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Walk Your Cat Without Worry

New from Sleepypod, a unique Martingale Cat Walking Harness that cinches to prevent clever felines from backing out to escape the harness. Made from high-grade, breathable mesh for comfortable wear over long periods of time. Strength-tested for safety. Available in five colors: Midnight Blue, Pink Peony, Strawberry Red, Jet Black, and Glacier Silver.

Cat Lovers Favorites Since 1986

Make them purr with a gift selected from dozens of exclusive, fanciful feline designs, created by cat loving artists. You’ll find an amazing range of styles with sizes (up to 3X). ships all orders super fast! Complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Feed Protein – Not Plant

At Dr. Elsey’s, we know the right diet goes a long way, that’s why we created cleanprotein™—inspired by the protein levels found in cats’ natural prey.

Redbarn Protein Puffs Cat Treats

Protein Puffs are an extraordinary combination of health, taste, and texture. Packed with 75 percent protein and a bountiful amount of essential amino acids, these unique treats help support your cat’s muscle development. And at less than one calorie per treat, you can treat your feline anytime she meows. Made in the USA in Redbarn’s company-owned facility!


Armarkat Classic Cat Tree, Model A7204

A hanging tunnel, basket, and hammock are combined in this slender yet tall (72”) cat tree. Covered in silky beige faux fur, it’s easy to assemble with tools and step-by-step instructions included. Holds 60 lbs. or 3-4 happy kitties. Your purr-fect holiday cat gift! Go to and enter comp20 for discount.

Khan: A Maine Coon

The true story of one of the author’s Maine Coon’s life through his eyes. Written in a semi-fictional mode that included dialogue between the characters and some spirital fantasy, Khan’s story shows why all who knew him loved him so very much. Illustrations include actual photographs of the characters. Book Excellence Award Finalist!

Kitty TWIST’R ® OUTSMARTS ODORS ™ in 4 ways

Self-sealing lid isolates dirty litter, activated charcoal absorbs odors Patentend Twist Technology™ seals in odors, and a 7-Layer Bag traps odor molecules.
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