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Cats Whiskers

February 28th 2013 8:04 am
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When Girl Human was about 4 years old she cut all our cats whiskers off with a pair of kids scissors. Her father taught her a lesson that day and this was it.

Cat whiskers are like thick extra sensitive hairs. They help the cat balance and feel air and objects that help the cat navigate.

Cat's whiskers are very sensitive and can even feel light breezes in your house. The whiskers will move slightly when air or an object hit it and send a signal to the brain telling the cat that there is an object or current. Cats use their whiskers to help see in the dark by feeling air currents and objects around them. Cats also use their whiskers to judge if they can fit through a small opening or hole.

If a cat should lose its whiskers somehow then the cat will be confused and off balance and may run into objects. Cats have whiskers not only next to their nose but above their eyebrows as well.

Though whiskers are mostly found in the cat family other animals have whiskers as well such as squirrels, mice, seals and a few other animals.


Open for discussion

February 26th 2013 4:25 pm
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What do you think???

I read a statement from a book by a farmer who's farm, I visited Sat..
It stated, "Animals have no souls".

I believe a farmer must think that way, in order to be a farmer and he does not wined up with an animal Sanctuary.

I want to know where is a line drawn to say animals, have no souls.

Just look deep into any animals eyes and believe there is emptiness inside. They breath, love, have fun, cry, hurt, grieve, feel pain, care and protect their young, and live here on earth just as Humans do.

Do you think this is or, is not a justified statement????
I would love to have some input on this subject!!!

Let's have a little to ponder tonight.


Thank you everyone for being so, Catster wonderful

February 21st 2013 8:58 pm
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We are all tired here. Needed to drop in and pay a short visit and leave a message from me.
I just wanted you to know that, Blue left for the Bridge at 5:00 p.m. today. The vet said it was his time. His FIV+ would never allow his skin to heal. He also had another spot on his neck. The Cancer was spreading.
Forgive us for not staying here long tonight. Girl Human said, I can spend more time tomorrow night sending messages and thank you's.
We now hope that all our guys will healthy and happy for a long time to come. We knew that Blue would be traveling bu,t it was just the question of when.
He looked so peaceful when we placed him next to Ickie II this evening. Girl Human was glad to see him finally happy and out of pain. We love him and will miss him but know it was his time to leave us.
Thank you again for being here for us. Good night for now.


Blue will be flying to the Bridge tomorrow

February 20th 2013 9:54 pm
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Thank you everyone for your kind words. Blue is going to be a very gentle sweet addition to the Bridge. I'm glad that he will be greeted by many Catster Angels.
I know he will be so happy to be home with Ickie II. Blue was concerned my Step Dad. He took very good care of Amber, Pooh Bear and I when we were babies. He was our Guardian when we were feral.
He played with us and stayed with us when our mommy, Ickie II would go out for a few hours. He loved all of us. He washed us and slept with us. We were at the age of wanting to adventure out on our own. He was the only father we ever knew.
He never gave us AIDS even though he got very sick and was found to be positive shortly after we were captured. We three were fostered until the new Junction was ready for us to move to.
The Humans are taking Blue tomorrow for his journey. They were going to wait another week but feel his journey to the Bridge needs to be Thursday. We will shed tears but know we have been so very lucky to have been able to give him a long life. Thank you everyone for being here for us..


Another Angel in training is getting ready to leave for the- Bridge soon

February 19th 2013 8:42 pm
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Girl Human told Male Human today that we need to make reservations for Blue at the Bridge. He will be going very soon.
He has Cancer of the ear and is FIV+. Since he is 20years old we decided not to have him go through having his ear removed. The rest-- Chemo is impossible to even think of having him go through. We are planning on helping him go to the bridge very soon.
We don't consider it a sad occasion as he has been wanting to join his LOVE Ickie II since she left a year and a half ago. I know they will both be so happy to be together.
He is such a sweet gentle boy and we do not want him to go through the pain that will be in his near future. He is showing signs of the ear bothering him and the area is raw and never completely healing. Each time it gets bigger and worse.
He has had a long wonderful life and we are so happy to have had him with us so very long.


Happy Valentines Day Catsters

February 13th 2013 6:24 pm
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We here at the Junction want to wish all our fur friends to have a super nice Valentines Day. Make sure to give a few extra nudges to your Humans for us. I was going to make a decorated photo for you guys but the photo editor was broke. Has fleas too!!! We need one giant flea bomb. We are sorry we are not able to receive e-mails telling us we have received comments, gifts or pawmails. We tried to change e-mails. Please have a lot of fun and no chewing on the flowers your Human may receive. Maybe they will get a big bunch of catnip instead.


Nothing but long boring days.

February 6th 2013 2:15 pm
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How wonderful our days have been this winter. We have not had any shoveling to do. Sure hope it keeps up the good work. We know we have another 2 months to go. No matter what that stupid ground hog says, it's still winter. I bet he's back sleeping in his hole sleeping, without a care in the world. What kind of life is that any why???? Sleeping the whole winter away and not watching the Birdies and the Squirrels enjoying the cold outdoors. Me. I'm glad I was born a kitty. I sit here in the sunshine and enjoy the purrrty days while he sleeps his life away. Yes, glad I'm a cat.


What a beautiful warm day for Peaches to enjoy his first day- at the Bridge.

January 12th 2013 1:31 pm
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Girl Human was hoping that Peaches would get to enjoy this weekend of unusual warm weather and sunny days that were predicted for this weekend. Yes, he is getting to enjoy them watching from Rainbow Bridge. May he be laying in a nice warm ray of sunshine enjoying his first day at the Bridge. We want to thank all your Humans for the wonderful thoughts and tributes that you have given for our new angel Peaches. He will be missed but know that he is much happier with all he new found friends. Thank you Furs and Humans.


Sad news at the Junction

January 9th 2013 9:19 am
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Same as posted in Peaches diary:

The news is real bad for our Peaches. He will have to leave for Rainbow Bridge soon. The mass is huge and the worst kind of cancer. Treatments are only masking the inevitable. Chances of re occurrences is high and the treatment option is giving little chance of success.. I'm glad I had the testing done so now I know there is no reasonable options left. That gives me comfort in knowing I have done the right thing for him. His Vet called as soon as he heard. He wanted me to know he is here for us for anything we need. Thank you all for your support and help during these last several months. You have helped us so very very much.


Peaches return

January 5th 2013 6:02 pm
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Last night Peaches returned to the Junction from the specialist. Girl Human had a new cage to assemble so we all had a place to sleep. She and Male Human assembled the cage. Peaches was sleeping off the anesthesia in his carrier. Once they finished the cage assembly, Girl Human place the carrier in the cage removed the carrier door while Peaches kept on sleeping. Leaving a the light on at 1:30 the Humans went to bed. At 2:30 I(Annie) went to the door and scratched and yelled because something was wrong. Girl Human knew I didn't do that so, came to my aid.
Poor Peaches had wet his nice new comfy bed in his carrier and himself. He was not sure where he was. He growled, hissed and was mad. Girl Human got a sheet and covered all but the front of the cage and Brushed and cleaned Peaches as best she could. She then returned to bed.
At 6 a.m. Meshia was crying. Not normal for Meshia's. Her cage was a total mess. Meshia was laying in her clumping litter with little clumps all over her. She had gotten her back foot in the water dish. Got in the box and the rest is a very messy, history.
Girl Human had to soak Meshia's back feet. She had a big ball of hard clean litter between her toes. Meshia cried and begged not to be placed in the water. Girl human managed to get the litter off. Then she dried her feet.
She proceeded to comb and strip out the clumps of litter in her hair and on her ears. The cage was a total disaster. Meshia cleaned her wet toes Girl Human got her cage cleaned. Girl Human did not get to return to bed.
While looking through her receipt from the day she noticed that there had been an overcharge on the cage. She called the salesmen he remembered giving her the price. The sale tag was expired and never removed. So now she had to go to town to receive her refund. With another long day she is ready for bed once more.
Biopsies were taken through a scope from both entry back of the mouth and thru is nose.
The results will not be back until the end of the week. So now it is a sit and wait. Peaches will be spending his nights in his new cage much to his objection. I keep telling him he will just have to relax and enjoy his new digs.
Buddie his Guardian Angel at Rainbow Bridge said he was going to come stay with Peaches until the results come back. Peaches is so very happy to know he going to have Buddie Angel with him. He said it will make his time in the cage seem less of an ordeal.
Thanks for everyone's support, thoughts and prayers. please continue with them all thank you friends.

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