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Pawsome gifts today from my buddy Tate

September 10th 2010 7:25 pm
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I was just chillaxing this afternoon watching momcat get ready to go to that work place. When she went outside to get the mail and there was a package for me, it even had my name on it. I couldn't believe it. I helped her open it and there inside was two kewl home made catnip pillows. One was blue with kewl cats on it and the other was pink with cuppycakes all over it. After I smelled it I kicked it around for a while. My fur sibs also have been playing with them. My momcat took some kewl pictures which she will download next week. Wait to see how kewl the pillows are. Thank you so much my friend, Tate. What a pawsome gift it is. I love them and you so much.


A wonderful day

September 7th 2010 5:53 pm
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This morning my day started off so nice. It started raining here. It was cool enough so my mommy opened up the front door. We got to watch it rain and smell the air. It is such a nice fresh smell when it rains. It rained for 2 hours, that's alot of rain for the desert. It helped cool the air and it was very nice to watch. Then of course it went away and the sun came back. It has been a lazy and restful day.


Pigeon's home it's pawty time

September 2nd 2010 3:42 pm
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I've been on a cuppycake strike since Pigeon went missing. We are going to have one big pawty with lots of cuppycakes tonight because Pigeon is home where he belongs. Those yummy cakes are baking and I can smell them now my friends. It's pawty time in Vegas. What a great day it is, Pigeon is home and I get lots of those yummy cuppycakes. Wish everyfur could join me.


Possible Pigeon sighting

August 30th 2010 2:58 pm
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My momcat talked to Pigeon's momcat a few minutes ago. Her neighbor thinks she saw Pigeon this morning in her yard. She described him and his puffy eyes. My momcat traps ferals so she explained to Pigeon's momcat how to trap a cat using the trap. Pigeon's momcat has a neighbor with one, she's going to see if she can borrow it. I told her to call a local rescue organization and borrow one. She lives in a wooded area so she may get wild animals, but it's worth a shot to get Pigeon back. Let's all continue to purr and keep our paws crossed for Pigeon, he is still out there.


Still purring for Pigeon who is still missing

August 28th 2010 7:36 am
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I am so sad for you Pigeon and your mommy. We all miss you very much and are all purring for your safe return. The angels are looking for you my friend. Wherever you are I hope you are safe. Your mommy is frantic and so worried about you. We love you Pigeon and hope you find your way home soon.


Bad mornig at the vet

August 19th 2010 10:03 am
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Today started like any other day until my momcat put Rex in the cat carrier or as I call it the kitty prison. Then she trapped Spice, Spice is so easy she just runs into the closet. I didn't go peacefully, I made my momcat chase me around her bedroom for a while. I was mad when she caught me and put me in that prison. I talked the whole time. I didn't make it easy for momcat to take me out of the prison at the vet's either. The vet examined me and stuck me with a needle. I kept thinking how I would like to stick that needle in him. I am going to hide all day and make my momcat suffer, no lovings for her. I'll show her how I feel.


Stray Cat Strut

August 11th 2010 5:17 am
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It's been so nice in the morning my mommy has been opening the door so we can look out through the screen. Yesterday she found out why we have been enjoying it so much. A stray cat has been hanging around and he/she likes to look at us. My mommy fed the stray,but she/he didn't eat. The stray is pure white and looks well fed. There is no collar on the kitty. My mommy is going to feed it again and keep an eye out for the kitty. My mommy thinks it probaly is a neigbors' cat, but doesn't know for sure. I sure hope it is a neigbhor's cat as I know my mommy will bring it in the house and it will live here. I would rather just tease it through the screen door.


My friend Duke of Earl's sister Love Muffin crossed the- bridge.

July 31st 2010 1:42 pm
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My good friend the Duke of Earl's sister Love Muffin crossed the bridge yesterday. She had been sick fur a while. The Duke and his family are real sad and could use some kind words and pawrers right now. If you have time could you drop in and say hello to Love Muffin's family? Her ID number is 396648. I'm sure they would greatly appreciate it very much. Thank you my friends.


DDP thank you

July 29th 2010 4:45 pm
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Thank you diary gal for recoginizing my talent and choosing me as DDP today, what an honor. I want to thank all of my friends for the comments, kind words and gifts.

Karma Kitty -kite
Morris, my new friend, ladybug
Tate- forever crown
Tonka- champange glasses
Tate and Tonka- balloons
Bush furs- blue rosette
Sir Sonny, Paris and Presley- Trophy
Milo- blue rosette
Tate- trophy
I hope I didn't forget anyfur, if I did please forgive my typist. I also got two friend requests and made more friends. I love friends. Thank you so much for asking.
Last, but not least, I want to thank my friend Pigeon for the wonderful special pix he made for me. I will download it later.

Thank you all so much for sharing with me this special day, I am so luck to have so many good friends. Also, my friend Karma Kitty was DDP today, we shared our day in the spotlight, if you don't know her please visit her page.

Love Bugsy


I've been tagged by Presley

July 27th 2010 12:22 pm
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1. Do you ever wake up my momcat at night?
Not on purpose, I'm a good boy. However, when she is off work and tries to sleep in, I don't let her. I lay next to her and when she stirs, I pounce on her stomach and make biscuits. I do this until she gets up and feeds us wet food. A mancat has to eat.

2. Do you ever tear things up?
No, not on purpose. I'm a good boy. I only tear up the cat furntiure. I'm a good boy, really!

3. What is your favorite treat?
Anything my momcat gives me, but my favorite thing is cupcakes.

4. Can you fetch something when asked?


5. Have you ever lived any place other than where you live now?
I was born on the streets and lived in a drainpipe with my mommy and sibs. We were rescued by my human auntie after one of my sibs got ran over by a car. She took my 2 sisfurs, but didn't want me. She gave me to my now mommy and I've lived here the rest is history.

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