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Good by to a dear friend

March 19th 2011 6:02 pm
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I'm sure many of you have heard that we lost our dear Hazel Lucy the other day. Catster simply will not be the same without her but I'm glad she's not suffering.

Her family took great care of her and we know she appreciated that.

Good bye dear friend, we'll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge but you are not forgotten.



Protector of the house

March 18th 2011 4:28 pm
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I protect this house and don't mew furget it.... MOL I've been hunting squirrelies, chipmunks and leaves so that no fur comes in here. And I'm furry good at it.

A chimpmunk came out finally after this long, cold winter and I was stalking him. Though mama said he must be a blind chippie cause I was standing right behind him. He musta known the slider door was in between us I guess. Mama said she thought about letting me out to get him but she didn't want to clean up a mess before work. Bad momcat!

The plastic even came off the door today so I'm gonna talk the pawrents into opening the door tomorrow if it's nice out.

Fur now I'm going to watch the outside of the house and protect it!



Vegetables? Gross!

March 13th 2011 11:26 am
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Momcat offered me a fried vegetable stick - gross! She said it's good fur me but it didn't smell like it was good fur me. That makes meowmy a liar I think.

I told our furriend Chef Rooster to cook me up something good instead. And speaking of good, our own Hazel Lucy ate real kitty food!! I'm furry excited that she was able to eat cause she's been sickies fur awhile now.

Other than that, I'm just sittin' on the pawrents trying to keep warm. The stove is still on and I really like it cause it's nice and warm.



What are crutches?

March 5th 2011 4:29 pm
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Our furriend Hazel Lucy has given us a great tip as usual. Fellow Catster mom created this pawsome site. Meowmy says the prices are outta this world and I think the beds and stuff are super kewl:

So today I heard Meowmy say to dadcat "Geez, I'll go get your crutches from the basement." Crutches? What are crutches?!? Then momcat brought this big, huge things up and I ran away. They were pretty scary and tall and loud. So papa's been crutching around and mama said I have to take care of him.

Papa's fine and that's cause I've been helping take care of him. I sat on him all morning and this afternoon on the couch. Plus it was nice cause he was near the stove so I was able to stay super warm.

It's a little warmer here now and so I don't always sleep under the covers at night anymore. Now I sleep on mama's side if it's warm enough.




February 28th 2011 6:40 pm
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I'm still a big Papa's boy. I run onto his lap, sit there all night and get luvins. But it's really cause Papa sits in the good seat in front of the heater, so I just pretend to luv on him.

The other day mama put me in one of my kitty condos. I thought it was just a big toy holder - I had no idea I was allowed to go in there! Well mama put me in there and I realized... from here I can hunt squirrels out the back door AND nap too!!!

I was furry excited when I figured this out and I've been over there a lot lately. Plus it's dark so when I nap the light doesn't go in my eyes. I hate when that happens.

Please keep purring fur our Hazel Lucy who's still not feeling well.

And check out Lucy's (DDP, concats!) diary that talks about the cat killer update. Make sure to put it on your Facebook and Twitters mama says so others know about it too.



Papa's boy

February 26th 2011 6:24 pm
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I've been papa's boy and no one else's for the last few days. I sit on him, love on him, kiss him. I don't look at mama but she'll get her turn later this week. I've been sleepy and furry tired lately cause the pawrents are home this weekend.

I'm purring that our furriend Hazel Lucy feels better soon. She's eating but we're purring that she feels better cause she's been sick.



I am an abused kitty

February 21st 2011 4:32 pm
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There I said it... I am an abused kitteh. The pawrents left Saturday afternoon and filled my magic food dish. Momcat gave me some crunchies to eat too. So I squirrel hunted the rest of the day away. Around dinner time I was getting hungry so I went over to magic food dish to see what was cooking for dinner. I heard it spin but no crunchies came out. The sun went down and I started to get pretty hungry.

Nothing was in the food dish still so I went to bed. I woke up, looked in the dish and still nothing! I heard the dish spin again but still no crunchies. The dish turned juuuuust a little but it was impossible to get crunchies out.

Dinnertime rolled around and the same thing happened. This was when I decided to make my little, abused feelings known and coughed up a hairball in a place where the pawrents usually step in it.

Then I heard it... the key in the door. I mewed so loud the pawrents could hear it from outside. I gave them a piece of my mind and then they feed me a HUGE meal and I ate until I couldn't eat anymore. Pfffft!!



Stuffed to the gills

February 15th 2011 4:00 pm
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Well, my new crunchies have been great... a little too great... You see the pawrents gave me what the bag said plus my treats, cause the vet didn't say how much to give me.

So as a result, I've been stuffed to the gills. I'm not running, I'm just sleeping around cause I'm so full. And my ahem... newmies have been plentiful meowmy says. (What is with the meowmies anyway?!?)

Today was better cause my crunchies weren't so many. I was still full though so I fed my Duckie. When papa came home Duckie was in my food dish. He polished off the rest so I didn't have to eat them.

The pawrents both say I'm acting more like Angel Ivan everyday. I took that as a complement cause Angel Ivan flits around me sometimes and tells me about all the long naps he used to take. So I think I'm taking after him pretty well.

Well, gotta go sleep some more.



I won!

February 13th 2011 10:28 am
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I've been undergoing a purrsonal battle for the last month or two. I haven't pawed about it, because it's been tough. You see, I've been fed up with my wet food and have been begging for crunchies.

Since many Catsters have been in solidarity with the Egyptian people I got a good idea. Why not stage a coup of my own in an attempt to get crunchies instead of wet food.

Well, I've been mewing and mewing. Dadcat was easy to train, but Momcat is much harder. Then it happened. It was the same day the Egyptian people got their wish actually. Dadcat walked in with a HUGE bag of crunchies just for me!!

I'm so excited that I eat them all up and I come sprinting when I hear the bag rustle. Just like the Egyptians, I'm furry glad we both got our way. Speaking of which, where's Pharoah Loki been, isn't he Egyptian? Hmm.....



My Gotchya Day

February 8th 2011 6:28 pm
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Today's my gotchya day! 1 year ago the pawrents came to the cat shelter where the staff had packed all my stuff in a pillowcase. I had Duckie, blanket, my little bear and other stuff in there.

I cried on the way home but when we got there, I sniffed around to make sure there weren't other furs. I was furry excited and it was hard to sleep. But I got into the routine and now I'm ruling this roost, as the fur outside learned last night!

Thank you to all my furriends for the comments and prezzies - I'm spoiled according to the pawrents, MOL.


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