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They Call This Cat PRINCESS Monster Truck for a Reason

The aggressively adorable Persian in these photos will win your heart ... or else!

Liz Acosta  |  May 13th 2013

We love our pals over at BuzzFeed. We love them for lots of reasons. But now we have a whole new reason to love them, and her name is Princess Monster Truck.

Remember when we talked about how fabulous cats are? So fabulous that we think drag queens should take a long, hard look at their sense of style, poise, and charisma? Those cats were pretty good, but no one is as good as Princess Monster Truck — she has “Princess” in her name, after all.

Princess Monster Tuck is actually an angel. She fell from heaven. OK, the truth is she tumbled out of a bush at the feet of artists Tracy Timmons and Joseph Bryce, but that’s close enough.

At first, the humans (who would become Monster Truck’s human servant-friends) were like, “What the heck?” Then Princess Monster Truck let out a howl, which translated to, “Bow before me.” And they did. OK, actually the human friends sort of just took pity on the cat because she was all mangled and matted, but that’s close enough.

The human servant-friends took Monster Truck to the vet. “Was her face always that way?” they wondered. The vet said, “Yes, a lot of Persian cats are like that.” And the human servant-friends were like, “Awesome.” OK, not really, but that’s close enough.

If there was ever a queen fit for Colonel Meow, it’s Princess Monster Truck. Imagine the kittens they could make if only they weren’t fixed! (That’s probably to our benefit, for they would quickly take over the world.)

Thanks to BuzzFeed for this story; photos via Princess Monster Truck’s Instagram