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Kitten Tales

Almost Perfect!

January 27th 2010 4:28 pm
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Jeepers, I went two whole days without getting a time-out. I was not perfect, but I was as perfect as Gunnarr T can be.

Yesterday I did a couple of naughty things. OK, maybe several. It's hard to keep count. I beat up on the stuffed platypus until mama made me stop. Then I decided to chew up Mr. Kangaroo's tail. I couldn't help it; mama says maybe I'm still teething. Anyway, the leather tasted real good, and it felt good on my teeth. Mama made me stop that, but then I discovered Calvin Coyote's whiskers. I decided I would chew them off. Mama screamed for me to stop because Calvin can't grow his whiskers back cuz he is...dead. Mama said I was trying to assert my dominance over the stuffed and the dead. Whatever, mama.

Today I was even better. I admit I jumped on some things I wasn't supposed to. I batted some artwork and made it make a funny noise as it moved back and forth against the wall. I even leaped up and knocked some cowgirl gloves down behind one of mama's saddles. She found one; the other one is still MIA, but I know where he is. Pssst...he is between the saddle and the wall. Mama will have fun getting him out. I wanted into my carrier, so mama opened the door. I went in and sat there and purred and purred. Then I came out and decided to fight with the door. Bang, clang went the door as I batted him back and forth. Then I decided to pull my special cushy bed out. I worked and worked until I pulled him about halfway out of the carrier. Then I lost interest and decided to play jump on the wicker picnic basket game. That's the one where I leap onto the picnic basket and make a noise to make sure mama knows I'm there. Then mama yells and tells me "Gunnarr, down!" I pretend not to hear her. Then she gets up with the blue squirt monster and tries to squirt me. I run past, and she squirts and sometimes gets my tail, but mostly she misses completely. I let mama rest for awhile, and then we play the game again, over and over.

I was getting pretty wild, and mama was considering giving me time-out when a magical thing happened. Mama saw how blue the sky was, and she said "Gunnarr, would you like to look out the window?" Well, sure; I'll try anything to keep from being SOOO bored. Mama opened the curtain, and the sun was shining down onto the beautiful white snow, and the sky was very blue. Mama stood me up so I could look out the window. No, I don't wanna. I jumped down and stalked off, but then I walked into Mr. Sunbeam. This is where the magic happened. All of a sudden I chilled out. I wasn't psycho kitty anymore. I smiled and laid down in the sunbeam and let him warm me. I napped in him. Ooh, sweet sunshine, warm and sweet as honey. I turned my face to Mr. Sunbeam and let him kiss my fur with his warmth. I sat and let Mr. Sunbeam turn my fur all silvery and make my whiskers glisten. I turned to mama and smiled. Then mama said "who are you, sweet kitten, and where is my Gunnarr T?"

Purred by: Laura H

January 27th 2010 at 8:44 pm

Hey, Cousin Gunnarr,
Fat Ollie and I could have tol' you about Mr. Sunshine. We just didn't reelize you hadn't gotten to know him. We take sunbaths every afternoon when he warms our living room floor and here's a funny secret: In the winter time when it is cold outside and Mommy can't play outdoors, sometimes she lies on the couch in that same puddle of sunshine comin' in the window and has a sunbath, too. She says Mr. Sun gives her those special happy thoughts. Do you think Mommy might have known Peter Pan or TinkerBelle? I heard Tinkerbelle flies. If Mommy gets any more wild ideas and tries to sprinkle me with fairy dust, I'm gonna have to run almost as fast as from the sucker monster.
Purred by: Laura W

January 28th 2010 at 10:04 am

pawsome dairy...ooooops..DIARY entries little man !!!! keep up de "good werk" and have FUN :) peace out N rock on with hugs from de tabbies o trout towne


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