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Newborn kitten photos.

Newborn Kitten Photos Are a Thing — And They’re Adorable

One Michigan-based photographer had the brilliant idea to take newborn kitten photos. Come see the cute results!

Annie Butler Shirreffs  |  Aug 17th 2017

We’ve all seen the adorable results of a newborn photo shoot: a swaddled infant napping in an antique suitcase or on a fuzzy blanket. Well, Michigan-based photographer Kitty Schaub took the concept one step further with a ridiculously cute series of newborn kitten photos featuring her family’s kitten, Luna.

An example of Kitty Schaub's newborn kitten photos.

An example of Kitty Schaub’s newborn kitten photos. Photography by Kitty Schaub.

Kitty does a lot of newborn human shoots and came up with the idea for newborn kitten photos while getting some props ready for an upcoming shoot. She dressed Luna up in cute little headbands and swaddled her with different fabrics. Luna proved to be a cooperative model. “She slept through the whole shoot,” Kitty says. “She didn’t even notice! I had to wake her up to get her open-eye photos.”

What started as a fun little experiment (the shoot only took about 5 minutes) has become a sensation. “We thought it would just be a cute, funny post for my Facebook page,” Kitty says. “We had no idea it would blow up like this!”

The newborn kitten photos mimic the photo shoots done for newborn humans.

The newborn kitten photos mimic the photo shoots done for newborn humans. Photography by Kitty Schaub.

Kitty says the response has been amazing. And best of all, she was able to raise more than $5,000 for her local animal rescue, Save-a-Stray, by selling calendars featuring Luna’s photos. For more information on Kitty, visit

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