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Simone's say MRAT!

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August 21st 2010 1:00 am
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Oh my catness, can you believe that brother of mine? Not only does he upstage me by getting so many DDP awards, he gets one right after me! What is it with that brother of mine? I'm going to go clean his ears again!!!



August 20th 2010 9:47 am
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Oh my catness!!! I'm finally a DDP on catster, I've finally been chosen for something! I was getting so jealous of brother because he always wins stuff and I never win anything from Catster, they never give me any awards or honors, and then this. Thank catness indeed! I'm on happy Simone! I might have to make River do his happy River dance over this!

Thank you so much to everyone who has all ready sent me messages and presents, I feel so loved! Thank you to those of you who will in the future. I'm such a happy Simone and I'm so happy to have so many wonderful friends!


mommy loves

August 18th 2010 9:56 am
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You know what is really great? Having mommy home. I missed her so much. I handle her leaving pretty well, but man was I happy to get her back. I've been snuggled with her every night under the blankets. I've also been a super chatty girl recently. I follow mommy around talking to her. Mommy can't believe how talky I am. I just follow her around the house going "mrat mreow, mrow, meow, mrat, mraaaaaaaat, purrrrrrrrrr".

Turns out we are becoming a regular stop for hungry 'nom nomers' as mommy now calls them. We have several regular kitty visitors. Some of them are strays who mommy plans to catch and spay / neuter. Perhaps adopting them out, or perhaps returning them if they are feral kitties. Some of them though, don't look like strays. They have collars and tags, but they eat more than the strays. There is a little black one with a tag who shows up every night and devours the food and then just hangs out in our doorway all night. Mommy doesn't know what's up with him but if he has a home, he doesn't seem to get enough to eat there. He's all skin and bones and he doesn't seem to like leaving our home. She's hoping he's just a fussy kitty who likes our house more and isn't being mistreated or underfed where ever he lives. He's so tiny and always so hungry. Mommy was thinking if he keeps showing up like that she may try calling his tag number or checking lost pet ads to see if he is lost from his home. The other kitties with tags who show up to steal noms aren't anywhere near as hungry or tiny, but mommy enjoys their company as well!


River is hogging that spotlight again...

August 14th 2010 3:57 pm
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Oh my catness, out first day back and brother is all ready a DDP today! I never win anything on Catster and he's always showing off his awards and stuffs. What am I going to do with that boy? Probably clean his ears!

Well now for more exciting stuff...

guess who got to snuggle with their mommy last night? ME!!!

I was so happy to have her back I slept right next to her under the blankets with my little head on her pillow just like we use to all night long. I've missed her something fierce let me tell you! Aunt Courtney was fine and all, but my mommy is my mommy. I picked her out, I adopted her, I'm keeping her!

Oh guess what she brought back from France? A me! she bought a statue of a Siamese kitty that was hand made in France from an artist. It looks just like me in my skinnier days, I'm a big lady now. She says I can't touch it cause it cost many euros and she doesn't want it to break, and if it does break, she doesn't want it to hurt me, because I am priceless! It's up high now, but I can still see it!

I've sure got lots of catching up to do on here, can't wait to see you all again, I sure missed my catster friends. I'll fill you in on exciting details later, for now, off to clean brothers ears!


Some good news and some bad news

August 11th 2010 3:44 pm
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Well hello their kitties!

So River got to report to you all about how mommy called home after having a scary scary dream the other night? Well, turns out the dream was predicting something, but not about us. Mommy got a really bad fever and her knee swelled up. Mommy use to be a dancer when she was younger until she fell and broke her knee. She's had many surgeries on it and just barely avoided getting a bionic knee by low impact running for nearly 2 hours every day and keeping her height weight ideal. Anyways, too many years of living in dry CA has unprepared her knee for humidity and all that high impact walking. She got really hurt and her and daddy decided they would rather trade in the tickets and fly home early and save money that way then drag it out in Paris. They have been away from home for a long time and they did have a really great time, but they've decided to come home early.

The good news? My mommy will be here in 48 hours!!! I can't wait! My belly needs a good mommy rubbing. Aunt Courtney is excited, I'm excited, River is happy dancing. We are sad mommy got hurt, but ever so happy she is coming home. Aunt Courtney is great, but mommy... is MOMMY!

The bad news is clearly that mommy got hurt. Also, we don't know if you know this, but there are apparently no good people vets in France in August. They all go on vacation. Very strange. So mommy would rather come home. She feels fairly certain that once she is home everything will resolve itself, but she'd rather be home for the recovery. I will have to do my best to take care of her, although I'm bad at taking care of knees, I always want to be on laps and that hurts the knee sometimes cause I'm a full bodied gal!

Well kitties, I know it is mixed news. But the good news is mommy is feeling all right right now about all of it. She got lots of days in Paris, she is only losing 4, she got to do everything she wanted, and she is fairly confident the knee will recover quickly when she isn't walking cobblestones every day in the humid air. Me, River, and Aunt Courtney agree, we are just so happy she is coming back. We are secretly really happy, although we told mommy, so it isn't much of a secret now is it? Opps... well, we just love her so much!

See you all sooner than expected kitties! Don't worry too much, mommy says she'll be fine and is just going to be happy to be home safe and sound!


Not quite good bye I guess!

July 27th 2010 12:46 am
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Well wouldn't you know it, we said our goodbyes and were all set to be off Catster for awhile even if it meant missing our friends, and then brother goes and gets cat of the day! Since mommy made a stop back at Catster for that, she decided to check up on our friends while we were here! We sure have missed you guys. Guess we'll be hanging out here today for awhile and then back off to vacation land we go! I just can't believe the timing, silly old brother!

Just so you all know, we are doing great! We love our aunt Courtney! She thinks we are the greatest cats in the world, and you know what, I might have to agree with her!


I get to say my goodbyes too!

July 21st 2010 11:24 am
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Well, River got to do this last night, but mommy though it was only fair I get to say good bye as well so she is letting me pop online quickly this morning to give a quick up date and do just that.

Last night went really well, me and River did just fine with a new person in the house. We slept with mommy (of course) but we handled the adjustment fine. Excellent news for kitties!

Well, we are going off now and we won't be back till August 17th although we might pop on to check up on everyone and see who gets cat of the week / day / diary. We'll do our best but don't count on hearing from us! I sure do love all you kitties and I'm going to miss you all something fierce, but we'll have great fun when I get back in August! Bye bye kitties! Love you and miss you! see you in August!



July 16th 2010 2:00 am
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So tonight, there was a strange man in the house. That's right, another one of those strange men! What is it with my parents and these strange men in the house? Anyways, evidently he was a 'car salesman' and he was there to get the title to the old car they sold him. They bought a new car or something unimportant like that. The important part of this story, they got home late and I missed my regular dinner. When the strange man came into the house daddy went to search for papers and River ran and hid. I however came right out, marched right up to the strange man, looked up at him with my big blue eyes, and said "MRAAAAAT!!!!" Then I promptly rolled over and showed him my belly! Luckily, he knew right what to do and knelt down and rubbed my belly! That's right, RUB MY BELLY STRANGE MAN!!! I'm one brave little kitty, especially when mommy is standing right there. The strange man said I was a super sweet kitty and absolutely beautiful, he also marveled about how I matched the carpet! I don't know if he was just being friendly, but I agree with him, I AM a sweetheart and I AM beautiful, strangely enough, I DO match the carpet too! Mommy was amazed about how brave I was tonight for the strange man. Doesn't she understand, I just wanted my nom noms! They were late!


You know what is great to play with... Pens!

July 11th 2010 12:41 pm
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I mean it, pens are great to play with. Mommy was writing a card to her sister today and I was sitting on her lap watching that pen go. Every once and a while, bam, Simone paw on the card knocking the pen away. Mommy then rolls her eyes, kisses my head and goes "SIMONE!!!" before picking up the pen and starting again. Well since I get such positive attention from it, in a few more seconds, BAM... SIMONE PAW ATTACKS! More kitty kisses and more attention means I'll keep doing it until the card is finished. I love pens. There isn't a pen in this house that doesn't have Simone teeth marks on it. Whenever mommy goes to class and someone asks to borrow a pen she has to explain because it looks like she chews on them. hehehehe. Nope, not mommy, just little old me and the few teeth I have left!



July 9th 2010 11:50 am
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Poor mommy, she will never get a good nights sleep again. Last night Mommy was able to go to bed at a more reasonable hour since the zoomies have left River and me and we can sleep again. However, as mommy lay down, I jumped right up next to her, snuggled under the blankets, then turned around, and put my head on the pillow, gazing into mommies face. She laughed at me. We use to sleep snuggled nose to nose all the time when she first brought me home, but then I discovered how great it is to be under all the blankets against her tummy all super warm. Well, last night I decided it would be good to try it again. We slept all snuggled up together. Well, I slept. Mommy couldn't get comfortable but she didn't want to move me so she just was uncomfortable. Just when mommy was drifting off to sleep last night, I pulled in even closer and snuggled right up against her shoulder and neck. She had warm muggy Simone breath on her all night long. Lucky mommy, that is how you know you are loved mommy, I snuggle with you! She should know how lucky she is, even if she didn't get a good nights sleep.

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