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Bug hunters annonymous

July 3rd 2009 7:27 am
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Mom said I am addicted to hunting bugs. She might be right about that. I can't help it, those little flying things taunt me & I just can't rest until I catch them!!

Mostly I see those teeny tiny little gnat things that are so small they can fly through the holes of the window screens. Usually they fly up by the light in the kitchen ceiling. My strategy is to get as high up as possible (the fridge) and then I meow loudly at them. If Dad is home he will pick me up and hold me up high so I can smack them. But Mom is too short :(

Once in awhile a big juicy fly will get in & then I am in my glory! I love em! Mom tries to make me spit them out, but I am too fast for her! Hee hee! Happy summer my kitty pals!




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