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"Meowy Christmas to all"

Home:Virginia (Shenandoah Valley), VA  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 12 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 8 lbs.

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Winkie, Winkie !!!!

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"Winkie, Winkie !!!!"


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"I'm still here Catsters"

Flat Cat-ing Practice

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"Flat Cat-ing Practice"

Hope we meet again soon

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"Hope we meet again soon"

My Girl Human right, Rex's Mommy Left,   Raja's Mommy taking the picture in Las Vegas OCT. 2010.

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"My Girl Human right, Rex's Mommy Left, Raja's Mommy taking the picture in Las Vegas OCT. 2010."

Annie Spokescat of Calico Junction Sanctuary follow either one on Facebook

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"Annie Spokescat of Calico Junction Sanctuary follow either one on Facebook"

Yes My Humans have been neglecting me and you

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"Yes My Humans have been neglecting me and you"

Catster Humans and flat cats enjoying lunch in Las Vegas July 2011

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"Catster Humans and flat cats enjoying lunch in Las Vegas July 2011"

My Humans

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"My Humans"

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Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-part feral-cat rescue

May 6th 2002


Covers, Rugs to get under, and Sun rays to bask in, telling on the others

When Mommy sits in her chair with the computer I can't sit with her.

Favorite Toy:
A large red nylon cube I can play in. It's filled with tissue paper. FUN

Favorite Nap Spot:
Mommy chair or back of couch

Favorite Food:
Blue Buffalo

Rubs behind her ear,with her left paw when she wants love, pet me now


Arrival Story:
A not so pretty, stray, pregnant cat, adopted a handsome young all white, blue eyed male cat, named BLUE. They were the best of friends. He let her sleep in his nice home, on the deck. It was late March, the nights were cold. Basking in the sun, all day in the backyard. Laying in his arms, happy and carefree. Then on May 5th the mother to be(Icky II), went into the warm house and Blue slept in the cold all night keeping watch. The next morning (May 6th)there were three small kittens. One all white, one orange and me (ANNIE). I grew up, being moved from place to place. My mom decided to keep us under a trailer across the street. Mom left us each day to eat.She always keep us warm and safe. The food stopped and Mom had to leave often to check the dish. The dish was gone. Mom packed us up and moved us back to our house on the deck. The dish returned, we were home. We played with Blue in the back yard, we had so much fun. Then we got bigger and Mom moved us again.We now lived under the house by the deck. It was hot on the deck, so nice and cool under the house. We were told to stay away from strangers. Only go out with Mom. We became afraid of everything that moved. Blue would stay with us all day and night, he loved to play with us. In the morning we would go out to eat,lay in the sun, and play. One day something different was there, a big silver wire trap with toys hanging in it and food. We played and ate and didn't notice the string going thru the window of the house. We were all having fun inside the cage when the door shut. A strange man came. Then we were riding in a big box Humans call, a van. Blue and Mommy were not with us in the van. We were so scared. We were taken to this big place. We were all washed and dried with a big noisy thing, that blew warm air on us. We all were sprayed with stinky stuff, given shot and forced to drink uckyyyyy worm medicine. We were placed in a glass room together. My white brother was now a very handsome Siamese with blue eyes . My brother sat in the hooded litter pan all day and all night. Humans would come and go. I would sit on this big cat post and watch every human that came by. I loved to talk to them, they are odd. One human would come in with us several times a day and hold us talk to us. I liked that. My sister (orange kitty) would follow what I would do. She liked the attention too. Purrrrrrr. The nice human lady came in one day. She placed us in a big box with a loud metal door. We were taken to the a Human called, Vet. Were were poked, blood was taken and given more uck stuff. We waited for the test results. The human lady took us to a strange place, with soft floor and a couch, a real big post and a big window, but still no Mommy. We were then left alone to explore our space. My brother hid in the new litter box. All night strange cats would sniff under the closed door. We would try to see them under the door and they hiss at us. The nice Girl Human would come in and sit with us. She smiled at us gave us uckyyyyy kisses and hugs. She told us we would be OK and she would lay on the floor with us. The next day the door opened. We could see so many more rooms to explore. We met another human, a Man. The human man picked us up, one by one. He hugged us and kissed us (uck). He said,"Welcome Home". We played and were put back in our room. We were so tired. The next day we got to meet some big cats. They didn't want us to eat their food,"Hiss Hiss get away,they said . My Siamese brother hid all day in a great big litter box in the other end of our new home. We did the same thing for several days and the hissing stopped and we could eat the food. My brother was still in the litter box. The humans said we could call them Mommy and Daddy. We decided to call them Girl Human and Male Human. They said OK but, we have to name you also. The humans gave us all names. Pooh for being in the litter box most of his life. /Amber as she is that color all over including her eyes /and me ANNIE well because I so cute, of course.. We now are HOME at Calico Junction Sanctuary and we are all together. Our Mommy(now at Rainbow Bridge) and Blue came to the Junction later an joined us. But we never could be with them again as somehow Blue contracted Aids and we never did. Mommy Ickie II decided to stay with Blue. So we are all are loved and cared for here at the Junction.


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8 of 9

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I am the Spokescat

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June 20th 2009 More than 5 years!

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Why am I suprised??

December 30th 2014 8:34 am
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I have not been here for several months and was amazed that I could see the photos and read diaries. I tried to make a comment of a diary and I found the flaw. Can't comment. Was told that Catster needed a flea bath. Why are they telling me that?? I knew a year ago they needed a deep cleansing. Well any why, know no one can answer me but just wanted to wish everyone a fantastic holiday and a enriched 2015.
I know I'm asking a lot but, hope that the problems that has afflicted our nation be solved in a manner with dignity and prayers together. To many seem to have strayed from family values and living an honest life. It's such a shame that a few have to cause so much division and undo all that has been accomplished over the years I have been on this earth.
Lets all work together for a better year. From All of us at Calico Junction Happy New Year.


Hello Hello

August 13th 2014 10:57 pm
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Well we came here today to find we are no long given the Catster Plus privilege. We know several were given a free pass for a year but we were not given the same kindness. So sorry guys but our gifts will run out one day. I tried to give them away but it never would give them to whom I wanted them to go to. I tried 4 different times over the last few months and just gave up.

So now I'm just a common-er and no longer a Catster member. I can only have 20 photos and found I would have to chuck over 100 photos I have already placed in order to change one photo unless I have Catster Plus. Oh well I'm still my beautiful self and as always, busy with making biscuits on Girl Humans tummy. I do run an active page on Facebook with up to date photos of our Calico Junction happenings and of course have my kitty fun sharing with other cat lovers and Humans..

I miss all you guys and all the fun we use to have through the years. I have been on here for 7 years and 5, I was an active Catster member as The Calico Junction Spokescat. We have stuck thru thick and thin. I have seen a lot of kitties who have left for the Bridge and was able to have so many angel friends here that I have not been able to have in other places. Yes a few angels still stop in on Facebook and for that I am very thankful. I have met so many wonderful Humans here also from every corner of the earth and it has been so enjoyable.

I hope that Catster will build and be active once again. It will never be the same as you can't ever go back to the past and have it be in the future. A new beginning with new kitties to meet and get to know is all we can hope for.

Two years ago I was in Las Vegas at the Catster convention and what a wonderful time the flatcats had. I met some lifelong friends that day. I know they are some very special Humans. I only wish more could have shared in that experience.
I have shared things with some that has never been shared with another human and I'm sure we all had close fur friends who you did the same.

We cried together and laughed together, helped each other when hearts were heavy and when there were extreme times of joy. We have welcomed new kitties and give our advise to those who asked. We helped each other with personal issues and with health problems. We were true friends. When things went wrong many stepped forward and gave their all to help. That we are so very thankful. Some went to far and left the fold and those who remained carried on the Catster ways. No matter what there is something special once you have been a Catster you will always be a Catster in your heart. Love you guys. Nudges and Winkie Winkie!!
Oh bug in the light, got to go!!!


BIG Thank you Nudges to all

May 13th 2014 6:19 am
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I was able to get to my page with no problem today and found all the wonderful Birthday wishes we had received from all our fur friends. I do want you to know we were so happy to have all the wonderful messages. I feel bad as have not been able to celebrate with you guys for several reasons. First we either could not get on here because Girl Human is so very busy or Catster was out for a flea bath.

I do want everyone to know we miss you guys and will return once Girl Human gets all the moving project finished. Girl Human said she saw the light at the end of the first tunnel, a few days ago.

She had a very busy week getting ready for a huge yard sale. It was a wonderful success. Only had one shop lifter. She took a purse that was for sale for a $1. Then we had one get mad because she asked Girl Human to hold a folding table for her while she looked. Daughter Human did not knowthen sold it to someone else. The women's kid broke a little quartz turtle and she threw it on the table and left. She almost ran another person over with her madness and received a few very harsh words in her mad exit from that person.

We sold things I thought we would never get rid of. The welcome mat, small rugs, trash cans with trash in them, a card table that Girl Human had brought to use for the sale. The 4 folding chairs where there and she told the boy helping to bring them out and sell them too since she no longer had the table. MOL.

Yesterday a church store arrived with a big trailer and in two loads completely cleaned out every last item in the house. Every stick of furniture, storage shelf and tidbit are gone. The preacher and 3 girls did all the work and Girl Human only had to hold the door when needed. The first time since this started that Girl Human did not have to do the heavy work.

After that she cleaned the basement floor and vacuumed the upstairs and got it ready for people to see. The sale of the house has begun. The Real Estate agent stopped in to see the place and was amazed how much bigger it looked with all the stuff gone. He said it will show real well. She may still needs to paint and is considering hiring some help. We do not know how much we will have to do but updating is needed everywhere. The bathrooms are the nightmare.

Grandma Human got wallpaper happy in her earlier years and what a site it is now. We hope that a young fixer upper may come along and want to put their own stamp on the place, (praying for that very loudly right now) the Real Estate agent is young and eager so hope that will be a plus for us. So all we can do is hope. The painting of the hall will be finished soon and Girl Human was glad she did not have it painted before this weekend was over.

Work has given Girl Human a few unexpected extra days before returning. She was to go back Tues. but now is not scheduled until Friday. Sure that time will be spent fixing up Grandma Humans new place and hanging many many pictures.

Last night Girl Human took Meshia to Grandma Human's new Apartment. Meshia made herself right at home. Hopped up on the bed and took a nap after exploring the place. She wanted to get on the counters and climb the kitchen cabinets but Grandma Human has breakables there. Grandma Human does not like counter kitties. Girl Human told her that's why God helped us to invent Clorox Wipes.

Well must run need to take Grandma Human to the Dr. and grocery shopping today and sure she will have a few more places she will want to visit.

Thanks everyone so much once again for the wonderful gifts.

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