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The Baboo Kitty Has Spoken

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Forest G of Blizzards family has crossed Rainbow- Bridge-purrs asked for Daddy John

May 8th 2013 5:54 pm
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Dear Furs and Folks,

Pandas son, beloved little Forest G has crossed Rainbow Bridge. His adoptive family had moved to Florida. When they were at work there was a thunderstorm and lightning struck the house. Forest G, along with their dogs, didn't make it.
As you can imagine, Blizzards Dad is very upset. When our folks send us off to new homes-which does happen when there are kittens...they don't ever expect news such as this.
We ask for purrs tonight for Forest G, his family, and Momma Panda, Bliz, and the rest of the Taneytown crew...especially Daddy John.

For Forest G....

There was once a kit amoung kits
Funny loving with purrs,
A little fellow with gumption
He had cattatude
He romped and he played, kept Panda going
It's our Forest G, if you weren't knowing
And he hid and he loved and he played and shone bright
Our Forest G is a bright star tonight

So a family came along, who fell for him hard
It was a good thing, it was all in the cards
He had a home before that, but it wasn't right
So Daddy John said 'Forest, we'll just hang on tight
For he sought adventure, and he sought open space
Forest G was the cat with a bright open face

And so came a family, who saw him and knew
That Forest G was their guy, and he liked them, too.
Sad were the goodbyes as he bid Panda farewell,
All those around him, now they wished him well
And he was cuddled and loved, and went off to a new life
For it's the way of young cats sometimes, and it's just alright.

And Forest G danced the dance of life all around
A handsome young boycat, who went out on the town
He liked to play, and he had a dog all his own
Ah Forest G, who would have known.

But today the news came no one wants to hear
the house Forest lived in is no longer there
there was a storm, lighning stuck the home
Forest G and his dogs were there all alone
And they couldn't get out, no, we say as we cried
For our Forest G and his dogs, well, yes, they all died.

But I see a bright star, and I'm one to believe
that we may say goodbye but we don't really leave
We leap from earthly bodies, up and out into light
Ah now Forest G, I know you're all right

And I trot to the window, and I breathe in spring air
And I see you wink, yep it's Forest up there,
Chasing Tigger and others, all through the night
Ah, thats our Forest, and he's just out of sight

And Forest G, you remain in our hearts
Once a little kitten, you had a bright start
And you pass your legacy, to Novi, Sweetie and all
I salute you our Forest...the most resiliant of all!

Dear Forest, his family, his canine siblings, and most of all, Daddy John and the Taney town crew....

Our thoughts and purrs are with you.
Love and light,


Achoos are all over!

April 22nd 2013 5:46 am
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Uh oh!
I was a diary pick and didn't even know it! Mom goes to school all day on Sat, and was so tired she never even checked Catster til today. She has been trying to take care of all of us-you see, we have a bad URI going around....

Now wait, it's not too bad! We're all eating, so thats good. But even little Calvin has it. So far Smokieboo and Natalie are spared. I think Natalie is just too mean for anything to get her. It's like it would fear her if it did.

I got dipped despite the sneezies. Mom wasn't too pleased, and they told mom no antibiotics-just lysine. So daddy makes me take a syringe full of it and then Mom gives me more in my food. I eat it cause I'm hungry.

Midnight may go to the vet today-he's got it worst right now, and mom is concerned about his eye and listlessness. CK is the only one wanting to play, and it's troubling him that no one is up to playing with him. His cold is mild, and he's doing pretty well.

Mom is doing ok....she is waiting for her COBRA to kick in because she needs to see a doctor because she has some pain in her elbow and hand that she doens't write with but types with. She's also in school on Sat all day and some of the day on Tuesday now. She has alot of HOMEWORK so she hasn't had too much time to devote to me as she should.

Then she has an internship 4 days a week.

I miss her when she's not here-I have gotten to like having more mom time, more snacks, and petting.

I'm thinking of all of you, with much love and many, many purrs....

love and light,


I'm still positive for Ringworm.

April 16th 2013 1:22 pm
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Daddy got the call yesterdy. This means I have to go and get dipped on Saturday. Smokie has a boo boo now,too, but Mommy said for now she is going to put medicine on him and hope for the best.
Vet suggested I be seperated, but daddy thinks it would just stress me out more as the only way to do that would be the bathroom or kicking Natalie out of the bedroom.
Mommy is exasperated. She told Daddy that he has to give me lysine daily too, it can't just be her.

So looks like all of us are going to be put on the icky stuff.

Ah well,
I'm comfortable and happy otherwise. And I don't much mind the baths, though the stinky dip I could do without.

Purrs to all,


Love, Life, Boston and Cats

April 16th 2013 6:34 am
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Dear Folks and Furs,

Dear Furs-please take care of your folks today. You see, yesterday a very sad thing happened that hurt folks in Boston.
Some of the folks here and little folks saw this. We are very sad about it, because little folks become frightened when they see very scary things, and we, as cats, know that this is something that they may be afraid about for a long time.
We ask all the furs 'upstairs', at the Bridge, to send their purrs and some lovely celestial butterflies for comfort and joy to everyone so effected.

I have no answers as to why this has happened. I'm only cat. But amidst the sad, the fear, and the grief, something wonderous happened....

People stopped. People helped. Folks stopped running, and turned and ran into the chaos to help.

Those folks need medals.

The womderful caring of others is what we all are about...folks who stop to help a cat in need will stop and run back into the midst of the fire to pull to safety another person.

As cats, what can we do to help?

We will do as we always do.

We will frolic, take their minds from this....make folks laugh, and smile. We will curl up on laps, and will absorb tears into the fur on our necks and the top of our heads. We will groom our folks. We will purr...and purr...and purr.

And we will love, and send out that wonderful magick that lives in us.

And love, at the end of the day, will always, always triumph.

Our purrs and prayers are with all those who have been affected or effected by the events in Boston yesterday.


Magick is afoot

April 14th 2013 11:54 am
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A wonderful day
Here in the sun
My fur is growing
Sleeping is fun
We're all konked out
On chairs and on bed
In the early spring sun
We're sleek and well fed

And I'm wishing for one thing
As I doze here-a nap is so nice
And my dreams are so clear
That everyone we know, will step up to the plate
And make life better for those
Who don't have it so great
Can your folks foster-we have fosters here
I saw Paws this morning, sipping nip beer
And Calvin McCatster, paws up on the sill
Oh Furs make it happen, and happen it will

A foster is fun, take it from me
Another cat in the mix, for it could be
A fur to stay furever, or move on down the line
To an furever home-the feelings devine!
I was a saved kitty, that came in from the cold
Many of were, from young to the old
But not all are lucky, at least not til now
I'm sending for angels, and magick's allowed

So Magicks afoot, in Queens, Boston, further than that
What could be better, than the magick of cat
I leap 'tween furever, and touch Alex's nose
To trot a while with Tigger, and my pals you all knows
So Magick's afoot, my coat glowing with such
Like Sampsons hair, you know i don't miss it much
Magick's afoot, as she sits at your door
In the coat of a feline, and you know what for

I leap on Mommy's lap and she holds me tight
Says 'I love you Ruffy, you're my Boog, alright
And tonight we clean the altar, and she sets out a treat
For those seen and unseen
We still have to eat!

Magick's afoot, fostering saves cats
Big, small, young, old, soft furred without mats
Fostering's not scary, though your folks will change
They'll love you forever, for the lives that they save.

And I leap to the window, and the sun shines but it's cold
And I breathe out a purr and I take hold
Of magick that trots past me with tufted ears and green eyes
and fur dusted with starstuff, the look elderwise

So all my furs, lets give a hoot
And follow her pawprints, for magick's afoot
We have the power as we trot through time
Clothed in fur and feelings
And magick sublime
Purr out the message, weave it in your dance
Of feline furred antics that give our fur friends a chance


Springing in with Spring-and Ruffy's announcement

April 8th 2013 8:59 am
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Hello Furs and Folks,
We hope you haven't forgotten us. We ask you to please be patient, as mom is coping with schoolwork, a little depression from loss of her job, and being overwhelmed trying to get another few hours of internship.
Mom and I have been communicating, and I've been spending alot of time with her, she's warm and gentle and pets me, and she's been giving me treats.
Some months back mom started to come up with an idea thats been on my mind alot. She has had various folks and furs comment how they enjoy my writing, and I have told mom I wouldn't mind writing a published small book electronically-if she would kindly take my dication. Now, we haven't quite come up with all the details, but if possible, I would love to use some of the poetry I've done for furs....becuase this book isn't about me so much as it's about you...the furs we've met and come to love, and the wonderful magick everyone who's crossed our path has sent.
We'd also like, if possible, permission to use, perhaps, pictures of you, furs, if it would be ok.
We would charge something...not much-we don't want to do this to make money...but we were thinking that whatever money raised could be somoehow told help those furs and folks who are really not having it well as perhaps something going to FIV+ cat rescue. They are doing an educaiton project right now to educate vets and folks about FIV+-becuase as many of you know, some vets still think those of us with FIV+ need to live away from other cats, or even be 'put down' because of it.
We have the title of this...we even have some of the manuscript.

What we need, dear furs and folks...are your magick....



Spring Tagged by Kaci Sunshine-here are my answers...

April 8th 2013 4:48 am
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Five Things I Like About Spring:
1. The warm sun on my fuzzy growing in coat
2. Open screened windows with the sun shining in!
3.Daddy bringing home chicken for me....well, not just spring, but it feels like it when he does.
4. Naps in the sun
5. the nice warm air without the heat on.


She's One Of Us- For Kitty who is having surgery today.

March 25th 2013 7:00 am
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One of us All

There was once a kitty
Who lived next door to Blizzard
A fey little cat
Was she bought by a wizard?
She was due to have kittens
and only one has survived
A kitten called Miracle
with dark fur and dark eyes
But Kitty was plump
and shouldn't have been so
John Daddy was worried
and told us all so
The vet said that kitty
Had something going on
And Daddy John was worried
that something was wrong

The vet took an x ray
In the scary cat place
But Kitty was brave
She put on her game face
She had the x ray
And the vet said the word
Surgery was needed, and soon so we heard

And She's one of us,
A pretty girl cat
A little mom with a Miracle
Kitten at that
She's one of us, now she's in need
A kitty in from the cold
Who's in trouble indeed

And Samoa took charge
As she alone can
A cat of renoun, but then I'm a fan
And she put her mom on it,
She gave out to us
That Kitty needed help
And she made a fuss

And furs and their folks
All got together
To help little Kitty
Get surgery to feel better
And furs and their folks
Pitched in all you see
For that's what we're made of
All cats and folks can be.

She's one of us- a small cat in the care
Of our uncle John-and we've all been there
She's one of us, a small cat all alone
But not anymore-as we've all shown.

Dear Catster friends
Be proud to be you
For when magick happens
You channel it through
You are all wonderful, you make it all so
Cat's with good folks
Who make that love grow

She's one of us, in surgery today
I watch as candles are lit
And I know humans pray
She's one of us-and she's in our hearts
This is for you little Kitty
Of us you're a part.

Dear Furs,
I have never been more proud to be a part of all of you. When I say
'Trust that Miracles Do Occur' I know that it is through such as you.

With love and purrs,

And with many purrs and healing energy to Kitty.

And with incredible thanks to Samoa and her mom, Laura.


Happy Spring! The Equinox is here!

March 20th 2013 7:01 am
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Good morning Furs and Folks,

I want to wish all of you a happy Equinox! Today is the first day of Spring?

So what does that mean to me?

My coat is growing back. A fine velvety fuzz, with my wonderous colors emerging brightly. A treat of turkey yesterday! Warm snoozes in Natalies bed. A mom to scold and love on me all I want just now.

I'm happy. I'm wistful as I know some have bid their beloveds 'see you later' as they journey to the Bridge.

But ah, we're cats. Magickal creatures who sit just this side of heaven, however one believes in 'heaven' and who run back and forth of padded paws to amuse themselves and their pawrents.

A magickal and very wonderful thing happened the night before last. A tale I wish to confer on all who long with the deepest longing in their hearts...

We were evicted from the bedroom into the living room-yes, even I! The nerve-but Momma and Dad wanted to make sure Natalie got some rest, and that they did, too. So they put us all out into the living room/kitchen area. Truthfully, this was not terrible. It was warm and cozy. There is a sofa there, and the 'coffee table' is covered with a throw and pillows for our comfort.

Well, about 3 am Daddy woke up, mom heard him yelling 'CK! Stop it! Stop it!'

Mom heard Natalie hissing, growling and yowling as she does when CK is bedeviling her....

Mom said 'stop yelling' to dad and went back to sleep.


Mom asked Daddy-who were you yelling at last night?

Daddy who was half asleep didn't much remember, but then said he saw CK leaping over Natalie in the little bed she'd been sleeping in, and saw him run across the bed.

Mom said 'CK was in the living room. He wasn't here."

Daddy said 'But I saw him!'

Mommy bit her lip. Her eyes watered and she smiled.

She said 'No, you saw Sauce, saying 'see you later' to Miss Nat.'

And so, finally,

They got it!

I could tell you, yes folks, that we are magick-and that we, yes, our house, is the virtual TARDIS for that portal.

But then....dear folks....

The furs already know this.

Have a wonderful and joyous Spring.

love and light,


Remembering Hazel Lucy

March 17th 2013 5:29 am
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Hello Furs,
Another bath and dip down. I have stolen Natalie's bed, and am in it, staying warm. She is in her spot at the middle of the bed, though she resents me being here.

Today, on St. Paddy's day, I wanted to write about Hazel Lucy.

Yesterday was her Bridge Anniversary.

Some of you remember HL. Some of you newbies may not. To tell it in a Nutshell:

Hazel Lucy was/is a remarkable cat.

Hazel Lucy is the Patron Saint of All of us who have 'Come In From The Cold'.

When she met her mom, Julie, she was a bedraggled, gravely ill, starving and injured cat. Distrustful, fearful, and perhaps mistreated, she was an abandoned throwaway, who had been outside, trying to fend for herself. She was not feral-if she had been, perhaps she would have been able to cope....for ferals lead tough lives.

Hazel Lucy was not such a cat. She was a soft, gentle cat, who was guided by a star to a mom who saw a small spirit with wide open fields of wonder and magick behind those fearful eyes. Julie managed to, with trust and love, bring Hazel Lucy in from the Cold. She loved on her, and healed her, working with natural remedies and a wonderful vet.

With time, Hazel Lucy's outside wounds began to heal. Her inner strength came through. She began, cautious step by step, to trust and find her way into the hearts of all who knew her.

And Hazel Lucy made Catster what it is today.

Hazel Lucy founded the Purr list. Hazel Lucy, as she was helped, helped others. When a cat Mom went to the bridge, and her furs were bought to a pound and 2 lost, Hazel Lucy and Julie headed a group of Cat Parents to save them. Sadly, one was never found-it's hoped they were picked up by someone. But a doggie and kitty were saved, and one went to another Catster mom.

Hazel Lucy had a wonderful wedding, a happy and joyous affair, marrying a wonderful mango mancat with the most wonderful eyes and kind heart. He resides at the Bridge, too, now and you know him...most of you....for he sends out healing and loves to kitties and kitty families in need. I'm taking about Buddie, much loved.

Hazel Lucy is my hero. Perhaps as many are, who have leapt the light fantastic. But I remember Hazel Lucy, not for her passing, but for the wonderous things she did in life. I thank you Humbly, lovely sweet Hazel, for your gift of yourself, and many thanks to your Mom for sharing you with us.

And for any of you who haven't known her-her mom has recently, with much love and appreciation from from me-once again posted her profile here..please drop by and get to know her...she's truly an Angel.

For any of you who wonder what she was and is like...

She is the Best of All of Us Who have Come in from the Cold.

We will always love you, Tiny Gumdrop. We will always love you.

With Purrs,
And standing on my Hinds, Saluting you for all your Wonder,

Below is a song written I wrote for Hazel Lucy some time ago-

I love you Hazel Lucy, and Salute you with all here who love you so....

Today as I sit on the sofa back
I smile as I sip and think of good craic
And dream of a girl cat that I used to know
Who lived in Pa. by way of Mayo

And she was a fancy one she was a Queen
She was the prettiest thing we've ever seen
Humble beginnings were her stepping stone
She had her Julie and was never alone

But you know she was such a pretty girl cat
There was never really any question of that
She had her admirers, I'm just one
And this little girl cat well she was second to none

And her name's Hazel Lucy she would say to the crowd
As she waltzed in the room as light as a cloud
My heart took to thumpin, you know what I mean
For this little lass's the lovelist I've seen

She once roamed the woods, I met her once there
Between here and there we hadn't a prayer
Wild free spirits, ah it never could last
But she stole my heart and she sure stole it fast

And her name's Hazel Lucy
Yes, Buddies her man
But sure I can dream, ah all guy cats can
She is star, yep she's sure one,
Our Hazel Lucy just loves to have fun

So I heard that she decided
To go travel on, across Rainbow bridge
To find leprechans
And frisking and laughing and purring and all
Do you know Hazel Lucy is having a ball
But I'm left behind and my heart misses her
For she was much more than her whiskers and fur

And so I court the girl cats
Of so many hues
With all so much beauty it overcomes, too
In honor of a lass who could wear the green
And a Goddess cats image, you know what I mean

So ladies I bid you a good morning now
I purr and I caper I offer meow
Because you're such breath-taking beauties
You bring me such joy
With your sweet loving natures
You undo this boy

So lets raise a glass, lets raise a paw
To the beauty of all girl cats that we've ever saw!
And I look at the moon tonight tinged with the green
Seeing our Hazel Lucy still being a Queen!

By Orange Ruffy-a tribute to our lovely Hazel Lucy.

Beauty never dies.

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