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August 13th 2013 9:25 am
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Blackie here! MOL - you all know me as Vivien, and I secretly like to use Vivien as my middle name now that my new Daddy calls me Blackie!

I had a birthday yesterday, and all my Catster friends are so nice for remembering me on my special day. Thank you for the pretty rosettes that decorate my page, and the birthday messages sent my way.

I'm loving my life as an only cat. The dog that lives here is getting old, and he knows I'm in charge, so we pretty much ignore each other.

I'm treated like a princess by my Daddy. He doesn't even like to go to the lake with his family because he doesn't want to leave me. We had a nice party for my birthday!

Thanks for being such good friends!


A New Name!

June 27th 2012 5:50 pm
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Hey friends! I hope you're having a pawsome summer. Mawmee just got an update on me, and I knew my Catster friends would want to hear about it.

Guess what? My name is now Blackie! My new Daddy let his great niece give me a new name, and she thought Blackie would be purrfect! She is only about 4 years old, so she doesn't know anything about Vivien Leigh for whom I was originally named. So I think I'll officially be Blackie Vivien!

Here is what else I've been up to:

Blackie is a spoiled rotten little diva!!!! And quite a talker as well. She tolerates Buddy, but seems to follow him everywhere. She's always checking to see what he's up to. She rides around in her Daddy's wheelchair and jumps at the window just to tease the birds. The kids adore her and she is much loved.

If you cats will remember, Buddy is the big 'ole stinky dog that lives with me! I knew it wouldn't be long before I was the Diva and running the house!

Stay cool, and keep me in your purrs that I continue to do well in my home!


Happy Holidays and Update on Me!

December 14th 2011 8:36 pm
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Several of you have asked Mawmee how I am doing. She was almost afraid to ask her friend because she didn't want to hear any bad news.

But it is all good news to report. Mawmee asked her girlfriend how I was doing. My new Daddy is the brother of Mawmee's girlfriend.

Here is what she had to say:

All good! She is stuck to Marvin like glue! Loves bird watching, has her own chair in the window, healthy and happy. Warming up to others, but skitish when company comes. Ignores Buddy, but he loves her and wants to lay down next to her all the time. No worries! She is the queen of the house!

Buddy is my doggie brother. He is huge! I was really scared of him when I first came to my new house, but he is okay for a doggie.

Thanks for asking about me. I know Mawmee is relieved that I'm doing okay. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your family - it will be my first Christmas with my new family!


More About Me!

July 1st 2011 3:32 pm
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Last night Mawmee had dinner with my new Daddy M.'s sister. They went to high school together which means they have been friends a really long time!

She said that I'm doing really good, and that when Daddy M.'s other sister came to visit, I came running out to see her. I probably thought it was Mawmee! I was glad to hear a female voice because there is a lot of testosterone in this house! I talked and talked to her and was very friendly.

Daddy M.'s brother who lives with us gets upset because he likes cats but I don't run up to see him. I'll tell you why - he owns that big, ginormous dog! Mawmee's friend told her that he comes downstairs in the morning and starts yelling, Vivien, Vivien, and that is when I run to my room! Mawmee's friend said he needs to be quieter and maybe I'll come to him. MOL!

She said I've come out to the family room when the big dog was sleeping, so I'm making a little progress. It made Mawmee cry a little, but they were happy tears because she knows I'm going to be okay!


Update on Me!

June 26th 2011 2:02 pm
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Mawmee called my new Daddy the other day to see how I am doing. She wanted to wait a week or so because she knew it was going to take some time for me to adjust.

My new Daddy - I call him Daddy M. - said I'm doing good. I sleep with him at night and keep him awake by talking to him! I'm trying to tell him to ditch the dog, but he acts like he doesn't hear me - MOL!

He told Mawmee that everytime I hear the doggie's toenails on the floor, I hightail it to my bedroom!

Mawmee was glad to hear that I am coming out of the bedroom and exploring a little bit.

Daddy M. said that girl cats are a lot different than boy cats. I guess Snickers was a boy, and didn't take long to warm up to the dog. He mentioned that I'm really shy, but he knew I was going to be shy! It will probably take me a long time to like that doggie!

I'm eating and using the litterbox, so things are going good for me. Thanks to all my pals for keeping me in your purrs. Mawmee knows she made the right decision, but it is still sad for her to not have me around the house anymore.

I'll be staying on Catster, and updating if/when Mawmee finds out any more about my new life. Have a pawsome summer!


My New Home!

June 15th 2011 11:58 am
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I thought you all might like to know how my move went on Monday. I got put in my carrier, and I sat on Mawmee's lap while Daddy drove me to my new house.

My new Daddy Marvin was waiting for me at the door! Guess what? Daddy Marvin has a lap all the time! He is in a chair that has wheels, so when I eventually get brave, his lap will always be available - isn't that the coolest thing ever for a lap cat?!

We went in the house, and the big giant dog named Buddy came over to see me in my carrier. He had a comforter in his mouth. It is his toy. I think he is an 11 year old baby - MOL! He sniffed the carrier, and then Mawmee took me down a hallway to my new room.

My new room - until I get brave and explore the house - is a guest room with an attached bathroom. There is a dressing area with a sink, and there is a cubby under it where my litterbox will sit. My food is up on the sink's counter.

There is a bed in the room, and a chair, so Mawmee put my blanket on the chair. She put my pillow bed on the floor, and left my carrier open in case I wanted to go inside it.

I went under the bed immediately, but Mawmee looked under there and saw that there was nothing under the bed, and it sits up kind of high, so I don't look too trapped under there!

Daddy Marvin put up a babygate at the door, and left enough room under it that I can come out when I get brave. His room is across the hall, and he likes to go to his room in the early evening and watch television. Hopefully one day soon I'll be brave and go sleep on the bed with him.

I think Buddy and his Daddy (Daddy Marvin's brother) have a bedroom in another area that I didn't see. So, it is good that their bedroom isn't too close to mine.

Mawmee and Daddy said goodbye to me and told me they loved me. Mawmee made new Daddy Marvin promise that if it didn't look like things were going to work out, that I go back to my first home. He promised. Mawmee will also check in on me, but she wants to wait awhile to give me some time to adjust.

Thank you all for your purrs - I know it will give me strength to be brave and enjoy my new life. Living with bachelors should be interesting!

I will be keeping my Catster page because part of me will always be with my original family. I know they are going to miss me, and I'll miss some of them too! MOL!

I'll give you an update when I get brave!


Going Solo!

June 7th 2011 1:44 pm
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Most of you know the story about Mazie. She used to be a stray, and was rescued and lived with a wonderful family (Catsy's family) who took in a lot of stray kitties. She was very shy, and only got along with a couple of the kitties in the family.

One day her Mommy knew that in order for her to thrive and be a well-rounded, happy kitty, she would need to be in a home with no other kitties. So, the search began, and she found her new forever home with Hazel Lucy's Mom.

Her original name was Hazel Mazel - she was actually named after Hazel Lucy because they looked so much alike. Her nickname was Mazel, or Mazie, so her new Mom calls her Mazie!

Mazie's first Mommy was concerned that Catster friends would think she was being a bad Mommy by trying to find her another home. In fact, she was only thinking about the needs of Mazie, and it was very hard for her to let Mazie go to a new home because she loved her very much.

Well, guess what? Mazie and I have a lot in common! I was a stray kitty too, and I found a nice home. However, because I am very shy, I get easily intimated by some of my siblings - mainly Newman and Samoa.

After Sugar made her journey to the bridge, I got to move into her apartment, which is the lower level of our house. My Mawmee has been very concerned because she knows when the move to Arizona happens, I won't have my own apartment anymore. The new house is all on one level, and I would have to be locked in a bedroom.

She knows that isn't a good long-term solution for a kitty like me. So, just like Mazie's Mommy, my Mawmee has made the difficult decision to find me a new home.

She has been searching and searching, and I have finally found a new home! I will have a new Daddy on Monday! The new Daddy is named Marvin, and he is the brother of one of Mawmee's best high school friends. New Daddy Marvin lives with his younger brother, so I'll be the only girl in the house!

They have a big climate-controlled workshop where another kitty lives, but I'll be the house kitty! New Daddy Marvin has lived with cats his entire life. When his sister (my Mawmee's high school friend) got married, her husband was allergic to cats, so Snickers went to live with Marvin. Snickers made his journey to the bridge not long ago, and Marvin needs another kitty to keep him company!

Now, there is one thing I'll need to get used to . . . . . . New Daddy Marvin has a dog! But this dog loves cats, and he told Mawmee that Buddy the dog will ignore me! There is also a room for my litterbox and food that has a gate at the door. I can go under the gate, but Buddy the dog can't. Buddy is a Weimaraner which means he is huge!

Buddy is Mawmee's only concern, but new Daddy Marvin said he is fine with cats and won't chase me. It will probably take me awhile to adjust, and Mawmee is going to tell new Daddy Marvin that if things don't work out, she will take me back and look for another home.

New Daddy Marvin sounds excited about me coming to live with him. Mawmee said I will keep my Catster page, and she can update my diary when she checks on me to see how I'm doing.

I hope you all will be happy about this decision. I know it is going to be very hard for Mawmee to let me go. As you know, she isn't used to giving away any of the front porch kitties who end up living in the house. Savannah is the only kitty she found a home for, and she cried about that for weeks.

So, I hope you wish me well with my new Daddy, my new doggie, and my new life!


A New Pal!

March 22nd 2011 6:46 am
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Some nice lady bought a couple of our neckties over at The Cat in the Clover. Mawmee told her we would like to get a photo if she takes one of her kitty. Mawmee asked if her kitty was on Catster, and she said, what is Catster?.

After explaining it to her, the lady sent Mawmee an email this morning saying she signed up Quintin on Catster!

He is a very cute boy that looks like me! I hope you will stop by and send him a friend invite because he is brand new here and doesn't have any friends yet!

Welcome to Catster, Quintin! I hope you have a fun time!


Early Morning Visitors!

February 28th 2011 7:54 am
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This morning at 4:30 the whole family came downstairs to visit me! I thought it was my birthday or something, but Mawmee said there were tornado warnings in the area.

I'm always in the safest place in the house in case of a tornado, but the rest of the gang needed to come downstairs to be safe. They all went in Daddy's office, and he stayed in the family room with me so we could watch the television to see what was going on.

After about 20 minutes, everyone went back upstairs, and we all slept late this morning! We had one tree fall over in our woods, but no other problems.


First Time This Year!

February 24th 2011 3:43 pm
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How exciting to be a diary pick today! This is my first pick for 2011, and I want to thank the Diary Gal, and all my pals for making it a special day.

My friends, Tabatha, Pipo, and Minko, made me a couple of special pictures for my DDP, and I really appreciate having them to jazz up my page!

It has been a rainy day, so I think all the stuff the bug man sprayed has been washed away. I got a heads up that some roofer dude is going to be climbing on my roof in the next week or two. He has to fix some loose mortar around the chimney.

I don't think he will be peeking in the window at me like the bug guy did, but I'm going to be on the lookout for him!

I hope you all have a pawsome evening, and thanks again for all the diary congrats!

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