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If only River could type....

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Zoomies and lollipops!

February 10th 2012 2:43 pm
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I've got so much energy!!!


I'm gonna jump on the counter tops!


What's in this bowl up here? OH! Lollipops! I can play with those, they are like cat toys! I'll just start throwing them on the counter and the floor!

Oh boys, that was fun, now I'll chase the ones I threw on the floor!


Uh oh! Lost 4 of them under the sofas! I better get them out or mommy will find me!


"River... what are you doing?"

OH NOSE! I's been caughts! "Um.... nothing mommy!"


Mommy proceeds to pick up 7 lollipops from the floor and rescue 4 from under the couch all the while going "oh River...."



Cat Treats?

February 8th 2012 2:11 pm
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Nom noms mommy? Nom noms? What do you mean you don't have my favorite cat treat? No I don't want those cat treats, those aren't MY cat treats. Where are MY cat treats? Mommy? Mommy? Mommy? You're gonna buy more today right? More nom noms? Mommy? Don't you love me? Why can't I have cat treats? No mommy, I already told you, I don't like those cat treats. I won't eat THOSE cat treats. I want MY cat treats. Where are MY cat treats? Please mommy? Aren't I a good boy? I'm gonna tell all my catster friends how you're starving me mommy! I'm gonna tell them all that I'm not getting my favorite cat treats. Mommy? Mommy? Mommy? Cat treats...


There WERE single ladies left on Catster!

February 4th 2012 1:39 pm
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That's the good news, Zach hasn't stolen them all yet! hehehe! We all know how that Zach guy is! (He's a big fan of sister's belly - but then who isn't?)

Yesterday I wrote asking if there were any pretty lady kitties out there who wanted a big old Special Needs River Cat Dreamboat CEO to be their Valentine, and guess what? There was! My Valentine this year is the beautiful Gypsy

What more could a guy ask for? She's great and she's got plenty of cattitude to boots! Anyone who knows sister knows I'm crazy about a lady with cattitude! I'm a pretty happy guy today! We've had a rough week here, some very bad news from a lot of really beloved friends. Both my Aunts Elsie and my Aunt Courtney who use to live with us have lost beloved pets this week, but this makes me feel a little better. Thanks Gypsy for being my Valentine.

Do you think I should add the Cher son "Gypsies Tramps and Thieves" to my playlist in honor of my special Valentine? hehehe!


Are there any single lady kitties left on Catster?

February 3rd 2012 4:50 pm
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Hi kitties,

I was just wondering, are there any lady kitties left on catster that would like a great big old River Cat as their Valentine? I like having a Valentine! It's fun! Sisfur is going to be Finney's Valentine this year and that leaves me all alones, that's a very sad place to be. Are any of my lady kitty friends still looking for a Valentine? I'm a big love bug, super duper snuggler, and a great friend! What's more, nobody can HAPPY RIVER DANCE like me AND I was chosen as a dreamboat this year! So I'm a hard working CEO and a Dreamboat! Sure seems like all the ladies have Valentines, I'm just curious whose left!



January 29th 2012 1:53 pm
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Oh my catness! I'm a dreamboats? REALLY? Oh thank, you thank, you thank you Miss Samoa! This is the bestest news evers! I'm HAPPY RIVER DANCING all over the place! Can you believes it kitties? I'm a dreamboats! I did not see this coming! Dreamboat number 65! That's me!

I'm so honored to join so many great mancats as a dreamboats, including my doppelganger Luke and of of course Orange Ruffy who was chosen just a few days ago as (perhaps?) the first FIV positive dreamboat! I'm so happy to continue in his dreamboat paw prints and help spread the word about FIV kitties! We can do it buddy, we can show the world what great kitties we FIV boys are! (girls too I imagine! hehehe!)

So now, I'm an aspiring Alpha, a CEO of Happy River Dances, and of course a dreamboat! HOORAYS! Could River life get any better? I don't think it coulds! hehehe!


The Key to Alpha-ness

January 20th 2012 3:54 pm
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Ok kitties, I have figured it out. I know how to become the alpha kitty. I've been studying sister and how she remained the alpha for so long, and I've got it. I mentioned in my last diary that whoever controls the mommy controls the kitties, and I've got it down to an art form now. I have stepped up my River presence around the mommy 100%

Mommy stays awake late at night, much later than daddy, working on her writings when the world is quiet. She has gotten very little work done recently. Want to know why? Her boyfriend won't leave her alone. Whose her boyfriend you might ask? ME! I've melted her heart! I'm a complete snuggle buddy suddenly. I'm always lying across her arms, her lap, anywhere. Showing off that belly fuzzy she loves so much, begging for chin pets and ear rubs. When she's typing, I jump up next to her and sit and watch, every few minutes, I RAM my little head into hers, full force. HEAD BONKS OF LOVIES MOMMY!!! She doesn't know what to do with me! She's so crazy about how cutes I am she can't yell at me, but she's not getting anywhere near the amount of work done she should.

Control the mommy... control the Alpha! Look out sisfur... I'm coming for you!


There's a new Alpha in this house!

January 16th 2012 2:32 pm
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Hi ho everybody!

That's my Kermit the frog impression, you like it? hehehe! Well, it's been a long time since I've written in my diary, you'd think I was keeping my little squeaks quiet, but that's so far from the truth, I've never been squeakier!

Now, here's the update on our home. I want to be the Alpha! Ever since we were brought home, sister has been the Alpha. She's got Mrat-attiude to spare and she's not afraid to put me in my place. She's mommy's girl and we all know that mommy rules this house, so therefore, Moe Moe rules the kitties. For 3 years, I've been a good beta kitty, but I've decided I've had enough, I want to be Alpha! Really, these past 3 years I've just been too lazy to become alpha, I'm a pretty laid back crazy guy, I didn't need to be Alpha. I'm a good brother, sister wants to eat first, she can eat first. I don't want to steal anything from her, she's my bestest sister in the whole wides world. Well, no more pretty meezer lady, River Cat is in the house! I've stepped up my Alpha presence in every way. At night, I sleep on the pillow with mommy. At snack time, I wolf down my treats and force sister away from hers, sometimes I even leave my pile unattended to try to steal sisters. At dinner time, I eat first. And so on and so on. Mommy can't figure out why I've suddenly decided to become the Alpha. Last night she and daddy were woken up a half dozen times by us wrestling on the bed between them, it's my bed now sister! I'm not being mean or anything, just pushy! She thinks we're going through a re-balancing act in this house, but she's warned me I'm going to lose, sister won't give up her title easily and I don't have the stamina to out feisty her! I think I can give her a good run for her moneys though! Just because I'm a really good big brother and I loves my sister like crazy, doesn't mean I can't also be the alpha right?

Oh, and mommy finally updated our pages for Valentines day, but she doesn't like how the font is hard to read on mine. Anybody got the code to change the font back to white? We had it, but we lost it and mommy says she doesn't have time to search for a new one. Sheesh mommy, what could be more important than making my page look pawsome?


Merry Catmus

December 22nd 2011 4:27 pm
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Hello friends,

First off, to everyone who has mailed us cards and presents, we love you all so much. You are all the bestest. Mommy mailed out half our cards and then ran out of stamps, we ordered more but who knows when they will arrive, so we might no MAIL them until after Catmus. Sad River faces about that one, please know it wasn't on purpose. There's a big pile sitting on our table mommy wants to mail out.

Second, sorry we haven't been around much. We won't burden you with details but suffice to say, there's been some stuff going on. I'm just doing my best to be the best River I can and keep mommy positive. The other day I tried to climb the tree again and make mommy smile as Kringus, but I guess that wasn't what she wanted! hehehe!

Third, and most important, a very happy holiday season to everyone no matter what they celebrate or how they do. We hope you all have a great end of the year and a happy start of the new year. This year, my parents aren't doing presents so that does make it slightly less fun to play under the tree. Luckily other people keep mailing them presents so I still have boxes! There's this HUGE brown box next to the tree from my grandpa... I KNOW there is catnip in it! I can SMELLS it! I wants it SO badly! Mommy keeps promising me that I'm getting a full stocking this year, no matter what. A few packages have arrived, I think one came from Tigger's daddy's etsy shop... I love those toys! I think I should get it now. I really hope mommy finds the time to go get my Catmus presents. She's been so busy. I mean, I loves everything I've got, but I just LOVE toys! hehehe! I've also been promised all the left over Catmus themed toys that don't sell in mommy's etsy shop. I've got my eye on those candy canes! Hehehehe, it's good to be the CEO!

Anyways, Merry Catmus to everyone, big and small, human and fuzzy, rich and poor. Merry Catmus, Happy Chanukah, Happy Boxing Day, Happy New Year, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy everything! I'm sure I'm missing some holidays, there are just so many at the end of the year / start of the new year! The important thing is HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL! Now, I'm going to go help mommy clean out my toy basket for donations to the shelter kitties, and pack up donations for the SPCA thrift shop. I'm a very lucky guy, and I never forget how lucky I am to have my family and my home, I always want the shelter kitties to know I'm with them in spirit. I hope every kitty finds a home for the holidays, but since that isn't possible, I hope I can make the world a little bit brighter for as many of them as possible. Love you all kitties, and merry Catmus to all!


Kringus Lives

December 6th 2011 6:43 pm
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Hi kitties

Well, last year at Catmus time I shared with you all the comic about Kringus. Well, for three years Catmus tress have gone up, and I've never actually tried to BECOME Kringus, but this year was one year too many!

My daddy had minor surgery on Monday and he's on the sofa recovering, so naturally, I'm hanging out with him. Today while mommy and daddy were out there having lunch, I got up, and started investigating this tree, mommy wasn't too worried, like I said, I'm a good boy around Catmus trees. Then, out of nowhere, the tree starts to shake. Daddy thought I was trying to drink out of the tree base, but mommy knew better! She jumped to her feet and held the tree steady, there I was, halfway up the tree and poking out through the branches and ornaments! I AM KRINGUS!!!

(Click through a few of them to learn about Kringus!)

Well, finally mommy got me to come down from the tree, I'm a big boy after all, she couldn't just reach in and pull me out. I thought I was so clever, but turns out, mommy and daddy got the last laugh. Did you know Catmus trees have this icky sap all over them? It's so gross! When you climb them... it gets on your paws. My feets are all sappy. I spent the next hour walking around shaking every foot after it touched the ground. I've been cleaning my toes all afternoon, it's no good, I'm all sappy! Mommy keeps laughing at me. She says my toes smell like Christmas now... I don't want my toes to smell like Christmas. I'm never going to be Kringus again. Lesson learned.


So stinky!

November 30th 2011 4:56 pm
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Hi kitties!

So, do any of you have weird mommies that insist on changing their hair color too? See... my mommy has brown hair. I likes her brown hair. I don't know what's wrong with brown hair. I always thought it was fine just as it was, but for some reason, every few months, mommy goes in and changes her hair to red with strawberry blond highlights. I mean, I guess this looks pretty good too. I pretty much like my mommy no matter what she does, even if I don't understand it, but my complaint is that when she comes home from doing this her hair is SUPER DUPER STINKY for the next few days from the color and I has to groom her something fierce. EVERY time she sits down on the couch, I jump up behind her and grab a hold of her head so I can groom her. At night, I sleep on her pillow, and groom her. She tells me to stop doing that, she says that eating the color can't be good for me, but I just GOTS to get rid of that stinky smell! I do my best. She got her hair colored yesterday morning, and I haven't left her alone all day. Stinky, stinky, stinky! BLEH!

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