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21 Incredible Cat Pumpkin Carvings

Great purring pumpkins! We collected kitty jack-o'-lanterns that will send you howling into Halloween night.

Dorian Wagner  |  Oct 29th 2012

Halloween (or should we say Meowloween) is this week, and jack-o’-lanterns are popping up on porches all over the place. So when it came time for us to sit down and carve our own pumpkins, of course we had to think of cat carving ideas!

You know how you can tell which houses have cat lovers living in them? Their pumpkins look like these …

Photo by navema.

Photo by Pip ‘n’ Milly Creations.

Photo by jonprentice.

Photo by JohnRiv.

Photo by thewhitekat.

Photo by bnjmnwood.

Photo by Porphyria Poppins.

Photo by kimberlyfaye.

Photo by vw4ross.

Photo by herque.

Photo by Gothicroks.

Photo by Tony Suriani.

Photo by Norbini.

Photo by Sin Cera.

Photo by mczolton.

Photo by IceNineJohn.

Photo by artbeco.

Photo by CynthianaH.

Photo by Shiny Bees.

Photo by rasputina2.

Photo by ReaktDesign.