Meet Puff-Dragon, a One-Eyed Cat with a Cleft Palate Who Sticks Her Tongue Out at Death


I want to show you something. I want to show you something that will blow your mind with adorableness and wonder. Are you ready? Okay:

This magnificent creature is Puff-Dragon. Are you seriously asking me, “What’s so magnificent about this cat?” You need to seriously look at Puff-Dragon. Here, I’ll provide the image again:

You can see it now, right?

Here’s the thing about Puff-Dragon. Puff-Dragon came to her family a mere four hours old, and it was pretty certain that the Grim Reaper was sitting right by the door, waiting to carry the kitten off. But you know what Puff-Dragon did? Puff-Dragon was all, “Reaper, please” and told him to be on his way.

The Grim Reaper, impressed with Puff-Dragon’s attitude, was like, “Well, okay then!” and off he went, leaving Puff-Dragon to live on for not one year, but four!

What piqued the Grim Reaper’s interest? Well, for starters, Puff-Dragon was a four-hour-old orphan, a pretty solid death sentence for a kitten. To make matters worse, only half of Puff-Dragon’s brain works, she’s got a cleft palate, no left eye, her teeth can’t decide which way to grow, and she suffers from seizures. Yikes!

But Puff-Dragon — like the famed honey badger — don’t give a fuzz, and she’s brazenly defied death. I feel like my life is over when I get a bad zit, but Puff-Dragon here makes her tongue a fashion statement. So yes, your cats are pretty amazing, but I think Puff-Dragon has legitimately earned the “most” in front of “amazing.”

All photos via Puff-Dragon’s Facebook page, which you need to go follow, like, now! And tell her Catster says Hello!

Of course, the amazingness of my Monday Miracles never ceases:

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