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I Gots in BIG TROUBLE!!!

October 15th 2009 11:51 am
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Ok, so in my defense, the story I'm about to relay could not have occurred without the assistance of my brofurs and sisfurs!!!!

Last night my doggy sister Lily had an upset tummy and mom was sitting on the floor petting her. She leaned down to listen to Lily's tummy to see if it was gurgling and something under the chaise lounge. "OMG there is a cat under there!!" Mom said. At first Dad wasn't concerned because he thought one of us was merely sitting underneath it. Then mom explained to him that some kitty tore the lining under the chair and had actually crawled up INSIDE it!!!

So mom figured it was one of the other "bad" kitties. Dad tried to tip the chair but whoever was in there wouldn't come out. Next they tried the old standby - shaking the bag of kitty treats. Like magic, Harry, Coco and Pixie came running. But where was I? Yup, it was ME inside the chair :O I was trying to get out but it took me a little bit to wiggle my way out. (Sure was easier getting in there!) Mom gasped, "Julius??!!!"

Oh boy, was she mad! How was I to know she just finished the payments on that furniture?? Dad got the staple gun and they reattached the liner. The other cats kept running around by them trying to help with this task, but I took off to the basement till mom cooled down. Hey, I wasn't the one who pulled the liner down, I just took advantage of the situation!! Sheesh! Guess I'll be good today and look extra cute :)


Join My New Group!

October 20th 2009 10:59 am
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I'm sooooo excited! My good friends Napoleon & Colorado asked me to be an admin of Catstertown with them!!!!

MEOW WOW WOW!!! I am psyched - can ya tell? I mean, with how talkative I am, you would think mom would have made me my very own group by now. But no, she didn't - I had to wait until my friends asked me. And mom wonders why I haven't slept next to her lately. Hrmph!

Anyway, Catstertown is a fun group. Everyfur is invited to join! My area is Ghost's where us fearless kitties investigate haunted houses. ooooooooooo scary!

So all my furiends, please join Catstertown! And I almost furgot! We're having a party! Here's the official invite:

ON OCTOBER 21, YOU ARE INVITED AT 5:00 pm Catster time to the Catstertown Halloween Holler to be held in the GHOST TOWN AND CAT ALLEY and wherever you can find CANDY, OF COURSE--Just wear whatever Halloween flavour that you are wearing at that time. And don't forget to LOOK DOWN AT THE URL'S TO SELECT THE SOUNDTRACK OF YOUR CHOICE.


Hugs from Meowmy

October 28th 2009 1:26 pm
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So mom's been hugging me a lot lately...more than usual. She's got that watery stuff by her eyes too. I asked her, what's up? And she told me that Catster had a lot of sad stuff on it this week. First she told me about a wonderful kitty named Calvin who went to the rainbow bridge this week. I never met him and we weren't even friends on Catster but so many of our friends were friends with him that we thinks he must have been a very special kitty. Mom read his diary entry and leaked all over the keyboard.

Then mom told me she read about the Post Office cat in the cat blogs. Turns out the cat lived inside the post office until someone complained about allergies. So they had to put the cat outside, and guess what....Yep...the poor kitty got hit by a car and had to be put to sleep. :( This make me & meowmy so sad. Now I guess I understand why she won't let me out even though I cry by the back door. Those cars are scary things.

Anyway, mom has felt the need to hug and kiss me a lot after reading all this sad news. Its kind of annoying, but I secretly like it too :) I am one lucky boy to have pawrents that love me so much. So I'm sending out a big smooch-a-roonie to all my catster buds too ;)



November 10th 2009 12:21 pm
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Well, mom finally got around to entering more pictures for us in the World's Coolest Dog & Cat Contest. BTW, why is DOG before CAT in that title??? You would think they'd want to lead with the favorite pet MOL!

If you have a moment, please vote for me :D

Vote for Julius in the World's Coolest


Please Vote for this GORGEOUS kitty...and I don't mean me!- MOL!!

November 11th 2009 5:58 pm
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Oh the most beautiful kitty has enter the World's Coolest Dog & Cat contest!!! Her name is Little Emma and she is just absolutely, pawsitively gorgeous!

Have you ever seen such a divine little kitty??? Oh, I guess you can tell that she's stolen my heart :) ~sigh~

If you have a chance please vote for her!!

Vote for Little Emma in the World's Coolest


Thanksgiving Tag

November 12th 2009 2:09 pm
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Here's a little tag game for Thanksgiving. Thank you Pigeon for tagging me!

List the five things that you're most thankful for this year.
1. That mommy adopted me from the shelter & spoils me rotten :)
2. I'm thankful for all the wonderful friends we met on Catster/Dogster. Every day brings a new laugh, sigh, and sometimes a cry. But my life is always enriched because of all of you!
3. Pixie - I am thankful that mommy adopted her for me to play with. She is my favorite sibling!
4. Kitty milk....I'm addicted to the stuff...its delicious...just wish mom would let me have it every day!
5. I'm thankful for my big bay window where I can nap in the sunshine and also watch birdies!

I tag my buddy Napoleon!


Welcome Waggin Secret Santa

November 27th 2009 6:01 pm
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Are YOU a member of the Welcome Waggin group? And do you know another member of the Welcome Waggin who may be going through a difficult time?

Nominate them for the Secret Santa program!!! We're hoping to bring a bit of light to some furs who have had a rough time.

Please stop by the Welcome Waggin and read the Nominate for Secret Santa thread!!

And if you're NOT a member of the Welcome Waggin - ya just gotta join! They are the nicest group and we have lots of fun too!

Hope to see you there!


A Christmas Julius

December 2nd 2009 12:59 pm
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Hello furiends! Here is my Christmas can sing it to the tune of "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" - me me me....

99 ornaments left on the tree,
99 ornaments left!
I knock 1 down and chase it around;
98 ornaments left on the tree!

98 ornaments left on the tree,
98 ornaments left!
I knock one down and chase it around;
97 ornaments left on the tree!

I could go on, but I think you get the gist. I think its bound for the Catster Top 40 charts, whatcha think????? MOL!!!


December 2nd 2009 1:09 pm
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My buddy Colorado tagged me, so here's all my private info:

I don't wear one.

I'm quite picky & mom expects me to eat healthy stuff so finally she has found something that I tolerate. Dry food is EVO grainfree, and canned I'll accept Thanksgiving Day Feast by Merrick, Beef & Chicken by Wellness and sometimes Felidae

Cat milk, catnip, any junky cat trea
Yes! The lovely, beautiful Little Emma :)

No and why would I want them? Did I mention I'm a picky eater?

My green bunny rabbit

March 3




Sure would!
NOW I AM GOING TO TAG anyone who reads this and wants to play!!


Bbbbbbb bird bird bird, bird is the word!!

December 19th 2009 7:49 am
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OMC! An exciting morning for me! But first I must explain some technicalities before I begin my story. My house has an attached garage and to get to our backyard you must exit the house thru the back door, which takes you into the garage, and then you must open the small door of the garage to get out to the backyard. Ok, so this is how mommy lets the dogs out. Then she leaves the small garage door open so that they can come back in the garage & bark when they're ready to get back in the house.

This morning I was going nuts by the back door. I was sitting by it and staring and crying and JUMPing at the door! Mom wasn't sure why I was acting so weird but then she had to let the dogs out for their morning bathroom break. When she got in the garage she heard some rustling overhead. She looked up and a BIRD flew out! It must have been stuck there all night. It flew out the back door of the garage.

When mom came back in I was still SO excited!! I told her there was a bird out there. She had to hold me up so I could look out the backdoor window into the garage. After I smacked the glass a few times & meowed I was satisfied that my birdie was gone. Phew - how exhausting! Then I had to crawl on mom's shoulder and purr and nap for a bit!


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