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Whatever you're doin, I WANT IN

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give a Meowy Christmas

December 12th 2010 3:57 pm
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Hey everyone! Hope you guys are having a good Sunday! It's raining here. The birds at the bird feeder looked all rumpled. but still delicious...
I'm keeping busy playing. My mom is sewing. If you guys read River's diary, you know that his mom made a lot of catnip toys and donated them to local shelters. My mom was so inspired by this kind act that she decided to do the same thing. She sews, and has tons of fabric. (She made me the silly elf hood that I'm wearing in my pictures. sigh.) Right now she has all the pieces cut and half of them sewn for about 60 toys! Plus extra ones for me and her friends' cats. She bought organic catnip from the pet store and made some test shapes to see if I like them. And I do! Mom is surprised how much more into the organic catnip I am than the old nip she had. I've been nipping out!
My mom found a no-kill shelter about 30 min away and a stray-cat rescue and foster program based about 5min away that she will bring toys to. We will post pics! We are so excited!! we can't stop using exclamation points!!!!!

So my mom and I wanted to share with you this good feeling. It is such an amazing happy feeling. We thanked River's mom for inspiring her to do this. Maybe we can now inspire you? If we all do little things, they can add up to big things. (sorry for being corny.)
Thank you to everyone who already helps kitties in need all throughout the year. I'm excited for Tigger's new brother Sobe, who's dad rescued him from a hungry stray cat life and will have a great Christmas this year.
Keep warm everybody! Mom is going back to sewing now.


toki the hairstylist

December 7th 2010 9:37 pm
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Sometimes my mom doesn't pay attention to me because she is reading or looking at her iPhone or something. So I jump up next to her or onto the back of the couch and stick out my paw and comb her hair with my claws. On top of her head. VERY GENTLY of course. Because I love my mom. I just want her to look at ME, not that darn phone. It's very satisfying if mom has her bangs in a barrette, to comb her hair and make it stick up all crazy from the barrette. And it works! Mom giggles and stops what she is doing. And it's playtime!



December 2nd 2010 6:58 pm
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I'm a diary pick! And a good thing too- because I need to report a robbery! My mom has been stealing my bugs! Somebody get me the cat police!

A week ago, I was running around doing some SERIOUS PLAYING while my lazy mom was wasting time reading. Suddenly, my superior cat senses detected some creepy movement in the corner. A spider! I sprang into action and got within range. I pawed that spider! I nosed that spider! I pawed it again! I could easily have killed it, but I felt like toying with it. All of the sudden my mom came hustling by, picked me up, moved me, spun me around. And the next thing I knew, I had lost sight of my spider. Poor naive me, I started looking for it. I looked and looked, but that spider was gone. I moved on and quickly forgot the incident.
And then! a few days later, I spotted another tasty little critter. A roly poly pillbug! By the doormat! I zoomed in and started poking it. And mom comes by, starts moving shoes around, doing stuff- confusing me. And then the pillbug disappeared! I poked around the doormat, thinking it was underneath. But I walked away empty-pawed.
Hmmmm... And that's when I figured it out. IT WAS MY MOM! she was stealing my bugs! Confusing me! Oh the betrayal! The trickery! My own mother!
My mom got some chicken treats out and I accepted the offering. But that doesn't make up for it! I need justice! Or more chicken treats! Hey hey! Ho ho! bug thievery has got to go!


near misses

November 27th 2010 3:01 pm
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Two near misses!
Yesterday, mom was lying on the futon with her eyes closed, trying to take a nap. I was tearing around, trying to find some excitement. I jumped from the futon to the window, using the futon as a springboard. What I thought was the futon, anyway. It turns out it was mommy's face. My back foot dug into her face right below her bottom eyelashes on the inside. About 2mm closer, or if her eyes were open, and I would have scratched her eye. Mom screamed and I looked at her, shocked. She clutched her face in pain. Then she ran to the bathroom. She saw that she was bleeding and beginning to swell, and she cleaned it as best she could and put bacitracin on the scratch. I jumped up to the sink and tried to help. Mom told me it was not my fault. She knows I was just trying to jump to the window. Luckily she keeps my front and back claws trimmed. the scratches could have been a LOT worse. She felt llike she looked like Rocky Balboa last night, but it felt worse than it actually was. today she looks like a warrior, with two horizontal scratches around her eye. She decided not to go to the doctor because it missed her actual eyeball and the swelling is going down. That was yesterday.
Today, mom decided to make some tea. She put water on to boil in the kettle. Usually she uses the left front burner, because the right burners are near the sink, and I like to jump up to the sink and look at the birds out the window over the sink. Because there was something on the left burner, mom put the kettle on the right one, and was standing near by. And of course, right then I see a little sparrow at the feeder. I jumped up next to the sink, right next to the kettle on the burner. Mom sees my tail swish to the side, going right at the flame. She leaps at me and pushes my tail aside. I feel her do it and move closer to the window. The sparrow flies away. I look at her reproachfully for making the sparrow fly away. She said, "Toki! you almost lit your tail on fire!" I spotted another bird, and moved to the other side of the sink to hide and watch. Mom sighed and finished making her tea.


I could have killed a million birds!

November 18th 2010 2:17 pm
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If it wasn't for the darn windowpane, I could have killed a million birds!
A while ago, mom bought this clear plastic birdfeeder that sticks right to the window. She bought it for ME of course, for ME to watch. She attached it to a kitchen window, and waited. and waited! for 2wks. and no birds were coming! She was very annoyed and wanted to throw that birdfeeder out... well, throw it out the window, you know? Finally one morning my mom saw a little bird come to it, AND SO DID I. I ran to the window and slapped my paws and face to that feeder. SQUAWK!! the bird flapped and flew off. I was very excited. I waited until another bird came and jumped again. squawk again! but then the birdies must have spread the word that a cat was waiting and they stopped coming. I was disappointed and my mom felt bad. So, she went and got 2 more feeders, different kinds, and set them up near to but not on the window.
And now it's like Alfred Hitchcock out there. Birdies come in flocks! They even come to the one that sticks to the window. I wait, like a shadow, on the side. I creep up. A stupid little (pretty little) bird flutters up and sits on the clear plastic rim of the feeder. i allow it to have a few bites. then BAM! I leap up and press my fierce cat face and dangerous paws right at that bird. And SQUAWK! the little bird has a heart attack!
I have been having an EXCELLENT TIME. if it wasn't for the window pane, there would be a lot less stupid little (pretty little) birds in the world. My mom is VERY IMPRESSED with my speed and dexterity and razor sharp reflexes. DARN THAT WINDOW! how dare it block the mighty hunter, TOKI!


Want to see my baby/kitten pictures?

November 15th 2010 7:24 pm
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Today I got a lovely compliment from Sassy about my Aby good looks, so I told her where she could see more pictures of cute Abyssinians from my family. I was wondering if anyone else wants to see? My mom-cat comes from Ataraxia cats (my dad comes from Instincts Abys), and if you go to:

you can see pictures of really cute Abys. In fact, if you look in "Ali and Kali's kittens 2009", you can see ME and my brothers and sisters (and cousins). Can you tell which one is me? I'm the cutest one, of course! At least that's what my human mommy tells me.

My mom-cat is a beautiful red Aby. They have pink pads on their feet and ruddy Abys (like me) have black-brown pads.

Anyway, if you feel like it, take a look at my baby pictures.


HQ is weird

November 11th 2010 10:21 pm
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What's with this weird "I commented on.." stuff on the friend and corrall activity? Whose weird idea was that? I mean... like who wants to know THAT? it's just... weird.



How to Pet a Kitty

November 7th 2010 7:55 pm
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For your enjoyment: this is a really funny cartoon-
How to Pet a Kitty


happy Halloween, thankfully naked

October 31st 2010 7:06 pm
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mom had big plans to dress me up this year for halloween, but she ran out of time and couldn't make my costume. so she put up my old picture of me in the lion mane she made during the summer. she is very disappointed because Halloween is her favorite holiday. she was really busy helping grandpa move and with a project due at her job. I am relieved to be naked. unfortunately she still plans to make me wear something. maybe for thanksgiving...
happy hallooweeeeeen!


my poop was chasing me

October 26th 2010 11:21 pm
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Tonight, after I finished.. uh... dropping the deuce (hehehe. Mom, that's not crude, how do you want me to say it?) Anyway, after I finished doing my dirty, sinful business, I noticed that a piece of poop was sticking to my butt! I jumped out of the litter box, and started to run, hoping to outrun it. My mom heard me tearing around and laughed, thinking it was my usual happy poop run. (if you don't know what I mean, see my previous diary entry about it). So she didn't take notice until she heard me run into her bedroom where she was sitting. She looked at me and saw me trying to rub my butt against the wood floor (scooting). it didn't work, and I started running again. That poop would not stop following me. Mom chased me down and took it off my butt. Finally! then she cleaned me and the floor. Hmph. I think I should pretend this whole thing never happened. So undignified!

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