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I love the sunshine!!

January 20th 2011 12:49 pm
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I`ve been having lots of fun on our trip. It has been so nice and warm and there`s lots of sun spots to lay in. I`ve been having fun waking mom and dad up at 5am MOL! I really don`t think they like it too much. I have also been standing guard over them at night and making sure that pesky squirrel thing doesn`t try to attack them when they are sleeping. It was a little cold last night so I had to curl up under their blankets but they sure do take up a lot of room so I had to shove them both out of the way!

Hope everyone is enjoying the new years


Road Trip!!

January 8th 2011 5:04 pm
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Next week we are taking another road trip!! I love rides in the moving house (once we get off the windy roads) I love sitting on mom`s lap and watching everything or laying on a blanket by the big window it`s so much fun. I hope we go to a warm place again where the windows can be opened and we can smell the air and watch those funny things called birds. I`ve been helping mom pack our stuff and making sure she doesn`t forget our toys and stuff but I think she has everything! I`ll be taking turns with the other kits updating our adventure. I also am in charge of our doggy brofur Sterling and he`s so much fun to boss around MOL!!



Back from our trip!

December 2nd 2010 7:56 am
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It`s good to be back in our big house again! Mom gave a few of us some type of medicine when we left to go out to her boys house and it made us sleep for awhile and not get sick. After awhile I woke up and decided I would sit on moms lap and curl up in the blanket she had. It was ok where we were but mom couldn`t open the windows because it was cold so us cats were a bit bored! I spent most of the time laying in front of the thing that blows warm air. We didn`t get any meds on the way home and I really had a good time moving around and checking out each window! I even climbed up by the big window and slept on the blanket! Mom says our next trip will be to a warm place & we`ll be able to look out all the windows like last year! Dad finally brought our cat tree in from the moving house..It`s about time! I hope every fur and their families had a great turkey day!



Back frrom a trip

September 17th 2010 6:58 pm
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Last weekend mom and dad took all of us on a trip in the moving house, it was our first one since the winter. I got scared at first because as they were taking Simon and Kit out to the moving house they forgot to come back for me and I saw them leave which made me scared, it seemed like forever but then dad came back in the little car and he took me out and we went to the moving house, mommy was so happy to see me and gave me lots of hugs. I even got to sit in the front seat with her and I stayed really close because I didn`t want to be forgot again! We all had a good time and lots of fun. I`ll let the other Kits tell about our trip since mom said she`d type for each of us:)



I`m NOT fat...I`m big boned!!

August 5th 2010 6:45 pm
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Lately I have been the subject of mom and dad calling me a chubby cat and they love to push and call me little sow kitty. me over because I roll all the way over with no effort and they think it`s fun to tickle my belly. I get even with them though I make sure I walk all over them at 4 AM and when they try to ignore me I start licking them MOL! they really hate that!!

Our summer has been busy so mom hasn`t been updating our diaries much. Both mom and dads 2 legged kids came for a visit so Ozzie, Lily and Tucker came too. Ozzie stayed for almost a month and had fun playing with Sterling(mom had to doggysit him while his dad was away on business) Lily and Tucker were here for just a long weekend, they both are huge so we aren`t quite as brave around them but they are OK.


DDP Again!!

June 12th 2010 4:47 am
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Wow!! Mom told me I am one of the DDP for today, that is so exciting and such an honor and the best thing is I can ask for ex tra treats MOL..But I`m not sure mommy is going to give them to me since she says I need to lose some weight but I know I can wear her down!! The house is quiet now since our dog cousin Ozzie went back to Wisconsin, that pup sure had a lot of energy he was as hyper as Saber!!

I hope everyfur has a great day


I guess I am fat!

June 7th 2010 7:42 am
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Well yesterday I was laying on the window watching the rain drops and ready to take a nap when Saber jumped up and layed next to me so I closed my eyes and started to dream about the sun coming back when all of a sudden `BOOM` We both were laying in a wet bush outside! It was cold and yucky and it scared me and Saber, I ran under the stairs where it was drier and hoped mommy would come out and save me. Cassie was pacing back and forth telling us to jump back in but I was too scared. Cassie was able to get mom`s attention and she came out and rescued us.. Then she told me I was getting too fat to lay by the screen.. How insulting!!


I`m 1 yr old

April 7th 2010 8:44 am
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My Birthday was April 1st but were really not sure what day in April it really is so we use April 1st:) and I just turned 1 year old. I`ve been laying in a sunny spot just enjoying myself. I`m glad the sun came for my day because it didn`t look like it would this morning but mom said it would be here and stay for at least a few days. I got some treats that I shared with my fur siblings and mom gave me some roast beef as a special treat. I`m glad to have a nice home and a loving family and my Birthday wish would be for all kitties to have a family and home.



They`re back!!!

March 18th 2010 11:42 am
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Yesterday the sunny spots came back and today the are still here. Mommy put the blanket in front of the door so I could lay there but of course now Saber comes over and lays there too and then Squeak comes also so it`s a good thing the blanket is big and there are lots of different spots where the sun goes. I hope they stay for awhile I really like sleeping in them because it`s so warm.


The sun spots are gone..

March 13th 2010 3:58 pm
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The past 2 days I checked all the places that the sun spots were in and I can`t find them anywhere! I don`t know why they went away so I had to go back to my original warm spot by climbing under the blanket that covers the couch but mom doesn`t like that and says I make a mess! Then I like to go in the one room and empty this little can thing out and see what kinds of stuff I can find in there but when I do dad calls me a garbage picker or silly kitty. I have been practicing leading our doggie brother Sterling around and I found that he makes a soft landing spot when I jump off the bed at night but I really don`t see why he has to growl at me when I do MOL!

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