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One of these products allows you to personalize your cat’s litter box with these ultra-blue absorbent micro crystals.

8 Pawsome Cat Products You Need to Check Out

From absorbent cat litter that comes in neon colors to yummy treats that combat your kitty’s bad breath, we’ve found a few cat products to go crazy for!

Melissa L. Kauffman  |  Sep 4th 2018

Looking for some pawsome new products for you and your feline family members? We’ve found the latest and greatest cat products here!

1. NomNomNow Pet Food

NomNomNow Pet Food.

NomNomNow Pet Food.

Finally, cats can get made-to-order, direct-to-them fresh food, pre-portioned for every meal. The fresh ingredients are gently cooked and served in their natural forms. Meals feature high-quality protein and nutrient-rich vegetables that match the low-carbohydrate nutrient profile of the natural prey of wild cats. Available in Flavorful Fish Feast or Chicken Chow-Meow. Weekly food cost based on breed, age, weight, activity level and health goals. Starts at $20/week. NomNomNow;

2. Rejuvenate Click n Clean Multi-Surface Spray Mop System

Rejuvenate Click n Clean Multi-Surface Spray Mop System.

Rejuvenate Click n Clean Multi-Surface Spray Mop System.

A clean floor is so much easier to come by with this new system. The swivel head on the mop allows it to glide easily over floors and maneuver under tight spaces, while the directional mist nozzle evenly spreads cleaner over the floor surface. It has a comfortable ergonomic power grip, as well as a re-washable microfiber floor cleaner and duster pads. Kit includes spray mop, microfiber cleaning pad and dusting pad, floor cleaner, soft scrub pad, three bottle adapters and a click-on grout brush. Available at Home Depot. $34.97. Rejuvenate Products; rejuvenate

3. VentiFresh



Thanks to new technology similar to that used by NASA on the International Space Station, you can keep your cat’s litter box smelling fresh and clean. The device uses UV photocatalyst technology and air ventilation to break down organic odors. It’s eco-friendly, energy efficient and doesn’t use any filters — so there’s no maintenance and ongoing cost. Power by power bank or cable. $64.99/US plug and $69.99 EU plug. VentiFresh;

4. UltraPet Neon Blue Cat Litter

Neon Blue Cat Litter.

UltraPet and Neon Blue Cat Litter.

Personalize your cat’s litter box with these ultra-blue absorbent micro crystals. Soft on paws, the litter is 70 percent lighter than most clay litters plus has outstanding odor control. Other colors available are pink, orange, purple and green. Mix colors to create fun litter art. $14.99. UltraPet;

5. The Hamilton Collection Sugar Skull Cat Figurine

Sugar Skull Cat Figurine.

The Hamilton Collection and Sugar Skull Cat Figurine.

Artist Blake Jensen recreates the rich look of authentic sugar skull artwork, first practiced in Mexico hundreds of years ago. This sleek feline dazzles with faux gems, glitter and eye-catching colors, perfect to display for the holidays or year-round. Measures 4 inches tall. $39.99 plus shipping. The Hamilton Collection;

6. Lulu’s Cat Store Cat Lover Heather Gray T-Shirt

Lulu's Cat Store and Cat Lover Heather Gray T-Shirt.

Lulu’s Cat Store and Cat Lover Heather Gray T-Shirt.

Wear your love for the divine feline in this stylish ¾ sleeve shirt in heather gray. Lightweight and luxurious, its design is hand-screen printed in black. To reduce shrinkage, the fabric was laundered beforehand. Available in one size fits most — chest 45 inches and body length 26 inches. $39. Lulu’s Cat Store;

7. Design Imports Black Cat Crossing

Design Imports and Black Cat Crossing.

Design Imports and Black Cat Crossing.

Revel in your love for both black cats and Halloween with this pawtacular black cat crossing embellished dishtowel. Get a couple for yourself and give as gifts. Measures 18 by 28 inches and is 100 percent cotton, machine washable. $42/pack of 12. Design Imports;

8. Sweden Care ProDen PlaqueOff Dental Bites

Sweden Care and ProDen PlaqueOff Dental Bites.

Sweden Care and ProDen PlaqueOff Dental Bites.

Help eliminate bad breath plus fight plaque and tartar buildup all while giving kitty a yummy treat. Formulated with algae to help support normal oral hygiene, these treats are grain free, gluten free and soy free, containing 100 percent natural and sustainably harvested sea kelp. $9.99. Sweden Care;

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