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Minko's Mewsings

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How To Help A Busy Meowmy

December 4th 2011 6:23 pm
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Meowmy got out a box of cards today...snail mail versions...and I helped her get them ready to mail out to some of our elderly furmily and furends who do not have these confusers like we do. (Maybe that is a good way to stay in a less stress zone?!)
She had three little piles of them sorted according to what country they need to go to. Well I laid on them, and started to roll on them too. Afterall, if they are meowmy's peeps, then they need to have my scents on them too, MOL!
So when meowmy looked on the table to put the next card, OMC! She shooed me off of there...shucks meowmy, I was only trying to help!
Then I went off to find some other kitty style monkey business...pawing baubles out of bowls that were on another table as a decoration...oooh, that was fun! MOL!

I hope you are all having fun helping to get your dens ready for this season of joy!



November 29th 2011 6:06 pm
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Today has been strange...this morning the windows were noisy with rain pounding and pattering on them along with a strong wind. Brrr!
I did not go to the window seats around here at all, staying cozy was more important than spying on the outside world!
Then it was quieter, but colder, and very grey in the sky, way darker than ordinary clouds.
No sun puddles to speak of, last I saw one of those is but a vague memory, MOL!
Then the pattering and pinging started on the windows again, ice was coming down.
Then just before it got dark...the snow started, and now there is already a deep pile of that white fluffy stuff. About 5 inches. Evfurrything has caps on them...and dog-guy does not want to go out at all...but fur some reason he doesn't know how to use a litter box like we kitties, do. Maybe we are smarter than dogs?!
I am thankfur post Thanksgiving to be warm, dry and well fed on a day like this...and meowmy stayed home all day...wonder of wonders! Pawppy came home early, too.
Maybe she will be staying home tomorrow, too...she will not want to go to her regular Wednesday meeting, and there is no work on her schedule!Hooray, she can put up the Christmas decorations so me and Pipo can figure out how to get at them...

Maybe those snowy piles are a good thing afterall...and they do kind of look purrty...except if you have to go out to drive in that stuff.

Stay warm and cozy my furends!


Blessings and Thanks!

November 24th 2011 10:53 am
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OMC! It is Thanksgiving today!
How I watched the yummy things being done up in the kitchen, and lurked there to shnag some tidbit...
How I loved all the pets, and warm lap time.
How I loved washing the dog-guy's ears! MOL! (I really do do that...)
And I could go on...
Oh, and not to furget that the other day, meowmy once again got a great report form her cancer detected...Praise the Lord and all her furmily is furry thankfur fur that!

But not the least that me and Pipo are thankfur for are all the great furends we have here! Catster is a blessing fur sure.
Thanks to all of you!!
Hugs, too!

Happy Thanksgiving!!



Mousse Not Mouse!

November 20th 2011 12:57 pm
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I was lurking under the dining room table when I smelled some yums!
So I jumped right up there, even though I know it isn't allowed,and even less so at meal times...MOL! Hey peeps, I am a CAT!
Well right under my sniffer was some red stuff on a plate and pawppy was furry concerned that I was going to nibble his Mousse Cake...
Um...I thought it was Mouse Cake!
Shucks, I got duly replaced to the floor with the admonition to keep 'Four on the Floor'.

What will I do when I smell all the yums that are sure to be there when the Feast is there later this week?


Pawppy Is Back

November 16th 2011 7:49 pm
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Last night Pawppy came back from his unexpected and sad trip to Washington, DC.
He had been with Grammy and then had to stay even longer to do the funeral stuff after she passed away.
He will be going back there again in a few weeks to deal with some of the other things that this type of event 'generates'.

Well, we were happy to see him of course, and meowmy even more so!
Dog-guy was totally nuts!

He came in so late that he just parked his luggage down and after a snack and some chatting with meowmy he went to bed...and left the bags for us to investigate and keep warm!

He also brought in a big pink box.
But it wasn't for me or was a belated birthday cake for meowmy!
Meowmy had to work on her spawsial day, and no one was here for her, except us kitties and the dog-guy.
Well when she came home from work that night we gave her lots of purrs, headbonks and lapwarmings...and somefur left her a pawresent...of a piddle-puddle...just outside the box...hee-hee...we have not let her in on the perpetrator of this deed which happens about once a week or so...but she thinks it is Pipo who does it...of course *I* am an innocent kitty...MOL!(Pipo is lazy about poo covering so that is why she thinks he stands in the wrong place to tinkle...whatevfur!)

Today mewomy threw away a good blanket that she could have let me use to knead and nap on...but she said 'No, you have enough kitty beds and perches already."
Aww, shucks!
It was an electric blanket that she had to replace due to its demise...and it also had a scorch mark on it...OMC! We could have had a house fire...shudder! OK, then I guess it was justified...but couldn't you have just let me & Pipo keep it warm until it had to go to the blanket dump?

Well, that's all folks!
We are cuddling in one of our nest sites...cause it is a cold night...



Going Away:(

November 3rd 2011 7:11 am
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Meowmy said she is leaving us for a few days in the care of Pawppy...
She says she will miss letting me give her the di-cat-tions for comments and mewing at her my approval of those pics/mementos that me and Pipo like to send out...please accept her apologies.

Stay well,and keep having fun, romping around here on Catster.

Purrs in abundance to last till I am back here.


Walnuts, Turkeys and DDP!

October 7th 2011 5:27 am
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OMC! I am a DDP today!
Thanks in advance for all the comments, P-mails and prezzies that are coming my way, already.
Hugs to all of you!

We have so many walnuts that before meowmy cleaned them up, it was like walking on a field of hard croquet balls! You just couldn't walk there, and there are so many still hanging in those trees that we have, that one there will be hours & hours needed to clean them all up, and two, you need to wear a hard hat if you go near any of those trees, MOL!
The squirrel dudes are having a feast fur sure! Esp in the back where the countless yard carts-full of the gathered nuts have been dumped!

Speaking of feasts, this is the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. October 10, to be exact. Meowmy will not be able to do anything because she has to go to work...and she has to work the entire weekend for our own US Thanksgiving...bummed is the term she uses about that.
But the turkeys will not mind that in this home at least, there will not be any big meals with them as the guests of honor!
Purrhaps at meowmy's nursing home, there will be a feast set out fur the least in November.

Happy Turkey Day to Meowmy (anyways) and to all our Canadian relatives and furends!
Happy Thanksgiving in advance to the US ones!

But...first we have to catabrate Yowl-o-ween! BOOO!



Ingen, Please Go Back To Your Mommy:(

September 30th 2011 8:36 am
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We need to get our engines tuned up so they can run smoothly and purrfectly fur Ingen, who is missing...she escaped from a motel during a long trip to the furmily's new home.
She must be so scared, wet and cold right now...
Please purr and pawyer as hard as we can so that she can be reunited ASAP.

Me & Pipo are already purring furry loudly...PPPUUUUURRRRSSSSS...


Escape Artist!

September 25th 2011 7:11 pm
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That's me! Escaper caper! I did that a few days ago...when meowmy was outside on a nice sunny day. Humph! Hiss!
I so wanted to go out there too...
So after dog-guy went through his doggy door, I just went through after him. That is what that door is for, right? Legally escaping, right?!
Well out of the corner of her eye, meowmy saw something greyish and fluffy...she thought that there was a squirrel there that dog guy did not know about, OMC! MOL!
Then she realized it was me. So she relaxed...
She then remembered that we were outside, and I am an inside kitty! But she was mowing the she took the lawnmower near so that I would hear it...hoping that the noise would frighten me to go back where I belonged, she knows how much I hate the other wicked noise maker that fur sucking machine...
It took me a bit, but then I did scamper back inside from whence I had come...but I was bummed because not only did I not get to eat any grass, I saw that meowmy was cutting it down! Sheesh!

Meowmy is worried about this escaping I am doing, not only because I might get all those fleas and ticks on me,(We are only protected against heartworm, because dog guy gets the full treatment, and we are not [supposed to be] going outside), (She doesn't want to use chemicals on us...), but that if she doesn't know that I am out there, I may decide to go exploring and go out of the yard and onto the road, or to the neighbor who have a dog that may not be as kitty furendly as mine...
I guess that either she will have to splurge and make that doggy door an electronic one or start using chemicals on us that she really doesn't want to.

Oh the joys of being owned by your furbabies!



OMC! Little Me Is A DDP!

September 21st 2011 6:28 am
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Hello furry pals!
Well though I haven't written anything of worth fur a while,It seems that the Diary Gal liked it anyways...
So...Today when meowmy has to be gone for centuries befur she can play with me here, I shall just have to patiently wait for her to help me reply to all the sweetness that you my furends have sent to me on account of my DDP.
Thanks in advance!
And thanks for all those pirate flags that are also adorning my page since Monday. How cool was that!

Well, I gotta let meowmy run off now...I guess her human commitments take precedence over mine, MOL!

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