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December 11th 2002

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Olive Grace is my niece's cat. My niece lost a cat and went to a shelter to look for her cat. While there, she found Olive Grace who was given up by her family when they moved. Olive Grace is staying with us for now.

Olive is very sweet and smart. She figured out a way to get the food out of the automatic feeding machine by sticking her paw inside to pull more food out. It took us a month to introduce Olive to her doggies fursiblings and although she tolerates them now, they still get a swat near the face once in a while. He he....

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April 4th 2010 7:02 am
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I am an outdoor cat and has a dog door which I come and go as I please. I have lived in Grandpa's house on and off the last 8 years. I come when I am called and have always came back after a short period of time and always there in the morning waiting for my breakfast. My mom is out of town and late Friday night, I came into auntie's bed then left. I went out on Friday night and did not come back in the morning. I have tags with Grandpa's address, home and cell phone number but no one has called.

Auntie has been looking for me frantically and posted posters and talked to as many people as she can in the neighborhood. Pawlease pray for me so that I will find my way home soon. :(

April 5 - I am still not home. Auntie contacted an Animal Communicator and she said that she talked to me and that I am alive and trapped under someone's house in the back. Auntie and my mom knocked on every door and asked people to let them look but most are not home and some won't let them. It is difficult because we are told I jumped the fence a couple times hiding from the dogs so if I jumped people's back fence, I would be in a house on another street because the houses are back to back. We are told that I am hiding in the back under a grey house with white trims. The AC is Marta Williams of www.martawilliams.com

We are told that there have been cayotes and foxes in the area the last couple months too. Hopefully, I will still find my way home. :(

April 6 - Olive's aunt here. Olive Grace. Pleases come home. We love you and miss you so very much. It hurts me knowing that if you are still out there, you have not eaten for the last 3 days. I don't know if you are cold. It rained last night and I don't know where you slept. I just want my Olive home where she belongs.

April 11 - Olive's aunt here again. I contacted another AC Jenny Key of http://www.the-animal-communicator.com who also told me that Olive is hiding in the back under some neighbor's light blue house. Jenny also said that Olive is very scared to come out because she saw a big dog and is scared she might be taken to an animal shelter. Jenny also told us a few personal information that sent chills down our spine. These are information that she could not have known unless she really talked to Olive. I contacted the AC at the suggestions of people in the forum and out of desperation. My family were very skeptical.

On April 8, we got a call from a woman name Doris who said that Olive went on top of her deck and was sitting there and when she came out, Olive ran under her deck. We ran over and it was a grey/blueish house with white trims and we saw Olive under her deck but she ran through a small hole and ran deep inside the deck under the house when we called her. We asked a handy man to take out some planks on top for us to get to her but when we got close, she got scared, ran out, jumped the fence and ran away so we lost her again. :(

We made the mistake of scaring her. We had food but did not take it with us when we crawled under the small space under the deck to get to her. We should have just given her the food and waited patiently for her to come to us. She had always came when we called her for dinner at home. We thought that she would come running to us too when we found her. We were wrong!

The scary thing was that she was EXACTLY where the Animal Communicators told us she was. My family who were very skeptical about the AC and told me that I was certified crazy are believers now.

Gray House with White Trims

Since then another woman called us and said that she saw Olive on a fence and was running in the street but we don't know if that was really her. The spot where she said she saw Olive is too far away from the Grey house and our house.

The Animal Communnicators talked to Olive again and told us that she is hiding in another house and is too scared to come home.

Marta said that Olive is only a few houses away in an empty house but we knocked on every door nearby and found no empty brown house.

Jenny talked to Olive and here is what Olive said to her:

"I'm a little further away now, but only a street or two. I am near a yellowish/beige house. I see balls in the backyard- like a child would play with (kick balls, etc.). I'm still hiding. It's not that I'm out running around and feeling safe, but I am calming down some. That cat on the fence was not me. I am turned around and it's still difficult for me to get home because of the fear factor. It feels really intense around here. Keep looking, but please understand that I am afraid and doing the best I can. I still think I'm going to be found and will come home. I will try to go near the trap, but that is scary, too. I thought I could do it, so I will try. I like the gray house, so that's why I haven't gone too far from there."

We put out 2 traps for her. One at the Grey house's deck and one in a bush a few house away. It was empty yesterday but hopefully, we will catch her soon or she will come home on her own.

We covered the trap at Doris' house with Olive's mom's house robe. We also put a toy inside the trap, her litter box and a bowl of water next to it.

Keep your paws crosssed fur us that we will bring Olive home soon.

Update: OMC! I am Cat of the Day. Thank you so much f0r the honor. Pawlease keep purring and praying for me that I find my way home soon.

If you have Plus, you can see my missing thread at

Olive Missing thread in Plus Informational Forum

A couple of neighbors thought they saw Olive running scare in the neighborhood so she is probably too scare to go home yet.

April 12 - No Olive in the 2nd trap. We will move it to another house back yard today because it is probably safer than in the bush. We will check on and leave the 1st trap under the deck at Doris' house and hopefully she will not be too scare to go back.

April 16. No Olive in the traps. The ACs say she is still alive and hiding. The rented traps are returned so it is up to Olive to come out of hiding and come home now. Please come home Olive Grace!

Oh Olive. Where are you? I was the last person to see you, pet you and hear you purr. We love you and miss you so very much. Please come home! :(

April 18 - I hired another AC Tracy Ann of www.naturestranslator.com who does not charge until you find the pet. I was on the phone with Tracy when she talked to Olive this afternoon. Tracy Ann said that Olive is definitely still alive and in the back of a house with a manmade pond, shed, wheel barrow and flowers. I remember such a house right next to the house that my brother saw Olive disapppeared in when we found her last week. I went into that back yard before but did not see any place that Olive could hide. After talking to Tracy Ann, I went back there this afternoon and sure enough, the house has a pond, shed, wheel barrow, and flowers in the back yard.

Manmade Pond
Shed & Wheelbarrow
Flowers Bed

Tracy Ann said that Olive is not under anything this time and there are upright wood. Well, we saw that these houses have double fences around them with about 1 foot space in between so Olive is probably hiding between these fences. That is why when I went into these back yards, I could not see any place that Olive could hide and did not put a trap there. We don't want to look between the fences with flash light now because they would not be able to catch me and may scare me away again.

There is a small pond in this back yard so that is a source of water for Olive to survive. Olive's Mom (my niece) puts the trap behind the swing in front of the pond and covered it with her robe. She also put her litter box and toy in front of it. There are fresh water and wet food inside the trap. The owner said that the gardeners come tomorrow so hopefully, Olive will go into the trap tonight.

Olive told all the ACs that the reason she has not try to go home is because she is afraid of a big dog. They all say that she is completely freaked out and is very scared to come out from hiding. Pawlease pray that she will come home soon.

April 19 No Olive in the trap this morning. I went along the fence calling her name softly but no response. We are not sure what we can do to get her to calm down to come out of hiding. :(

April 20 No Olive in the trap and we are beyond frustrated and sad. Especially since we left her water bowl near the pond and it remains untouched. If Olive would not go into the trap, why won't she drink out of her own water bowl? All we can do is follow every lead and hope that she will find her way into the trap or come home soon.

Sky's mom made the most beautiful pink blanket with Olive's name on it and sent it to us. We are so appreciative of hers and everyone's kindness toward us and love for Olive. The blanket is on Olive's bed waiting for her to come home and so are we. Love you Olive. xoxo

Thank to Tabitha's suggestion, Olive's mom went to sit on the swing right in front of the trap with a big blanket from her bed and the snuggie that Olive sleeps on every night. She also has some cat nip with her. Hopefully, if we make that spot smells like "home," Olive will come around soon. :)

Yesterday, we left 4 kibbles on the side of the pond and they were gone this morning but whoever ate it did not go into the trap. So we left 4 kibbles on the left side of the pond and 4 kibbles on the right side of the pond about 11 a.m. and they are gone again at 7 p.m tonight. We also left 4 kibbles in front of the trap but they are still there so whoever ate the kibbles on the sides of the pond are not eating them in front of the trap and is not going into the trap. Hopefully, that is olive and she will go into the trap soon. :)

Thanks to Oreo's mom's suggestion in the comment, we went and took off Olive's mom's robe from the trap. It does look scary and alien covered. Hopefully, she will go into it or go home tonight. Come on Olive Love, come on home. We are waiting for you. Pawlease come back to swat Kobe and Kiki in the face. They have not been swatted for a while now. :)

April 21 No Olive this morning. :( The kibbles are all still there. We left Olive's mom's snuggies on the swing. Someone told us we can buy a trap at Harbor Freight Tools for $20 so we will go buy one today and keep leaving the trap out for her. All we can do now is keep hoping and praying that she comes home or go into the trap. Tracy Ann the AC just left town to teach and won't be back for a week. She probably won't talk to Olive again until she comes back. We are still holding out hope that she will come home when she is ready. :(

April 22 Jenny the AC talked to Olive this morning and said that she told Olive to go into the trap but she is really scared. Jenny also said that that is a good location to look because Olive is right in that area. It is raining here so we moved the trap a little under the swing and put a plastic table cloth over the swing to cover it. We also put Olive's mom Snuggie which is full of Olive's hair in the bottom of the trap. Please go into the trap or come home Olive Grace. We love and miss you so much. :(

April 23 We caught another cat in the trap this morning who was not Olive. Morganna was right about the Snuggie being in the bottom of the trap. Although the door came down, it did not go into a lock position so when my niece picked up the trap, the door came ajarred and the cat ran out. The cat did not have a tag. Hopefully, it knows its way home. We just put a small towel in the bottom of the trap now. We also covered the swing above with the plastic table cloths so the trap would not get wet.

My question now is since that cat came by the spot, would it have staked out its territory there and Olive would not come there anymore?

We found a Cat Care Society which rent out trap really cheap so we plan to rent another trap tomorrow anyway and that trap will be replaced. We just hope that Olive would not stay away from that house because of the sense of the other cat.

The snow is coming down right now. I feel so bad that Olive is out there in the cold somewhere. :((

April 24 No cat in the trap this morning. I asked Tracy Ann to check if Olive is still around there and when she said that when she checked in, she hears swing set right away and metal on metal. She also sees red and thinks that Olive is still there. We went back to the trap which we put behind the swing, we saw that there is a small metal wind chime hanging on the gazebo in front of the trap. There are also red rocks and stepping stones all over the yard. Since Tracy Ann has been right so far about the yard, we will keep putting the trap there. At least we have a place to focus on and hope that Olive will come out of hiding soon. :)

April 26 No Olive in the trap this morning but we caught another cat in the trap yesterday. She is black and grey and looks almost exactly like Olive. My niece (Olive's mom) took her to the shelter to check for microchip and she was. The shelter called and a woman answered saying that she lost her when she moved but lives in an apartment now that does not allow cats so she cannot take her back. She also said her fiance does not like cat. Her name is Emmie and she is 2 years old. My niece did not want to leave her at the shelter so she is home with us now. She is a sweetheart who loves to snuggle. She also meows and purrs alot. My brother is out of town and this is his house so I don't know if he would let us keep Emmie. Here is a picture of Emmie and Olive's mom

Emmie and Olive mom

I went out to the house and sat on the sidewalk at 5 am when it was still dark with some food, catnip and called for Olive this morning and rattled one of her toy. I saw something ran down the drain storm but don't know if that was Olive. Hopefully, she will calm down and either go to the trap or come home soon.

May 3, 2010 Last week a man who lives just a couple doors from the house where the trap was saw a cat who looks like Olive in front of his house but when he went out to call to her, she took off. We don't know if it was Olive or not. She never went into the trap. I picked up the trap and will be returning it tomorrow. Olive's grandpa wants us to stop looking for Olive and stop talking to the AC for him to allow Emmie to stay. I disagreed with him, got into an argument and moved out of the house.

I cannot walk daily to look for Olive anymore. I told Olive's mom (my niece) to keep leaving clothing articles in the back patio and the dog door open at night in case Olive comes home. I still can't believe she is gone and has not come back. :(

May 14, 2010 My niece called and said a woman name Nancy came by the house with a wet, old poster of Olive and said that Olive has been coming around to her backyard. She wanted to call us but could not find our phone numbers because the HOA took down all our posters. She also has a pond in her yard so either we put the trap in the wrong house before or she found another pond to hang out. Olive's grandpa (my brother) will rent another trap to put in her back yard tomorrow. Please keep purring that we find Olive this time and that she will come home soon.

June 15 Another month and still no Olive. The lady Nancy still see Olive in her yard once in a while but when she goes close to the glass door, Olive would run away. She never went into the trap. They leave food for Olive outside the trap too and she has been eating it so hopefully, she will get used to coming back there for food and we will be able to catch her one day.

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