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My soon to be little sister, Noelle... went to the Bridge.- My brother in law Vern will be following shortly...

February 5th 2011 3:23 pm
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As I watched over my family and my soon to be little sister Noelle, I sensed that something was amiss and helped guide some love and strength into mom's heart, for after my experience, she beliEVEs.

Mom's heartstrings were tugged when she saw little Noelle; named so for having been found during Christmas. What a coincidence, that I'm named for when I was found, on Christmas Eve....

Mom was finally ready after a yearto adopt and take home another little disabled kitten, much like me. After a year of healing, hope, beliEVEing, almost one year to the day. Little Noelle is a lovely tortie kitten who'd lost her leg, had gangrene on her tail and had a dislocated jaw; conditions which made mom love her all the more... (beliEVE!)

so... she put in her adoption application.

Noelle had surgery on her tail to have it amputated, had her jaw wired, and seemed to be doing fine.


Sadly, infection set in to where she needed a stomach tube and survival would have been difficult. The kind people at the hospital gently helped Noelle to the Bridge, to join me. This has been very hard for our Earth family, as all they ever wanted was a special needs kitty.


Why, oh why.... it is hard to fathom, to understand... and at times to beliEVE. Maybe there are reasons, maybe it is meant to be that these things happen.

*soft, sad purrrrrsss*

Noelle and I are dancing about the Bridge together, healthy and whole again! I can see, and Noelle has 4 legs on which to romp about and play!

As we watch over our families.... I ask for a prayer. I ask for my friends to pray for my brother in law, Vern. Vern has systemic arterial embolism, along with severe anemia. Here is a note from his mommy:

He was still playful and eating well until a few days ago, when he began dragging his back legs and lost control of his bowels and bladder. The vet has explained treatment options and they would all run into literally thousands of dollars which we don't have, with no guarantee of a successful outcome. When one of us can't be holding him, he's in a bed in a large cage. I just changed out beds a few minutes ago because he peed in the Morgans bed. We have a space heater on the cage because he has been shivering even though it isn't cold in the house. The vet actually suggested euthanasia, but I'm not quite ready for that, as Vern doesn't appear to be in pain. However, we will take him back if he doesn't pass to the Bridge on his own over the weekend. I don't think purrs will help his condition, but I'd like to ask for purrs for his journey.

Soft, sad, respectful purrrsss...

Here is Vern's page:

If you can, please stop by his page and offer some words of love. I will be watching over him and all of you....

soft little angel purrsss....


on the EVE of my Bridge Anniversary, I whispered a dream- into my mom's heart...

January 2nd 2011 2:47 pm
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Tomorrow, 1/3/11, marks the one year anniversary of my crossing over to the Bridge. Today, 1/2/11, is the EVE of that sad yet MOMENTOUS day... unbeknownst to me and the world at that time.

What an incredible year it's been, from the hope and joy at the thought of my homecoming, to the overwhelming grief following my passing, to the frustration, dedication, heartbreak and HOPE in helping bring my cause to justice, to the happiness in finding the common bond among friends, feeling the joy and hope of seeing all that beliEVE.


I whispered a dream into mom's heart last night.

I helped guide a disabled, injured tortie kitten to mom, a kitten who was badly hurt for many weeks, but who is now in safe hands and who has had successful surgeries to amputate her tail and to wire her injured jaw back together. She had her rear right leg torn off; however despite her injuries, she is a fighter, a survivor and she loves! LOVE! That is what I am....


Mom asked me in a prayer yesterday if she should do this and attempt to adopt a disabled kitty from afar, knowing the heartbreak of my situation... I whispered a dream back into her heart and told her... I told her to beliEVE.


Although this little one is located far far away, she is something special. We can only hope and have faith that maybe, just maybe, she'll become my Earth sister very soon!

I believe... mom believes....

Thank you, all of my friends for having the faith, trust and love in me and all of us disabled kitties. I'll watch over you always, smiling, prancing about the fragrant catnip fields of the Bridge, welcoming our new friends and loving our existing ones, always and always more...

If you have a dream, follow it. Whisper your dreams into your family's hearts... wishing all a very happy 2011 filled with love and happiness.

Happy little angel purrs!


Christmas EVE~ the legacy of my namesake

December 24th 2010 10:02 am
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Today is Christmas Eve; the day for which I was named. A whole year has passed since my dear mommy Jody found me and worked so hard to help bring me home to mommy Terry. It has been a year of much reflection, hard work and dedication to a cause to help shelter animals, and at times of overwhelming grief and frustration, but most of all of love. For, I am LOVE. Why? Because although I did not survive the horrific conditions of the shelter in which I lived and go home to my loving family, I still beliEVE.


And thanks to the magic of healing hearts entwined together, there are many that BELIEVE and continue to dedicate their tireless efforts to helping us shelter animals. My family will continue to stand up for the rights of our needy shelter friends and to continue our mutual efforts in making shelter conditions safe and in making shelters a happy place to be.

Today, on Christmas EVE, look up in the sky and find that special, bright twinkling star shedding light and love over you. That is me… watching over you, smiling, knowing how much you all mean to me. I am wishing a very special Christmas EVE to my little namesake, EVE who is blind like me, who was rescued from a shelter, and now lives with her family in a beautiful loving home. Thanks to stories like little EVE... I believe. May we all continue to make the world a better place. Mom is honored to get to meet little Eve on Christmas Day! Happy little angel purrs!

Merry Christmas Eve, to all of my beloved friends.


A Christmas Surprise from a friend who BELIEVES, who will- not let me or our shelter friends be forgotten

December 5th 2010 7:39 am
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I woke up to a beautiful surprise this morning. My dear friend HANNAH wrote a moving tribute to littlest me in her diary for the Christmas Stroll for Angels on December 4. Please stop by and read her diary; this is one of the kindest and most thoughtful gifts mom and I could have received; to be remembered and to know that there are those that BeliEVE. I beliEVE! And I am deeply touched…

Please read my first diary entry and light a candle for all of our shelter friends in dire need, as I was, be aware and help if you can; if it saves one little life, then you’ve made a huge difference in the world.

Sweet HANNAH ....
Thank you for always remembering me..... mom is crying now.... tears of gratitude, of memories, of sadness, of joy.... it will have been almost a year ago that she tried to adopt me. I am a happy little angel now.

What a moving and beautiful diary entry~

Sweet Anna, Timmy Tomcat, dearest Sassy... thank you for stopping by and reading Hannah's entry and for reading my first diary entry. Words are failing me right now, I am deeply touched at having been remembered. It was a difficult diary entry for mom to write, yet it was very healing to do so as well.

Bless you and your family dear Hannah, as our mutual Angel Siblings watch over and smile down upon our mutual Earth Siblings, smiling, purring and shedding light and love.

Thank you for BeliEVEing. I beliEVE. I love you all~

Merry Christmas

Eve and mommy Terry


The Angel Crew and I will be guiding my family to safety

October 17th 2010 5:52 am
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*Gracefully swoops in and perches on mom's shoulder*
(mom smiles, feeling a wonderful, loving presence)

My Earth family is moving across the country, and I have an Angel Crew all assembled and ready to fly high and guide them to safety. The big day has finally arrived, the day my family has been preparing for over the last 9 months. They are going to start their drive across the country very early tomorrow morning, Monday 10/18! They will be driving 2000 miles from Minneapolis to San Francisco and it will take 3 full days of driving.

To all who have offered your purrs and prayers, we are sincerely grateful. If there are any additional Angels who wish to join the Guiding Flight, you are more than welcome! My love, Chicken Legs, will be at my side as we attempt the lead. He said something about Alaska?? uh ohhhh, says mom. *teeheehee* HAPPY little angel purrs!

My family and I love you all! We will see you on the other side, ready to celebrate and have fun again!

Love, Evie


My legacy lives on in the hearts and lives of those who- beliEVE!

October 10th 2010 12:19 pm
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Hello, friends!

I am excited to tell you that I have been appointed Guardian Angel to a little blind kitty who made her journey to her forever home yesterday! Her new pawrents drove a long, long way to rescue her. She was in the same situation as me; blind, unloved, stuck in a shelter; hoping and praying for the love that I so desperately needed and wanted as well. My love and light came just a bit too late, for I made my Journey just after being rescued.... but, her love and light will help her flourish, grow and love! LOVE!!

*bows head* Don't cry mom... look, LOOK! Look at what I brought your goodest human friend whose goal was the same as yours! A BEAUTIFUL special needs kitty!

I wish to welcome little EVE to your new world of LOVE!


Welcome to your forever home and a blessed life of love and happiness! I flew high and proud in the Heavens, watching over you, making sure your journey home yesterday


would be safe and uneventful. For.... I beliEVE! As do you, little Eve, WE BELIEVE!

I am honored, humbled, thrilled and overwhelmed with happiness to have been named your Guardian Angel, and especially so for you to have been named after me! To carry on my legacy of love, love, LOVE! I am dancing in Heaven for you!

I love you, dearest little Eve, and I will fulfill my duties as your Guardian Angel to the fullest. For; our families BELIEVE!

Happy little angel purrs!


Angel Quinn whispered into his mom's heart and we are- helping make his dream come true!

August 20th 2010 10:56 am
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Happy little angel purrs!

Hello friends! *looks down on Earth and smiles happily* All of my angel friends and I are letting you know we are healthy and well here. And, we have a very special mission that we are working on.

My.... boyfriend... (oh goodness, I hope he doesn't mind that I call him that!!) *Blushes furious little angel blushies and giggles* Anyways, my boyfriend SKYE CAPTAIN CHICKEN LEGS and I are on a mission together, among many other angels, to help bring a new baby home to QUINN C'S mom. SKYE CAPTAIN CHICKEN LEGS is QUINN C'S angel brother, who was recently welcomed to the Bridge with happy, loving wings. His mom is still hurting at the recent loss of sweet QUINN C, and as he watched his mom on Earth crying, grieving and feeling a deep and utter loss at his sudden departure, QUINN C whispered a dream into his mom's heart.

His mom awoke from this dream, having been guided by her sweet QUINN C, and was led to a new little baby Maine Coon kitty, who she has named Cirdan. Cirdan has a big journey ahead of him, and our Angel Mission is to help Cirdan travel safely from his shelter in Michigan to his forever home in North Dakota.

SKYE CAPTAIN CHICKEN LEGS and I are happy dancing up here, watching his mommy feel happiness and great love in her heart! Thank you, QUINN C, for helping guide mom to Cirdan. We will all be flying above, protecting your new little Earth brother during his journey home, scheduled for two weeks from now.

*mom jumps in*


*Eve looks down on mom*
Aw, mom. I am just glad to see everyone so happy and that a little one was rescued from a shelter and will soon be en route to a forever, loving home! We can't wait to meet little Cirdan and welcome him home!

Stay tuned!

HAPPY little angel purrs!


Close your eyes, feel the magic in your heart and beliEVE

July 30th 2010 1:38 pm
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Do you beliEVE in angels?
Do you beliEVE in miracles?
Do you..... BELIEVE?

I beliEVE! With all of the power within my little angel heart, I close my eyes and wish for our Earth friends to be able to experience and feel the peace and tranquility of the Rainbow Bridge if but for a moment...


We have lost many friends recently and as I look down on Earth, I see lots of tears and sadness. Mom felt this when I left her suddenly, last January. Overwhelming grief. When mom feels sad, she visualizes the Rainbow Bridge and feels my love flooding her heart. I am happy, whole and healthy, and we will be reunited in time.

Mom beliEVEs.

Close your eyes, feel the magic, let the most beautiful place of wonder into your heart... may you feel the magic and joy of our angel friends in your hearts and you will know that *something* special has happened. May it bring some comfort and peace to the hearts out there that are hurting. We angels are always here amongst our Earth friends and sometimes it takes a little extra to feel that. You will, if you beliEVE~

Purrs and prayers to all of the families here who are hurting; all of my angel friends and I are smiling down upon you and filling your hearts with light and love...



The "I Believe" song

June 18th 2010 8:07 am
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My goodest angel friend RALPHIE sang me this beautiful song today. It is short but sweet, and it made my day very happy. I am sharing because I hope it makes others happy too. Spreading sunshine and smiles, and happy little angel purrs!

Now when you die your life goes on
It doesn't end here when you're gone
Every soul is filled with light,
It never ends and if I'm right,
Our love can even reach across eternity
I believe, Oh I believe

Ralphie, I beliEVE too! Oh I believe, I believe....


I have a new best friend :)

June 8th 2010 4:58 pm
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HAPPY little angel purrrsss! I love you always, my BFF!
Thank you, I love you :)

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