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We Love Paul Lung’s Incredibly Photorealistic Drawings of Cats

These aren't photos -- they're drawings. Amazing, jaw-dropping drawings of our favorite thing in the world. (Clue: Cats!)

Liz Acosta  |  Aug 9th 2012

Take a look at some of these incredible images of cats. They’re pretty paw-some, aren’t they? They look so detailed that they must be photos, right? Wrong! These meticulously detailed images are actually drawings of cats, all created by the immensely talented artist Paul Lung.

Spending about an hour and a half on each drawing, Paul doesn’t use any fancy artist pencils to create his graphite renditions. Rather, he sticks with good old mechanical pencils and a lot of concentration and focus. While Paul works from photos of his subjects, according to his Facebook page, he prefers to meet the objects of his drawings as well, so that he can get a feel for the cat’s personality. It’s the spark that breathes life into his images.

Paul also draws portraits of people as well, but cats are his favorite subjects. We can’t blame him! The kitties all look happy and at peace, which is why we love them!

If you’d like to commission Paul to immortalize your kitty in graphite, you might be out of luck. The artist resides in Hong Kong, but you can admire his work right here!

Via Twenty Two Words