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Adventures of the Jovial Orangekin

Open Windows

April 1st 2010 3:51 pm
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Last night, the mommies opened the living room window for the first time this spring. Of course, there's still a screen on the window. I was so excited!

I sat in front of the open window for many hours into the night. My head darted back and forth looking at birds, people, cars, and insects. At one point, a moth flew in through a crack. I saw it fly into the kitchen and above the oven.

I followed the moth and wanted so much to jump up on the oven. I reared up on my hind paws and stretched up. I'd look once in a while at mommy 2 who was sitting at the kitchen table and meow at him. Oh, I so wanted to go up there.

Meanwhile, mommy 2 watched the moth fly out of the kitchen and into the semi-dark living room. He pointed his finger at the moth and told me to go get it. I came up to mommy 2, knowing that he was telling me something important, maybe where the moth had gone.

I even looked where he was pointing and meowed, asking him to show me better where the moth had gone. I didn't find the moth, but I continued looking for it about two hours after I had lost it.

Later in the night, a group of wild college kids (drunk?) were on the lawn. This was fascinating!

Today, the mommies opened the window again, and I was so happy to go back to it. It is so much more exciting and stimulating after having been inside in the quiet all winter. Yes, I could see out the windows, but it’s so much more alive when there’s just a screen between me and the world outside.

Mommy 2 likes to see all the cats in the nearby apartments’ windows now that they are open also. He likes to see what kind of cats live where. It is fun to live in a place with many cats.

Sometimes, we hear the sounds of our neighbor’s cats. Once, a neighbor’s cat greeted his owners very loudly when they came home. I ran to our front door inquisitively trying to figure out what was wrong. I think he may have been hungry.

Recently, Logan went very crazy carrying around a stuffed frog toy and yowling the same way he had done with the snowman after he returned from boarding May 2009. Mommy 2 wonders if it had something to do with the sounds of neighboring cats or all the new birds coming into the area outside.

Mommy 2 took the frog away. Logan looked surprised and stopped yowling and hasn’t yowled since. Taking away the snowman worked earlier. He hadn’t yowled since the snowman was taken away.


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