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Kitcat's Chronicle

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A Wild Time in The Cat Run!

May 5th 2011 8:31 pm
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I'll let Mom tell this story. I'm still too excited to think!

The kitties just had an exciting time. They went out in their cat run only to find about a dozen birds in there! Well, these birds panicked and could not find their way back out. There are only a few spaces large enough for them to pass and with two cats chasing them, the couldn't find their way out! I watched helplessly as the birds, one by one, found a way to squeeze out. Kitcat actually swatted two of them to the ground but then didn't know what to do next, so these birds managed to squeeze out. One got kind of stuck in the chicken wire, half out, half in. It stopped for a rest in that position. Luckily, it was too high up for the cats to reach. It eventually got all the way out and flew away. By some miracle, all the birds escaped. Mostly because Kitcat & Squirrel had never had a chance to hunt a bird before and were just as confused as they were! They didn't know which of the dozen birds to go after first! And when it was down to just the two birds, Kitcat chased them, slapped at them, and then watched them squeeze through the wire near the ground and out to freedom. I am glad all the birds survived that ordeal. It was hard to get Squirrel & Kitcat to come back in the house before dark after all that fun.



May 1st 2011 2:40 pm
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Squirrel told me that a hummingbird came to our feeder while I was sleeping. I haven't seen one before. Please come back little birdie! Squirrel and I are hoping for a summer of watching regular birds out front, and tiny hummers out back.


I'm Already 2 and Still Learning New Things

April 30th 2011 10:25 am
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Guess what is just as good as when your Mom or Dad changes the sheets on the bed?
When your Mom or your Dad puts new strings on the guitar!!! Holy cow did I ever have fun helping Mom do that. Of course I had to take breaks to watch the birdies, but I made sure Mom got those strings on there and didn't lose the old ones.


We Have Such Great Friends!

April 21st 2011 3:02 pm
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I'm having a very nice birthday thanks to all of our friends. It started with some time on Mom's lap early this morning. Then we saw that Lobo was moving around better than he was yesterday. Then we saw all the pmails and presents I got for my birthday from my friends. Later I watched birdies out the front window. And just now I was out in the cat run enjoying the fresh spring air! When I came back in I cuddled with Lobo and Squirrel gave me a kiss. Mom picked me up and carried me around the house and told me how much she loves me. Life is good. Now, if only Mom's hockey team wins tonight!


We saved Mom!

April 8th 2011 6:05 pm
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A few nights ago, Mom was boiling veggies for her supper. She used the usual pot and lid. The lid is made of glass. She was watching hockey while her supper boiled. There was a funny noise. We all heard it. She was almost ready to ignore it until she saw me and Squirrel run into the kitchen with fluffy tails. She followed us and looked to see what we were looking at. We both stared at the pot on the stove. She went to it and looked closely. She saw tiny bits of glass on the stove top. She looked at the lid and saw that a tiny corner of it had exploded and sent little bits of glass in all directions. Because of us, she knew to strain her veggies to get out the larger shards of glass. And then she ate her veggies very carefully and spit out the bits of glass that were left over. Mom says that had we not "told" her what had happened, she might very well have eaten her veggies without knowing what had happened and cut up her mouth real bad. So she calls us her little heroes! Mom is really good at paying attention to our body language. She knows kitties and pups have way better senses than most humans.


Notice the update on my weight?

March 27th 2011 9:36 am
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Oh my cat. We don't know if this is good or bad. It seems that I have surpassed Squirrel in poundage. Mom hadn't weighed us in a long while. About 6 months. Last time Squirrel was 11.2 pounds and I was 8.0 pounds. Well, now Squirrel is 9.8 pounds and I am 10.2 pounds. I think I overheard Mom saying something about trying to cut me back? What does that mean?
A puzzled and chubby Kitcat.


My Birthday Present to Squirrel ...

March 16th 2011 5:15 pm
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I waited until Squirrel was in a deep sleep in the sun on the easy chair in the living room. Then I snuck on there with her and am cuddling with her right now. Mom just came out of a hot bath and saw us and smiled. She was going to let Lobo in the house for his supper but will let us cuddle in peace for a while longer. But, she said, she wants her chair back in a few hours for the Vancouver Canuck's hockey game.


Mom Thought She Was Being Funny

February 23rd 2011 10:26 am
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I was minding my own business, sunning myself on Lobo's bed, while Mom did some sewing. I stayed out of the way! Honest I did. Well, she is so short and fat that she has to cut inches off the legs of her jeans and threw those fabric scraps at me for me to play with, I guess. Later, I actually did start playing with those things. She got out the camera and took video of me. But, she thought that wasn't exciting enough so she put one of them around my neck! That was fun for a few times until I put one front leg through it and got a bit tied up. I went for a run, still cute, Mom thought. I got both front legs through and it was just hanging loose around my middle. She was laughing and laughing! I walked over to our water bowl, with that stupid thing still hanging on me, and tipped it over! A whole bunch of water, all over the floor. I thought that would miff her, but oh no, she kept on laughing and said, "I got that on video!" So, I guess there might be another Youtube video coming in the near future. But she still had to get out some rags and mop up the floor. I got the last laugh. Squirrel woke up and came to see what was going on. We had a mini scrap and now we are watching our birdies.
Here is the link to the Youtube video:


My Tag List!

January 31st 2011 12:21 pm
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The top 5 things that Mom does that annoy me ...

5. Won't sit still long enough when I'm using her lap as a cushion.

4. STILL hasn't bought batteries for my laser toy. She complains that watch batteries are super expensive and it takes three of them. Aren't I worth it?

3. Tries to keep me out of open drawers and cupboards.

2. Won't let me sneak out the front door and join Squirrel on her leash walk. Only I want to go out without a harness.

1. I like sleeping on Lobo's mat, of course, right in the middle. When he comes to use his bed and sees me there, he goes crying to Mom. Mom comes over and picks me up so Lobo can have his bed back. What a big baby. Mom grumbles something about how I have dozens of nice places to sleep, why take Lobo's bed! Because, it is there, I say.

There it is! Notice that I don't complain about food like most kitties do. I'm not much of an eater so far.
Feel free everyone to make your own list too. It is fun! I actually had a hard time thinking of things that Mom does to annoy me.
Oh yeah, I was tagged by beautiful Samsara among other kitties.


I had to help with the laundry ...

January 22nd 2011 4:03 pm
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Mom says I wasn't doing it right because I was chewing on her $20 socks, and earlier in the day, I was trying to pull buttons off of her shirt. But I say, why should I have to do the laundry when I don't even wear clothes??? I think that if she doesn't like the way I am doing it, she should do it herself.
Laundry Day

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