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Minko's Mewsings

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April 30th 2010 8:35 pm
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OMC! There is a big suitcase on the floor here and lots of yakking amongst the humans here about some kind of trip. And Pawppy was googling for spawsial maps...OOH! I am worried that they are all going away!
But when I went to examine the suitcase, It only smelled like my unfurbro. HEY! Didn't he just come home from school yesterday. I was enjoying the extra attention! He is going away again! So soon! Bummer :-( !
Oh well, the comforting thing is that the rest of my furmily will stay here, and in a few days, unfurbro will be back here again! YEAH! Sometimes I worry too much!


Love Bites and Goodbyes

May 2nd 2010 8:42 pm
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Yesterday, while meowmy was putering on catster, I was pestering her with head bonks, mews and pawings. So she bent over to pet me, and then went back to the puter.So I repeated the procedure...and she responded with more headrubbing and pets. Then I heard this big loud yelp, scream was more like it! I jumped away and was so spooked that my tail was all afluff! OMC! Meowmy was whining that I had given her a very big love nip! On her elbow!So I decided that it would be better to leave her alone for a while...

OMC! Pipo purred to me that dog-guy and meowmy are going away! Hiss! Who will play with me and give me catnip whenever I beg for it! Pawppy has never given us any of it, because he said that that would make him another object of my begging routine! OMC! I didn't know I was that bad?!
Well, Pawppy and one of my unfurbros are not going away, so the food, water and litter boxes will be taken care of!
I will miss meowmy's pettings and laser games, though! And who will I be able to pester with head bonks and love bites!?
Meowmy's sister has no internet, so There won't be any of my purry mews for a while. I am sure there will be plenty, later!!
Goodbye to all..for a while, probably next weekend or a bit longer...


The Return of Dog-Guy, Meowmy and The Wiener Schnitzel Dude!

May 8th 2010 4:57 pm
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Yesterday, the dog-guy and meowmy came back from wherevfur they had escaped to. I was so happy that I mewed and paced back and forth...and mewed and purred some more. Funny how as soon as the object of your love returns, you forget to be annoyed and jealous of their being gone, forgive them and start all aver with giving them all of your mewnistrations and purrs about all that went on while they were in never-never land! And start right away to beg for the nip...and the pets and the laser toy! Don't even give them time to unpack all their stuff! MOL! I own my meowmy and she has to do as I ask her to! MOL!!
Since dog-guy was gone, that meant that some of the usual nest places had gone with him...and upon his return, so did those soft and cozy nests! So Pipo and I jumped right into them and catjacked them from dog-guy...MOL!
So now meowmy has spent a lot of 'puter time catching up with the Catster cats and our furends.
And I got a good fix of the nip stuff to make up for not having it fur 4 days! Humpf!

Meowmy is also keping track of the hockey stuff. OMC! I would have fun chasing that black thing, and putting it into one of those nets so that I could get it stopped long enough for me to bite and kill a mouse! I bite on evfurry thing...Meowmy wants the Canadian teams to win their series so that the finals would be 2 teams from Canada, but I don't think her wish will come all! Too bad meowmy!

One not so nice thing that came back with meowmy was somedog she calls Wiener Schnitzel. OMC! Who on earth is that?? And What on earth is that?! It is big and long and striped. It has a tail, little legs and a big snoot! Also some pretty long ears that flop down, even to the floor! Huh?! It smells like a dog dude that I remember from a long time ago...but no way! It doesn't come close in appearance! And what does Wiener Schnitzel have to do with it anyways?
Well meowmy had to explain...because she could tell that I was a bit perturbed with this new interloper. She said it was a draft dodger! WHAT! Did she mean draft dogger? Nope! She said it was meant to go in front of doors to keep drafts out...but because it came from my dog-guy's cousin's house, it smelled like him. Meowmy crocheted it many years ago, and now my auntie doesn't need it Meowmy took it home with her to give it a new lease on life, so to speak...Its name is Wiener Schnitzel, because it is a type of 'wiener dog'...hah-hah! MOL!
So far though us kitties have been polite to him...we could rip him apart...with tooth and nail! Pipo could give it a few cat slaps to keep it humble...but I haven't heard it bark or whine or growl...and our regular dog-guy doesn't even give it the time of day!! MOL! So I guess we will just have to get used to his presence! Whatevfur!

Anyways I am glad that meowmy is home, and didn't go to Europe with her sister...then she would have been gone furevfur!


Happy Mother's Day!

May 8th 2010 7:55 pm
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I want to wish all pet mommies and human mommies, too, a very Happy Mother's Day!
And mews to all aunties and grandmas, too. Oh and all the great grands, too. All mommies and meowmies are so very important in the lives of those they love, pets and humans!
Miaow! And sweet head bonks to those I love, and some teeny love nips!


Mom's Day Amewsments and Mischiefs

May 9th 2010 8:22 pm
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Well today I honoured my Meowmy...I put lots of my furs on her clothes, and favorite chair..when she got up fur a moment and didn't put the chair cover back...
My Pawppy brought in this huge basket and put it on the dining room table. So of course, I, being a normally curious kitty, had to jump up there and make sure it was safe to be there...MOL! OMC! It was the best bunch of I called my brofur, and we got right t0 work. Eating the plants! MOL!Soon there were bits and pieces of red, white and blue and green all over the place. Meowmy came out of the shower and...she was not a nice Meowmy for that brief moment! She hissed and swished her arms at me and Pipo! OH! I guess we were not supposed to eat that...Well meowmy hung it up somewhere else in the house, since it was too cold, (28F), to put outside...
Shucks! BUSTED!
But, later, I think she forgave us...we got some yogurt. And in the evening as we were hovering nearby to get the best spot on her lap...she even gave us a bit of cheese! Yum!
Hope everfur had a great Meowmy's Day!
Purrs and mews!


Toothpaste Yucks!

May 10th 2010 7:19 pm
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My meowmy gets our toothbrushes ready before she gets us to torture us...the dog-guy's, too. So when I came in there and she wasn't quite ready, I jumped on the counter to take a look...then I jumped down and reached up from below with one of my clever little paws! And...I stole a toothbrush! Down it came! onto the bathmat! MOL! Toothpaste on the cabinet doors, and on the mat, too...MOL! More payback for meowmy! That toothpaste is so gooey and hard to get out of stuff like plush fabric of bathmats...and pretty hard to get off of the wood ...She said some interesting things, not to be repeated due to their sensitive nature...I think it was dog-guy's brush that was waiting at the edge. Hey! What does she expect, such a tempting red object just appearing over the edge, I had to get it where I could better see it. Besides it is fun to see what happens to things, (and Meowmy), when you test the theory of gravity! Meowmy told me that I had better not attack the toothbrushes anymore...Hah! She hopes! MOL!!



May 11th 2010 8:02 pm
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I always want to be where my brofur is, and to know what he is doing, even to do exactly the same things as he does...not constantly, but enough to make a pest of myself...MOL! Today, meowmy was trying to nap. I swear I did not know that Pipo was under the throw...because that is not his typical behavior! Well I guess I jumped right on top of him and started to make some bread and digging to China to look for a different bread recipe...Hey! The bread dough was alive! OMC! It was Pipo, and he was not a happy kitty. He just stalked out of there and went to another nest, even though meowmy had already put me on the other side of herself. So I decided that I had to be over there with him...bye meowmy, I will cuddle some other time! OMC! Did I hear meowmy call me a Bratty-Catty?!


Cat Burgular Busted!

May 12th 2010 7:56 pm
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While I was in the bathroom snoopervising meowmy's activities, there, I saw that the drawer was open. There were all these shiny, slinky and sparkly little things in there. When I touched them with my inquisitive paws, the sounds that stuff made was very intriguing...and tempting. So I worked away, until I snagged something long and interesting. My teeth had to help a bit, too. Then I was off..with my new found loot!
I am now known as the household jewel thief! MOL!!
Later I tried to repeat this new and fun game, but meowmy had me figured out...and shut the drawer so I couldn't access the good stuff! Shucks! Busted yet again! One day I shall have to figure out how to outsmart her...MOL!
Purrs and Mews!


Begging and Conducting!

May 14th 2010 8:32 pm
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I can 'sit pretty'! Like when meowmy says for the dog-guy to sit and beg.
Meowmy makes corn on the cob by roasting it in the husk. This makes the husks quite crunchy and brittle. A very different texture than 'raw husks.
Anyways, some of the husk pieces reminded meowmy of long feathers, so she tried to get my attention by tickling my nose with the end of a husk leaf. I was 'captured'! A new toy! I almost could grab it...but she held it just out of I sat up to bat at it with both paws at the same time. It looked like I was conducting an orchestra! MOL!
After a bit of more corn husk teasing, meowmy gave the whole piece to me. She wanted to see what I would do with it...NOTHING! It wasn't wiggling anymore, didn't taste like much because all the freshness was roasted out of it, and I really didn't feel like putting it in my mouth to carry it anywhere...afterall, I had been napping when all this started! Back to nap time fur me!


Minko's Whistle!

May 15th 2010 7:43 pm
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I want to have a whistle! The silver one with the green cord pawlease! Evfur day I try to snag that whistle out of its place in the catchall on the kitchen island. Meowmy finds it in the strangest of places! I don't know if I could blow it...and then dog guy would come running up, because that is how meowmy uses it...but I do like to chomp down on that cord...It is like a big long wormy thing that is coiled up in the catchall, until I snag my paw on it and release its full length all over the floor. It makes a nice rattly sound when I drag it around! MOL!

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