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Our Tribute !!!!

August 26th 2013 7:21 am
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Yes Yes Yes it sure have been a while since my Human has been writing an entry. We do love you guys and we think of you often but the summer just seems to be slipping away.

We must give a tribute to our dear Catster furrrend Homer.

I'm so very sorry for the loss of the blind kitty super star. He went to the bridge Wed. 21, 2013 . Homer sure left a wonderful legacy, thanks to you Gwen Cooper. Giving insight of the life of a blind cat is helping many special need kitties. You gave a perspective to so many and has opened doors to those who would have been passed over. So very sorry his time had to come so soon. They are such a wonderful joy to every life they touch. You were so fortunate to have been chosen to be his eyes. God bless you Gwen and family. From all of use here at Calico Junction Sanctuary, Virginia Cat Search and your very dear fur friend Annie Spokescat and all the Humans, we will miss your smiling face. We are so glad your story will live on in your books to inspire so many more.


Scarlet's 18th Birthday tribute

July 21st 2013 1:54 pm
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A little over two years ago our fur sister Scarlet left for the Bridge. Today would have been her 18th Birthday. We all remember her crazy little smile and all those she made laugh while she was here with us at Calico Junction Sanctuary.
We give one huge Birthday wave to our little clown. We know the Bridge is so much better off with her presents. The parties will be many and with good reason. There was never a Human or a fur who ever met our funny girl and did not like her. So Rainbow Bridge, I'm sure your having a super fantastic day with our little beautiful clown Sweet Scarlet.
Happy Birthday sweetheart, Happy Birthday.


Sophia update:

July 19th 2013 7:09 am
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Sophia in quarantine here at the Junction. No charges to pay. All they do is check back in 10 days. But in the mean time she can't receive pets or love from the visitors or suppose to be in contact with other animals. I can love on her. Since she has her shots they allow it. If she had no shots that would be another story. If she ever bites again, They destroy her but, not without a fight from us and a lawyer. THIS IS HY YOU NEED TO KEEP THOSE RABIES SHOTS UP TO DATE. You never know how your cat will express itself. If your kitty bites the vet when she's hurting and he seek medical attention, your pet is labeled for life. If a Human bit the Dr. it would be written off as extreme pain and they would not be quarantined for possible rabies . That's sad as it's not an attack, it's a defense. I have dealt with cats all my life, all kinds. We have never had to do this. If she had bit me instead it would be OK. We are a high risk state for rabies so that's how the laws have been written, without thought, just written.


Not Sophia's week

July 18th 2013 7:31 pm
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What a week we had. Sophia went to the vet because she had been having potty issues. She received flying color blood work. A clean scan and a check with a scope and nothing bad was found.
On the first visit the Vet did not want to put her under anesthetic because of her heart condition. So the poor dear had to endure the Vet trying to remove a very large hard poo from her bottom. Sorry for the detail but, we are cat people and I have to tell you so you understand the rest of the story.
I was holding Sophia. She was hissing and in real pain. Now at this point, I wondered how this was going to be a better approach then putting her under. In the process Sophia bit the Vet real hard in the finger showing him her total objection to this procedure.
The bit was bad and the poor guy's face turned red as a beet. No bad words but, he did need to leave the room. When he returned he was bleeding pretty bad. I got to see just a flash of the wound. It looked deep. Knowing the real power a cat's jaws, I knew he was in pain. His finger turned purple. I mean real purple.
This Happened last Friday. He was having a real problem with the finger so he went to the Emergency Clinic. He explained he was a vet. He had to give them my name, phone, cat's name the whole deal. They of course reported it to the Health Department. The health department call the vets office to check on her shot history. They of course told them we keep all our guys up to date and we are there a lot.
Now, Sophia is a total indoor cat. Never been out in her life. The Vet has his Rabies inoculations up to date. Sophia had all her shots up to date.
All the vet wanted was some antibiotics from the clinic..
Today, almost a week later, I receive a call from the Health Dept.. The report was turned in buy the emergency clinic a week later. .
The man on the phone did not have a clue that this was a vet who had his finger bit by his patient.
I told the man the vet had his finger up Sophia's bum. She had had enough. He said, he would have done the same thing himself. But since it was reported he had to go through the whole process.
Now, our sweet Sophia is in a 10 day quarantine. What really bites (pardon the pun) is it has already been 7 days since the bite happened. The worst part of the whole ordeal ??? When the vet went to the clinic the Dr. asked him if he put the cat down for biting him. Now, come on. Why was that even said??? Since when is it cat suppose to be destroyed because she objected??? What a heartless comment.
Sophia is the easiest, gentle gal we have. She would hurt a fly. After 3 visits we are $600 broker. The Vet, I'm sure is broker too. We now have a kitty who would not hurt a fly in quarantine. Quarantined week longer then needed since the clinic waited a full week. The good part of this story??? The vet said while Sophia was under, her heartbeat was 100% purrfect.


Welcome a new Catster

June 25th 2013 9:35 am
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We have 2 new Catsters from Down Under who need a good Catster welcome. Stop in and visit Tommy and Laura from Sydney Warm Sittingroom, Nsw, Australia


Why are humans so dumb???

June 13th 2013 3:10 pm
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Our weather has been favorable until last night. It turned into one of those humid nights. We had threat of storms and the windows could not be left open. No more welcoming all that nice fresh, cool night time air. Male human placed the window unit A.C., in the bedroom. Girl Human slept to well. She woke up and hour and half after her normal time.
She missed the hot coffee. The coffee pot had already turned off. She foamed up her milk and placed the luke warm coffee into the cup. Not bad. To lazy to heat it don't have time.

Then before she knew it, it was time to do all the chores. She was hungry. No normal bacon and egg breakfast today. She decided to make up a greek yogurt mix. she used pecans, raisins, honey,cinnamon, nutmag and ginger. She made a cup of hot green tea and proceeded to eat her yogurt.

She took a few bites before she realized the yogurt didn't taste right. It was fine yesterday. It smelled fine today. It's not that old. She kept on eating it.
"I bet it was that spoonful of sunflower butter I had before the yogurt" she thought. "Wow, I learned one thing you never eat sunflower butter with greek yogurt". She continued on with the meal. Every taste was strange.
Almost to the end of the bowl she noticed a garlic "Garlic OMG, not Ginger?? "Well it won't kill me, it's good for the stomach", she thought again to herself..
She returned to the kitchen and had a little milk to get rid of the garlic taste. She had read once that, milk takes away the odor. Surprise, it worked. The taste was gone.
She then picked up her tea with the tea bags still in it. She opened the refrigerator door and started to place her hot tea in the refrigerator. "Dumbbell", she said and took the tea bags out of the cup and threw them in the trash. She shut the frig door and returned to her chair..
That was a Human's fog morning. I'm sure glad we kitties have a mind sharp as a tac at all times.


Rain on the parade

June 2nd 2013 7:05 am
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Note from Girl Human
Two Gray clouds. One with rain and the other???
Today was our yard sale. It was hot but pleasant in the shade. I had to play musical chairs for the 6 hours of the sale, to keep the sun from shining directly in the eyes.. I wore my sunscreen but did get some much needed color on my pail skin.
We did not have many at the sale and only made $42.00 for the Junction. Plus one and only donation came from a little boy who donated, $1.85 of his own money to the cat donation jar. My week was full of cleaning closets, drawers, taking 3 trips 16 miles to deliver the stuff for the sale. Others did the same to help the guys also. A lot of hours and running on 4 hours sleep we started set up at 6 a.m..
After the sale we loaded up and took some things to a truck heading for Oklahoma. Then 2 more car loads to the Goodwill waited in line 20 minutes to deliver.
We had 2 clouds over the sale. One was filled with a short lived downpour and the other with a women deciding she didn't need to pay for products. She stuck little things in her pocket and changed a $3.00 label to a 10 cent label. Now with 75% of our stuff priced under a $1.00 it, blows my mind.
WHY??? I was for a cause, for cry'in out loud. What is wrong with people??? That to me, had to be the lowest of lows. To steal from the cats.
We needed $400.. We knew we would never get it all but, did hope for a lot more then $42. We almost have enough for one cat to see the Vet. Well I guess I can look at it as we are getting a little closer.
I'm tired and disappointed. Why do dishonest Humans who have to ruin a day and cheat the kitties out of their needs??? Thanks for listening to my frustrations


What everyone needs to do!!!

May 18th 2013 10:20 am
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What is on a person's mind when they go to adopt a cat?? Many already have in mind what they want. When they go to look for a new friend the concern is more for the color,age, sex, and adoption cost.
What do they not look for??? The place they are getting the cat from.
Some say," well the place was so awful, I felt like the poor thing needed to be saved from the conditions".
Is this right thinking???
If the place is so bad you think you need to help by purchasing a cat from it??? What are you really doing???
Your supporting the place and allowing more poor kitties to be brought there to stay in those awful conditions!!!
It is so sad how many shelters and pet stores there are in this country who have no clue how to care for a cat. They are in small cages, nothing to hide in or play on, dirty litter boxes on and on. First hint when you walk in a door, if it smells walk out before your hooked on something you know you can't handle.
Why do they bother to keep on exposing animals to the conditions???
It's because of those with a weak/soft hearts who just can't stand to see kitties in bad conditions and having sad looks- .. You don't have to be a hoarder to have a weak heart. You don't have to adopt to help.
The best way to attack this problem is word of mouth. Report the conditions and tell everyone you know about what you saw. There is no reason that every cat for adoption is not given top grade care before they get a forever home.
Shelters are important. Good, clean, well lite places should be for every kitty out there. Over crowding cages is a bad sign.
No excuse should be accepted like, Oh, it's kitten season, we needed to crowd them in.
A limit needs to be drawn. When the inn is full, it's full. Every place needs to know their handling capacity and stick to it. Kitten season is like a flood and they just keep coming. So advocate getting kitties fixed before they become parents.
Soiled, smelly, damp, cold places need to be shut down. I'm not saying don't get that kitty you fell in love with but, make it known that the conditions need to be greatly improved. If not you will report them within a few weeks. If it's a public run shelter, go to a council meeting and express your concerns.
Also remember those conditions can bring a lot of issues along with the adoption. Be prepared to have to spend money for Vet fees to get that kitty into good health. Be very careful when you have other cats not to introduce illness or parasites to those you already have. Take the new kitty directly to a vet and have blood work done to make sure your not going to take home more then you bargained for.
But your best bet is if you know it's a problem place, let the people in charge know it. It's you, who can make the change. Can't do it face to face??? Write to them. Tell them what you saw and your concerns. It's up to them to correct them. If they don't, take the next step. It's for the kitties good.


I need your input please.

May 14th 2013 5:43 pm
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I have a question. Give me your thoughts.
I have a page for lost, found and adoptable cats in Virginia plus announcements from shelters and vets about specials, adoption days, and cat news. I want to rename it.
I need some ideas. Something simple, easy to remember and with the word Virginia in it.
I need to have some ideas to run with. I have a few thoughts but many kitty heads are much better then one.


What did you do???

May 14th 2013 6:18 am
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Mothers Day can be very Special for all those mothers and Human Mothers. Our Girl Human got to have a special day with Daughter Human. We had a good meal and went for a long ride to go shopping in a town we don't get to to often. We didn't buy much but we had fun just spending time together.

So my question is to you kitties.

Was there something you did very special for your Mommy Human
this Mothers Day???

We gave our Girl Human a big hanging basket of flowers for her to enjoy this summer. She put them on a hangy thing so we can't eat them. We sure didn't see that coming!!!! We all had our own idea of how her gifty would be so much fun for all of us. Well it's her gifty so guess we will have to look for some other things to get into.
Hope your Mothers Day was special. Girl Human and I thank you all for all the pretty flowers, cards, messages and gifts for Mothers Day you left for us to enjoy.

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