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Simone's say MRAT!

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I'm a DDP and brother Isn't! HA!

November 24th 2010 12:52 pm
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Ok that might be a little bit bratty sounding, but I'm just so happy. For months and months brother won EVERYTHING on Catster and I won nothing. I'm pretty and sweet and loving, why not me? Now though the tables are finally turning and Moe Moe is tasting the sweet nom nom juices of victory! hehehe! Thanks so much to everyone who commented, what a great day! The day before turkey day! Mommy is baking all day, the house is all warm and sweet smelling and this just made it the sweetest day of all, you know what, I'm going to be a gracious winner. I'm secretly very thankful for my brother so I'm going to go clean his ears for him and snuggle in front of the fireplace! Thanks everybody! I hope you all have a great turkey day!


Moe Moe want heated pet bed!

November 22nd 2010 9:43 pm
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Ok kitties, this is urgent, I need all of your support in this issue, it is drastically important! River is getting his cat tree for Catmus. Mommy found one with ramps so I can use it too but still, this is mostly River's gift. I'll use it, but nothing like him. I need to convince mommy to crack open that bank account for me too, I need a heated pet bed. Mommy and Daddy have been thinking about getting me one for a while but they just never get around to it until they are all sold out. They found some great deals online for black Friday or whatever it is, the day after nom noms day, and I am hoping they cave and get me one. I get so cold in the winter! I'm going to put on my super cute face and show them what a good little girl I am, and I need all of you to cross your little paws for me, I need heated pet beds!


stock piled toys

November 15th 2010 11:18 am
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Every morning when mommy wakes up, one of the toys from Pigeon is missing. This has been going on since she realized we had lost the Pumpkin from Halloween he sent us. She didn't know where they were going. Now this is upsetting because I really loved all the those toys and was having a blast playing with them and every day a new one was missing. This morning, the mystery has been solved. Mommy was cleaning up and she looked under the sofa only to discover a stock pile of toys. River has been putting them some place I can't get to them. I'm a short girl with short legs and shall we say, a full figure? I couldn't reach them where he has been hiding them. How do you like that? River was stealing all the good toys and hiding them from me. At least I have them back now, including the pumpkin which I really loved. I'm just going to go stick my little tongue out at River and tease him, mommy is on my side and she saved my toys for me!


It's my birthday and I'll do what I want!

November 1st 2010 2:38 pm
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Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

I love birthdays! They are the best! To celebrate this one, I slept in with mom, that was great, I stuck my foot in her nose at one point cause I got all turned around under the blankies! Hehehe! Good thing it's my birthday and she loves me!

Well all day, I've been sunning myself! I'm stretched out on the floor with my belly showing itself off and all my toes curled in happiness. Mommy says I'm "sunning my ladyness" that... doesn't sound very dignified. Who cares?!?! It's my birthday!!!

You like our new birthday pages kitties? Mommy made them especially for us this morning! HOORAY! I'm so loved. I wonder what we're getting for dinner? I bet it will be good... I don't even mind that there is a foster in the house right now! HOORAY!!!


ANOTHER Foster in the house?

October 30th 2010 7:26 pm
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Why does mommy do this? She's always bringing fosters home. Since Marshmallow is still being fed baby food (she's up to 8 cans a day and we still need her to eat kitty food) she is still at a different foster house better suited for her. The woman has more vet training than mommy. So, for the meantime, mommy has taken in a new one. I know, WHAT is up with that? She was hoping to take a kitty named Toots who is a black long haired fuzzy missing an eye. She was adopted through Animal Outreach and then suffered an 'exploding eye' as they called it. The family brought her in and the clinic fixed her up, then the family didn't want her back. How horrible is that? This poor little girl recovered and now needs a new forever home. So sad. When she showed up though they asked her to take Ivy instead. Ivy is an adult female kitty who they know very little about. Animal Outreach took on 40 cats recently from a high kill shelter marked for death, poor Ivy got lost in the mix and has been in a cage at Petsmart for a few weeks now and really needs to get out. She's also deaf. She's all white. Mommy was saying she was going to take both, a blind black kitty and a deaf white kitty! We only have Ivy right now though. We don't know if she likes other kitties though so we aren't mixing with her yet. She's a nice girl to mommy and is just so happy to be out of the cage. She'll post a page for her soon.

My only complaint though, did mommy think of ME when she did this? My mommy is my mommy and I don't like sharing her with foster kitties. Sigh... What is a perfect girl to do? I guess I have to share my mommy whenever I can to these poor kitties who just need forever homes so badly. I hope she gets adopted soon though so I can have my house back! (and that mommy doesn't take Toots home then) I only have so much patience in my little Moe Moe body!


Toys for you brother? I think nots!

October 25th 2010 6:38 pm
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Today mommy came back from the mail and called us fuzzies out of hiding.

"SIMONE.... RIVER.... I have a present for you. It's from some guy named Pigeon, do you know who that is?"

Well, wouldn't you know it, River came running out. I guess he knows who Pigeon is. Isn't he smart. I'm rolling my Simone eyes at him all ready! He came running out and helped mommy open up the card. He says he could smell Pigeon on it, what a weird kitty. Anyways, turns out, it was a great card and a present for us. A little stuffed jack-o-lantern toy! He was so excited. River just picked it right up and ran off with it. Well by this time, I had been awaken from under the bed and I popped my head out to see what was going on just in time to see River running by with a toy. I guess he thought it was for him. WRONG RIVER! I'm the pretty, pretty, pretty Simone and Pigeon clearly sent it to BOTH of us, which in my world USUALLY means... ME!

For instance...
our mommy is MY mommy (River can have daddy... men scare me)
our food bowls are MY nom noms
our cat beds are MY cat beds
sun puddles are MY sun puddles
our medication can be River's though... I don't want that

Anyways, since River was so excited about his new toy I had to see what it was, I quickly popped out from under the bed and snatched it away before vanishing back under the bed. River was heart broken and just sat staring after me. Eventually he got it back though, so don't feel too bad. It was so exciting though. Thanks Pigeon, you're the best!


Your purrs are working!!!

October 11th 2010 4:15 pm
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Thank you so much kitties for your purrs for little Marshmallow. Mommy just got a phone call from the lady taking care of her and today is the first day she has eaten on her own, and what an eater she has turned out to be! She inhaled her nom noms! What a good girl! We are so happy. Mommy and the lady were very worried she was going to die on them or have to be put down to save her from suffering eventually, but luckily, she has started eating like crazy. She was being force fed baby food and water all weekend long but today she decided to eat on her own. No adoption for her for a while, but she's on the road to recovery! Keep purring for her kittens! We are so happy!!!


Oh poor mommy

October 10th 2010 5:55 pm
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Poor Mommy, she gots herself a cold. I think she's been too worried about everything recently. The good news, she's been home all day today with me on the couch. We are snoozing together. Yesterday she went out apple picking with daddy and got some more Halloween stuffs. We now have a new black kitty pillow to snoose on on the sofa and the house smells like apple nom noms. Today, is a good day. Oh yeah, except for the whole mommy being sick part. That's not so good.


So much loves and thank yous!

October 8th 2010 12:13 pm
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First off, I just want to thank all my kitty friends out there who sent me stuff for my DOTD! It was a fantastic gesture from all of you! I loves you all. The day had a dark cloud over it but mommy still spoiled me! We don't have time to send all the individual messages, but we can totally thank you all here!!!

Napoleon and Colorado, Tigger and Cali and Sobe, Pipo and Minko, Coco, Simon and Reuben (an angel) all sent me a pink ribbon, thank you so much! I love the color pink. I'm a real girly girl sometimes!

Frankie and his family, Elise and Genny, Karma Kitty and her family, and Wyatt all sent me pumpkins! YAY! I loves Halloween and can't wait to make them all into kitty jack-o-lanters! Then we can fry up the seeds, nom nom nom!

Milo sent me a great witches hat, I just hope mommy doesn't try to make me dress up in it for Halloween!

Luke, Tully, Sammy, and Natasha sent me a black cat! I think this is my favorite rosette! It's a kitty! HOORAY!

Sofie sent me a candy corn, YUMMY! Thanks!

Nadia and Gump sent me a bat, awesome! I promise not to chase it and hurt it!

Sassy sent me a steak. Well this is a no brainer thank you! I LOVE ME SOME FRESH GRILLED STEAK! BIG NOM NOM NOM THANK YOUS!!!!

Monida sent me a ghost! So spooky and so cool!

Penny Minnie and Bliss sent me a beautiful trophy! I'm a winner! YAY!

Tate sent me a Halloween trick or treat icon! I loves it. Can I have some more candy now???

ADAM & EVE & PUDD & PUFF & PUMPKIN & LITTLE ONE, The family of Redford , Cooper , Tundra , Manytoes and more, The Bush Furs, Pigeon, Sammie, KiKi and Ember, Kibbles, Francis, & Yoda, Ginger, Those great San Francisco Meezer gals!, Riley and Skippy Skipster, and Jezebel all sent me the we are one kitty badge. This is a very special badge and I'm honored to get it from all of you.

Ok, well that's all my gift thanks you! and just once more so everyone knows! THANK YOU ALL!!! You are all the bestest friends. Thanks to everyone who sent me messages too, you all are great kitties, every last one of you! Purrs and head bonks to all!


Diary of the Day??? Me??? YAY!!!

October 6th 2010 10:58 am
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Oh my catness, I'm the diary of the day!??!?!?! What a great surprise for me and mommy when we got up this morning. Mommy pulled a muscle so she had to sleep in a little and I of course was taking full advantage by snuggling right under the blankets with her. I was worried that with the new foster in the house she was forgetting about me, I'm very worried about attention sometimes. Well, I was wrong. She's so proud of me, I'm on her lap right now watching her as she types and purring away. Thank you so much Diary Gal (I believe!) and thank you to all my catster friends who have stopped by today to say concats to me! I love you all so much!!!

Now... where is River... time to make him Happy River Dance for me!

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