do all the lifting.but now Michelle is going with to help do it and the lifting.and unloading the van.I will be very happy once we can just go back to doing it every other day,instead of once every two or theree weeks.the cost alone to do it add up as does the gasoline to get there and home. That I would be saveing if I was able to again do it back at home.Things are starting to get to me once again it seem.but I have to not let it get me down or I will be no good for anyone else not even myself.its just that there is so darn much going on around this house and I am not getting any where with same of it that I feel down and out of it.Like with this moveoing and finding a bigger palce for us three and the 16 kats is pulling me down the most.Because I know its not health or safe to live here any more,but I just can not find the place we need in the time we are in need of it.because it cost to much or its just out of where we like to live that we know is safe for us all to live at.It's just as if someone is whole us back from the move or finding something in which to move to asp.I like to get move before the airport went to buy the land our moblie home is seating.Because we were told that they will not have to paid us for our home's because they are moblie and on rented land.That they would only paid for the land they went.I could just sat here tonight and just cry my eye's out.The program around with help with a reg house on reapairs,but when it came to a moblie home they refuse to touch it at I losee both ways.I am not asking to much for a side by side all on one floor with three bedrooms,twoo and half bathrooms,laundry room with a washer and dryer in it a dish washer and a very big kicthen and panty,that I am able to move around in my wheelchair better than I am able to do now.I would be able to do more and take a lot off of Harry's shoulder's.but I can not do t hat unless I get moved frist.It be less on us about Michelle because she have her very own place to call home.tthat she would still need to pay rent and ect.When I have to worrie about my daughter came back here from fl to live here again,when thing have been going great since she left for fl a month ago.She just can not make up her darn mind and she is 42 years old and should be settle down by now.but no.She has been that way all of her life that she been back in my life anyway.I just feel like I should pack up my se;f amd my six kats anddjust disapp and not let anyone know my where about a gain and start over fresh again.but I know that would not help matter's that it would make matters what do I do? I went to move so darn bad I can feel it.My card is over full for me to much going now here and have no place in which to turn any more as there was when I was much seem that no went to help you out once you are this age,that they went you to drop of the ends of the earth.I just wish to God thing would change around soon.thak you for listin to me talk helps kind of to do this instead of letting it sat on my shoulder' you all much..God bless

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