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Life On the Shady Side of the Street

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Two years my sweet Handsome Man

February 11th 2013 7:41 pm
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The years we've shared were short, yet full of joy.
The memories we've made will go on for me to enjoy.
I haven't stopped missing you since you went away,
and I've asked the Heavens why couldn't you stay.

You lit up my life, my hopes, and my dreams.
You've opened my eyes to see what it all means.
So now that you're gone how can I forget;
Because you were the sweetest of all I have met.

still sad you had to leave on 2.11.11.
always, I love you, always, my sweet Handsome Man.


My handsome man

February 11th 2012 6:13 am
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Dearest Shady,
It's 2.11.2012. Exactly one year has passed since you left. Sweet Shady ... I think about you and miss you every day. The house is very empty without you around. Yet, I know you are in a better place, and healthy once again. Sending lots of love your way, my dearest handsome man.

Love you always,


It hasn't been a great week, I am sorry to say.

February 10th 2012 4:48 am
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This has been a furry sad couple of weeks for my meowmy. Even though the Dogcat crossed the Bridge in 2009, meowmy has been missing the Dogcat something fierce. (And, yes, she misses Shady and Rocket Sprocket too.) But that story is too pitiful to tell. Meowmy is running low on tissues.

The Shade Man's first Bridge Date anniversary is coming fast, on Saturday, actually. So meowmy's been thinking about that all week, too.

To make matters sadder, on Tuesday my meowmy (along with thousands of other purrs and people) learned that our dear furiend Yolo will be crossing the Bridge sometime soon to join his momma Baci and me and my brofurs and all of Yolo's Angel Furiends. Oh, No! Say it isn't so!!! Yolo is way too young (4.5 years young) to make the Golden Journey. I hope Yolo can hang on just a little bit longer to spend precious time with his wonderful momma on earth and his brofur Guido.

Shady will be standing at the Rainbow Bridge with all the other kits to welcome Yolo when he makes his Journey. Shady wishes he could be in San Fran to help Yolo's family through this very challenging and sad time in their lives.


Happy Heavenly Birthday, my Handsome Man

July 3rd 2011 10:43 pm
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My Dearest Shady,
Thinking of you and your brofurs Rocky and Dusty on a beautiful July 4 day. Hope my three birthday boys are enjoying a fabulous birthday celebration with your Bridge Angel furiends.

With love always,


Heading Home

February 11th 2011 10:47 am
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I've been very busy in the last year, meaning I have had little time to jump onto Catster to catch up with my furiends. I am so sorry I missed playing with everyone. Lots has happened over the months since August 2010.

Recently, mom sold the big cat condo (townhouse) and we just uprooted and moved to a smaller home (one-story flat). I was apprehensive at first, but when mom packed up my food and toys and things, I was ready to say goodbye to a house filled with stairs so I could enjoy life on one level.

So, we moved to a new place that is all on one level. No steps for Olde Furt Shady! However, I didn't live in that new home for very long. I am old and have very fragile health. The move to the new place was just too much stress for my system.

My diabetes returned with a vengeance (BG is 840). Kidneys are shutting down. Cyst in liver has grown too large and surgery is not recommended for this olde guy. There were other not-so-great numbers in my lab results, and my vet was sad to learn I am failing fast.

So, I am on the move one more time ... and I am packing light! Later today, meowmy and Dr Martin (my awesome vet) will help me depart for the Bridge. Meowmy is very sad, but I am happy to rejoin my brofurs Rocket Sprocket and DustytheDogcat. Once I arrive, I am sure we three boyz will have a grand olde time!

Ok, time to squeeze in one more nap before my big send-off.

Love you all!


The Dogcat came to visit me!

August 9th 2010 10:35 pm
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Oh my catness ... my angel brofur DustytheDogcat came by our house tonight for a visit. And, he brought with him a posse of hummingbirds! Too bad mom didn't have her cell phone camera handy. She could have videotaped them! Maybe next time.

There I was, lounging on the couch by the slider and my ears heard something. I turned to look and ... I spied late this evening 8 emerald hummingbirds circling the hummingbird feeder, all at once and all jockeying for position at the 4 tiny feeder ports. I've never seen that many hummers attack the feeder simultaneously. Amazing sight. Heck, I don't think I have seen that many hummers all at once, ever!

Mom was having a not so great day, and those 8 hummers brought a huge smile to her soul. They made the Shademeister smile, too.

Thank you, Dogcat!


Oh my catness! I'm a scaredy fur!

April 4th 2010 5:30 pm
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The ground shook for 20 seconds at my house Easter Sunday afternoon. It was scarier than watching a Rocket Sprocket hiss-fit.

I am hiding behind the couch for the rest of the afternoon and evening. I don't care that mom is roasting a chicken either. I am staying put behind the couch. We've had lots of shakers this afternoon, so ya never know when the ground might shakes again.

Best to stay hidden.


Honored to be a Bud!

March 30th 2010 11:21 pm
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Hi Furiends,
Imagine my surprise this morning when mom told me I was a Bud of the Week! Oh my cat-ness. Just the spark that this bundle of fur needed.

You see, I am still missing my brofur Rocket Sprocket, who crossed the Bridge and became my newest Guardian Angel on March 5. Things around the house sure have been quiet lately. But that's OK. Mom and I are relieved that Rocky isn't suffering anymore. I knew long before mom did that Rocket was getting ready to cross the Bridge. So I have been spending the last 2.5 weeks getting to know mom a little better -- especially since Rocket started to fight his battle with brain disease right after DustytheDogcat crossed the Bridge -- meaning that Rocky required a tremendous amount of mom's time over his last 7 months.

So, I have been exploring the house more (now that I don't have to help mom care for Rocket) and finding some interesting nooks and crannies to sleep in. I find it's fun too ... I am dark and the nooks and crannies are dark and that means I am very good at hide and seek! (I hide and mom seeks -- hehehehe.) And if I do a good enough job of hiding, that means, no teeth brushing!!!

Gotta run for now. Chat with every fur soon!

To all my Catster friends who celebrate Easter -- have a happy and fun Easter Sunday!



What the heck is going on now?!

February 4th 2010 2:49 pm
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Here I was, chillaxin' on my bed, all nice and warm and dreaming of tonight's dinner (mmmmmm, tuuuuuna) ... then it happened.

It all started with me opening my eyes to see mom standing over me. I feel her gently scratch my head and neck and pet my back. She's talking sweet nothings to me and telling me how much she loves me. Then she scratches my chin, repositions me for unknown reasons, and ... what the heck?? Huh?!

Next thing I know, she's jammed a green toothbrush--covered with icky-white pet paste smeared all over the bristly end--right into the Shademeister's mouth!

Pfffftttttt! Gag! Roawrrrrrr! Pffftttttt! Spit! Gag! "Jeeze, woman. Enough already, before I choke and die! " I proclaim.

"Oh, but Shady," she sings sweetly. "This isn't going to kill you, but rotten teeth and gum problems will. We have to start brushing your teeth on a regular basis. Two to three times a week to start, then once a day. Besides, you don't want Rocky breath as you get older, do you?" (Rocky breath is a reference to the fact that Rocket Sprocket needs a Tic Tac ... badly.)

"Golly, my breath doesn't stink like Rocket's! Can't we put this off 'til the day Shady needs a Tic Tac?" I try to reason with her; but she ain't buying it.

"C'mon Shady. Good boy! Isn't this fun?" she replies.

"Fun? FUN??!! Woman, are you insane?" I retort.

"Don't get mouthy with me, Shady!" comes her reply, as I try to bite her finger and wiggle loose of her powerful grip.

"Such indignities!" I proclaim.

"There, all done! Good boy. No worse for the wear." she says. She gives me a kiss on the head and a hug around my middle, then leaves the room with toothbrush in hand.

Now, Shady is stuck with a pasty tasty in his mouthy.


Helping the Dogcat's hummers

January 18th 2010 7:08 pm
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The weather is stormy and cold here in SoCal. While Rocket Sprocket and I stay inside warm and dry, our family friends, the Dogcat's hummingbirds, must stay outdoors and fight to survive.

During a lull in our first big SoCal winter storm, mom and I took advantage of the calm and wandered outside to check the hummingbird feeders. (Gotta keep the Dogcat's feathered friends healthy and happy!)

Well, lo and behold, as mom and I stood on the front steps, imagine mom's surprise when four hummers flew right past us and bee-lined straight to the two feeders, filled with fresh sweet nectar. Those hummers hovered for a second to look us over and we were afraid they would fly away. Nope. Instead, those hungry little critters went to work refueling their little tummies.

What joy. It was our privilege to provide the littlest of feathered friends with much needed food, to stand there, to watch them eat. It was an especially heartwarming sight today, knowing that the Dogcat continues to watch over us, on this special day -- the six month anniversary of the Dogcat's journey to the Bridge.

Fly high and strong, DustytheDogcat -- greatest defender of hummers everywhere!

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