Meet Eddie the Lilac Lion, a True Survivor, Rescued 3 Times


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Eddie the Lilac Lion is blessed with a very grandiose moniker — and he’s a cat who also comes with a very involved backstory. This Siamese of the lilac point variety has been rescued three times, and along the way has gained a list of ailments that include being deaf, toothless, a little cross-eyed, and also half-blind. Here’s how it happened.

Let’s deal with Eddie’s run of rescues first. Right now, this estimated 8-year-old kitty is comfortably living in what will be his forever home with the photographer Jennifer Sarah Blakeslee in bucolic upstate New York.

Jennifer scooped Eddie up from the Mid-Hudson Animal Aid no-kill cat sanctuary back in April of this year. His log book, as it were, suggests that he originally belonged to someone who lived nearby, but was dumped him when that person moved away.

“Eddie joined an outdoor colony of feral cats for several years before a shelter worker rescued him,” explains Jennifer. “He was actually rescued three times by the same shelter: First, when he was taken off the streets; second, when the shelter had a fire in 2013 and he was one of 160 cats rescued and placed in foster homes; and finally when his ear infections spread to his mouth and he had to have major surgery.”

As Eddie clocked up his recuse missions, he also began to pick up a list of injuries and ailments (most likely due to his years spent battling the New York winters on his lonesome). Jennifer says he developed “massive ear infections in both ears, disfiguring them over time by scratching them and creating scars upon scars.”

That was just the start of it: “Eddie’s immune system was compromised and he developed stomatitis, a severe gum and tooth infection. Last winter he had major surgery to deal with both — he had his ears ablated, which means his ear canals were removed, rendering him completely deaf.”

One more: “Eddie also had all of his teeth taken out.”

Oh, and Eddie is also something of a cross-eyed wonder — a trait Jennifer says can be common in Siamese cats but that Eddie has taken to his own extreme. “We’ve figured out that he’s very near-sighted,” she says, “and can’t see much beyond what’s right in his face.”

Despite this collection of physical drawbacks, Eddie has managed to create his own world, which Jennifer affectionately calls “his little bubble.” To that end, his humans get his attention by tapping a pillow or bed near his head, or thumping on the floor so that he can hear the vibrations.

Just like any self-respecting feline, Eddie has also worked out when mealtimes happen, in this case by picking up on clues from the other cats he lives with, Daisy (his sweetheart) and Pretty Boy Floyd.

Eddie’s bubble is also a snugly soundproofed place. As Jennifer says, “He has a silent meow, because he can’t hear himself. He just opens his mouth, but no sound comes out. It’s ridiculously adorable. Sometimes he gets a creaking squeak out, but that’s about it.”

While Eddie has traveled a weathered path through life, it turns out that his surgeries earlier this year have had a huge effect on his demeanor. Jennifer says that he used to be “cranky and downright mean,” but since his operations he’s become “a total sweetie pie.” (The theory is that Eddie was in chronic pain beforehand.)

“Eddie is slowly learning that it’s okay to get closer to us humans,” says Jennifer, hoping that one day he might blossom into a true lap cat.

Skate over to Eddie’s Instagram page to keep updated on his moves and messages to the world.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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