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Spit Fire's Roars & Meows

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The Nip Incident...

January 2nd 2013 4:19 am
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Yesterday I walked by Mommy and she was looking at me weird. She said, What on earth is all over your fur?" I had brown powder all over me. Mommy looked all over the house trying to figure out what it was. When she went downstairs she found Klemy & Kira in a major cat nip buzz. I had broken open the cat nip cigar toy and rolled in the cat nip till I was covered in it. That toy lasted 2 years till I found it, MOL! It took Mommy furever to brush the nip out of my fur.



December 28th 2012 4:04 am
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Sophie Bean, my dog, goes outside for walks with Mommy. Yesterday when she came back inside she was covered in snowballs. Mommy was combing and picking the snowballs off of Sophie and then I would smack the snowballs around. I guess I was getting on Mommy's nerves because she kicked me out of the laundry room and shut the doors so I couldn't get back in. Geez! I am not allowed to go outside so this is the closest I get to snow and Mommy ruined it. Mommy can be no fun sometimes!


Double Trouble...

December 18th 2012 5:26 am
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How to make Mommy think she losing her mind? It is simple. You take one bad cat & one hooligan dog combine them into a naughty tag team and you get a Mommy thinking she lost her mind. Mommy got some toys & treats for her pet sitting client’s pets. She wrapped them all up and put them in a big cardboard box in her office closet. Mommy goes in & out of the closet but is always shutting the door behind her. Sophie saw some of the toys…smelled some of the treats and she wanted them, but Sophie knew she could not do it by herself, she needed the skills only a cat possess. Sophie told me what was in the magic closet. She barked this would be her only chance at getting a Christmas gift, because let’s face the truth…she is naughty hooligan and is gonna get a stocking full of fleas from Santa Paws. I felt sorry for her so I meow that I would help. We put our plan in motion. I would open the closet and Sophie would move in to retrieve the prezzies. Seemed easy enough but as soon as I would get that door open it seemed Mommy would show up. It was funny to see the look of confusion as Mommy would find the door open. She would say, “I know I closed that door.” Then the other day she came home, found the door open and the box of prezzies moved from the back of the closet to the front. Mommy just kinda of stared at the box and said, “It is official, I am losing my mind!” Everyday Sophie & I got closer and closer to getting that box out of the closet and getting those prezzies. The other day Mommy was downstairs reading a book when she heard the creaking of the closet slowly opening. I got the door open and Sophie told me to watch for Mommy and meow really loud if she comes. Sophie moved into the closet grabbed the flap of the cardboard box and pulled & pulled. The box got caught on something but she kept trying…next thing I know I hear Mommy slowly sneaking up the stairs. Funny that Mommy thinks she can be sneakier then a cat. I didn’t think so! I reacted by running full speed down the stairs past her. (I am not dumb! I don’t want to get caught and get fleas in my stocking!) I listen from behind the couch downstairs as I hear Mommy say, “What do you think you are doing?” I heard what I imagine was Sophie jumping 2 feet in the air from Mommy’s sneak attack. Mommy said, “If you are looking for your partner in crime he already took off!” Caught red pawed in the act. I hope Santa Paws wasn’t watching. In a way I think Mommy was happy it was just me & Sophie being naughty and that she wasn’t losing her mind.


fleas in your stocking...

December 10th 2012 5:36 pm
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I told the dog she is on Santa Paws Naughty List and the only thing she is getting in her stocking is fleas. MOL! I can see the worry etched on her furry brow. Sometimes I catch her staring at her stocking with a little tear in her eye. Maybe she will think twice before she chases me around the house or kicks me in the middle of the night when I am sound asleep. Never mess with the cat!


I have been tagged...

February 1st 2011 6:44 pm
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I have been tagged to play the “5 reasons my humans annoy me” game by my pal Zoe. (Hope you are feeling better)
1. I get all comfy cozy on Mommy’s lap and as soon as I fall fast asleep she moves and wakes me up.
2. Mommy always puts away my toys. I work very hard to scatter them all around the house. Sometimes it takes an entire day to put them were I want them only to have Mommy come along and put them away.
3. Mommy is always taking the dog outside and never lets me come along. I want to go outside too!
4. The dog is always getting special treats. I would like a peanut butter filled Kong too. I try to teach the dog to share but she will have none of it.
5. Mommy gets upset when I mark the dog’s bed. She is stinky and I don’t like a stinky dog.
I am going to tag…
1. Ianto who invented the boot ball game.
2. Rufus who is styling in his tranquility scarf
3. Daisy has some pawsome Valentine day pictures on her page!
4. Rachel whose Mommy is obviously spending to much time doing other things then helping Rachel update her diary, MOL!
5. Toffy who is got some very pawsome pictures as he relaxes on his cat condo.


That Dog!

January 18th 2011 4:53 am
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Dear Diary,
Mommy has trained the dog to do her bidding. Soon I will not be able to get away with anything in this house. Yesterday I was pouncing on Sweetie and okay I admit I got carried away and was playing to rough but was that any reason to sic the dog on me? I know I get in trouble a lot but every time Mommy yells my name, “SPITZ!” that dog will stop whatever it is doing to seek me out and pounce on me. That is exactly what happened yesterday.
Sometimes Mommy may just be looking for me and call out my name. I could be in a deep sleep and the next thing I know I have 25 pounds of Miniature Schnoodle in my face. That is not the only problem. Whenever that dog doesn’t want to eat her food the bowl just sits there on the floor. Yummy food wasted! *Drools* I can’t believe how rude that dog is not to eat the food Mommy slaved over just for her. I want to show Mommy I appreciate her effort and move in on the dog bowl for a little nibble, the next thing you know Mommy says, “Uh-oh!” and that dog comes running to her bowl and pushes me away. That dog has no manners at all. I would share with her…okay that is a lie, I don’t share. I am a growing boy and if I plan to one day take on Klemy Q-Tip I need to be big and strong, but that is a whole other story.
Meows & Purrs


Heater Vents....

January 11th 2011 7:50 am
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Mommy says I need to keep my big furry butt off of the heater vents. I think Mommy is just rude. If she is cold she can go to another room…oh who am I kidding, I am just gonna follow Mommy wherever she goes and lay on the heater vent in whatever room she is in. Can I help it if I am a big boned boy and the heater vents are tiny?


Meowy Catmas...

December 25th 2010 7:07 am
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My friends Norman and Betsy sent me, Klemy, Sweetie & Kira these pawsome cat rings for Christmas. Who knew dogs would know how to shop for cats! They are the best toys ever! Mommy keeps picking them up and putting them back in our toy box but Sweetie and I just run over to our toy box and drag them right back out. We love to carry them around with us and swat them all over on the wood floor. Thank you so much for the toys Norman & Betsy!
Santa paws left us a crinkle sack to play with. The inside was even sprayed with catnip and there is a fuzzy ball that hangs off of it with a string. Mommy says she likes this toy a lot better then all those paper grocery bags that were spread all over the laundry room and kitchen. Those drove Mommy crazy. We don’t quite understand the concept of those bags anyway, we never played inside of them we played on top of them, MOL!
Hope you all have a Meowy Catmas filled with family, love and ear rubs!



March 12th 2010 5:12 am
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BUGS! They are everywhere. I am a bugger and it turns out a very good bugger. Kira taught me everything I know. I love spring. Spring brings bugs.


Misssing a friend...

February 27th 2010 12:11 pm
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Today is a sad day. We are mourning the death of a dear friend. After 4 years as a member of our family, Jeffie the Fishy has passed away. Jeffie lived with a deformity but still swam as fast as any other fishy out there. Jeffie the Fishy like to nip at our kitty cat tongues as we took our daily drink from his bowl. Jeffie the Fishy never complained when we used his bowl to bathe. Nobody can ever fill his bowl. Jeffie the Fishy, you will be truly missed. Our hearts and kitchen counter is empty without you.

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