Could You Love a Cat with Only Three Legs?


The answer is — duh — yes of course you can learn to love a cat with only three legs.

It started with a couple of kittens found abandoned in the wilderness in July 2013. The little ones were too tiny to eat on their own and had to be bottle fed, becoming permanent members of the household. Then, in October, the family found Shadow by the side of a road — small and sickly, and with her left front leg and some of the toes on her right front paw severely mangled. A trip to the vet determined that Shadow’s injuries were beyond repair, so off came the leg and the toes.

Shadow is recuperating nicely with her new family, which went from two dogs and two cats to five cats and two dogs all in a matter of a couple of months. While Shadow might have fewer toes than most cats, she is no less cute. In fact, she might even be cuter than most cats, thanks to her luxurious black fur coat and bright eyes (which her human friends capture in really beautiful photography).

Here are seven things Shadow can still do just like any other cat:

1. Be cute

Yeah, she’s got it down.

2. Loaf like a boss

Having fewer legs puts her at an advantage.

3. Be cute

Just look at her!

4. Steal your seat

You wouldn’t kick a disabled cat out of her chair, would you?!

5. Unroll your paper towels

It requires only one front paw and a little determination.

6. Be cute

Oh my gosh, the EYES.

7. Sit in a box

If she fits …

All photos via Shadow’s Facebook page. Go check it out for more beautiful photography and continued updates on Shadow’s progress. Let her know Catster says hello!

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