Cats and Science
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Venus the Cat Is Her Own Fraternal Twin — Literally

This chimera cat puts a cool -- and dual -- new face on the wonders of science.

Liz Acosta  |  Aug 24th 2012

Nope, that’s no digital-photo trickery. Meet Venus: two cats, one body. Yup, Venus is a chimera cat — she’s her own fraternal twin.

That means that genetically, Venus is sort of like two different cats in one strikingly adorable little body. A chimera cat results from a mixture of four parent cells (either two fertilized eggs or two embryos that have fused together). It’s almost like Venus is conjoined twins, except, obviously, not … she just ended up with a split face of two entirely different features. One side of her face is a black cat with green eyes and the other side is an orange tabby with blue eyes. Venus single-pawedly proves that science is capable of mysterious beauty. The rest of her body, however, is not dramatically split.

Venus is 3 and otherwise a totally normal, happy, healthy kitty. Whether she has a split personality has yet to be confirmed, but if she’s anything like the other non-chimera cats we know, she probably has a personality for each of her nine lives. One is her morning personality, which harasses you until you get out of bed; the other is her cuddly personality, which is the sweetest cat you’ll ever meet; the other is her … well, you get the picture.

Via Geekologie