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"Hello my furry furends of Catsterland!"

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Age: 10 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 9 lbs.

What a nice Easter picture from Tundra and her crew! Thank mew!

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"What a nice Easter picture from Tundra and her crew! Thank mew!"

Another great pic from Jameson and the KCK Group!

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"Another great pic from Jameson and the KCK Group! Thanks!"


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Sun puddles are the best!

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"Sun puddles are the best!"

I was furry brave and posed with dog-guy, but Pipo was not about to join us, MOL!!

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"I was furry brave and posed with dog-guy, but Pipo was not about to join us, MOL!!"

Hello my furry pals!

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"Hello my furry pals!"

Just contemplating things...

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"Just contemplating things..."


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Does this make you think I am furry serious?? MOL!

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"Does this make you think I am furry serious?? MOL!"

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Stinky Minky

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Gotcha Date:
February 14th 2005

December 29th 2004

Blue Point

Hunting his toy mice, the laser light, the cosy places by the furnace grates

strangers, new things coming into his environment, they grab his curiosity, but he has to stretch very far to take a cautious look and sniff.

Favorite Toy:
Fur mice, laser light, cardboard boxes, he likes to bite them and rip them; I think he learned that from our dog...

Favorite Nap Spot:
On top of the dryer when it is on, by the furnace grates, any sunny spot, under covers

Favorite Food:
Iams, cottage cheese, yogurt, tiny bits of human food such as poultry or fish

He likes to wash the dog's face and ears, he knows when yogurt or other such containers are opened, bossing the other animals around


Arrival Story:
Rescued from a very dirty and unloving environment. He was very scrawny and smelly when we brought him to our house. He is still small, but healthy.We didn't start out looking for a rescue, but since he was so dirty, scrawny and full of fleas we think we did him the favor. The vet thought he would be a sickly guy, but he has thrived! He is sleek, and a real lover boy. He may be small, but he is the boss of my other animals, almost a bully, he always seems to 'get his way' such as the best sleeping spot, or square of sunshine, etc. Once when he was checking out a new mat with great caution, I jiggled the edge of the mat, he was instantly spooked and jumped straight up in the air with puffed up fur. It was so funny.

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Minko's Mewsings

I Had Birthday Number TEN!!

December 30th 2014 6:36 pm
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Yesterday meowmy was so busy all the day long, she could hardly even be here with me in Catster to help me see what all was happening...sigh...Sheesh, she needs to quit her job and hire a maid fur all the chores so I can come here to play a lot more, MOL!!

I appawlogize fur missing things...but I will furgive meowmy too...cause she takes care to see that I get all the good nutrition I need...else I would be a skeleton...by doing the feeding help/assist, I have gained a wee bit:).

You see, I haven't been feeling too well of late, and I just will not eat by myself at all...so meowmy puts the food in my mouth...and I do eat it then. I do barf at times, too, mostly when my stomach is empty, go figure. The vet lady thought I may have pancreatitis, judging by my labs, so she gave me a prescription diet, but I won't eat that at all, and it even makes me do more pukies...YUCK! We can't afford to do the extensive tests she wanted to do, and so meowmy and her decided just to treat me as if it is indeed that nasty pancreatitis. I had shrunk down to barely 7 lbs, but now am a few ounces more:)

I wanted to let you know that I am now 10 years old, too! My Birthday was yesterday, so yes, that is why I am a bit miffed that I couldn't play here...but belatedly means an extension of the fun and attentions, right?? MOL!

I'm 10 years old now, so I can lay back and relax!

Minko ~ Dec 29, 2014
Minko ~ Dec 29, 2014 I'm pawyering fur a good future, fur me and my furmily and my pals, too.

Sunbeams on my birthday are welcome fur sure! I think the heavenlies are shining upon me...

My Portrait

I'm wondering about the future...

I got a tad frisky, too...

from all the sunbeams...

and from the attention...

and these props...

why...I couldn't resist a good bitey on them, MOL!

Now...what is this??

Something else good to chew on?!?

Oh My Catness...

As you can see, meowmy has been tinkering with my pictures. lately...she can add these white or black frames, blur the edges, lighten or darken them even change their colors, OMC! These pictures were all made on the same sunny morning, with her I-Pad! It doesn't have a flash in it, and close ups are purrty easy...the hardest thing is to hold it and use a free finger to push the shutter...though sometimes I am paw ready to help her, MOL!

That being said, it is by no means the end of her camera usage!! There are still things where that device is far superior:)

Now meowmy has to go shopping...fur some huge items...maybe Pipo & I will get the boxes...Christmas sure gave us some good ones...now she will be getting some bigger ones, the microwave gave up in a huge stinky electrical debacle and it was a wonder the house didn't get burned down...phew!
Then our fur sucking machine is way too long in the tooth, so a new one will be arriving soon...but, sheesh, will that mean we have to do more hiding? Or will all our fur deposits to soften the carpet be work fur nothing?
And this am the little counter height freezer decided to turn off furevfur...sheesh, the things that dwell in our den must think meowmy is a money bag and if'n she puts all that $$ in those items, well, will we get our noms?? And more toys and nip, too? Meowmy says each one of those items costs so and so many shifts extra of work...oh...good, meowmy that means you will be even busier and home less than befur...sigh...
I sure hope nothing else breaks or conks out around here!


And to all my Catster pals: Thanks so much fur the prezzies on my page, and the Pawmails, too! And Manytoes and furmily made this nice piccie fur me, too:

Thanks so much, Manytoes! I love it!

Purrs to all and to all a good night!



June 20th 2014 9:05 am
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I am sad…and maybe need to do some hissing, too!

Meowmy got a notice that I am a DDP, and with all the big nasty fleas here, I can’t see my self over in Diary Central..Right now I might have a better chance of seeing myself if I was in Union Station, cause that would cause a ruckus, MOL!

Well, thanks HQ fur picking me anyways!

Not much to report regarding me…status quo is how meowmy describes it. Still only eating if I am made to…about one can of wet food each day, whereas I should be having 2 or maybe 2 1/2. Usually I have kibbles and a can as snack food.

I am not hiding as much, and sometimes I come to meowmy or pawppy fur scritches.

I will wash my face after I get my medicine or food.

Well, all I can say is keep up the purrs and I thank you all from the bottom of my kitty heart for all the purrs, lawyers, prezzies decorating my page, comments and above all your love.



A Stinky Minky Update

June 18th 2014 9:09 pm
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Well, I am stable, but not 100% by any means. Sometimes I nibble at my food, sometimes meowmy has to put it into my mouth. I hate that , but since the food is usually yummy because its my normal wet food, I just accept it. Not sure why I do not consistently eat on my own...but I did just eat about a tablespoon of my food by myself. When meowmy put some more on my plate, I just stared at her, MOL!

I have done some urka-gurka's, but not much...meowmy says my tummy must be feeling yucky from the medicine I have to take.
After I get my pill, 2 times a day, meowmy has to give me water to make sure its down, and she always adds some baby meat from one of those wee jars. Thats pretty good, too...but if I decide not to eat, then meowmy puts it into my mouth...and hence I am a bit stinky...kitty food on my furs, eeuuwww! So I wash myself! Meowmy likes seeing me do that, I wasn't doing much grooming when I was furst not feeling good.

I go pee-pee in the box, and did a stinky-poo, too...MOL! Nothing amiss there!

But mostly meowmy is setting me in the box, she has not seen me get into it by myself. I just don't want to walk around...
I have been spending most of the time hiding, but this afternoon, meowmy put me in one of my kitty beds in the living room, and I stayed there.
This evening, I came out of there to go and beg pawppy fur some scritches and loves. I sat on his lap fur a while, too. Then I went into my 'regular' kitty nest closer to meowmy's confuser desk. All by myself!

So there you have it...not worse, but not a whole lot better either, I guess it will take time. At least as a kitty I have lots of that, MOL!

It sure was noisy here this afternoon and evening, lots of thunderstorms.

Pipo comes by to sniff me now and then, and we exchange a headbonk or two, but we have not romped or zoomed at all.

Dog-guy sniffs me too...sheesh, am I that stinky?

Well, meowmy has to go to work the next two days on second shift...she has made my medicine schedule fit around her work hours.
Pawppy is home in the evenings, so he can give me noms if I need any.

Thanks so much to all of you fur those rosettes, and prezzies on my page!
And many more thanks fur all the purrs and pawyers. I know they are helping.
All you furends are evfur so pawsome! ♥

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