10 Kissing Cats — We’re in Love!


Young, impressionable kittens may want to cover their eyes — there’s some serious nose-to-nose smooching action going on in these pictures!

Ginger kitty pulls out the smooth move of being in just the perfect spot for an aerial smooch. Photo by Sweet_Neko.

The true story behind this photo: A guy noticed his neighbor had some lovely cats who liked to kiss. He set up a tripod and camera looking out his window and, after seven days of waiting to catch them in the act, finally caught this sweet moment. Worth it, we say! Photo by andrewXu.

Soft, sleepy smooches are the best kind. Photo by Celine Q.

No one will can ever get any work done around here if we block the computer like this! Photo by andrea_hall.

She likes her men tall, dark, and handsome! Photo by J i J y.

How could you not kiss a face with that nose smudge?! Photo by Oreo & Lil Bit.

Ick! Do you have to do it so slobbery? Sheesh! Photo by whaas987.

Two sister kitties showing a little family love. Photo by Daisy Hynes.

Kissing kitty professionals! One leaning slightly left + one leaning slightly right = perfect smooch! Photo by Jennifer Kowatch.

This one had to be the grand finale. Tell the truth: You just died from the cute, right? We did. Photo by m.o.l.e..

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