Kooty the Kitty Eyes the Realm of Her Instagram Kingdom


This week’s Social Cat is a distinctive black kitty called Kooty, who just so happens to resemble one of the soot sprites from Hayao Miyazaki’s animated movie My Neighbor Totoro. This is a very good thing indeed. But as you’ll soon discover, there’s a lot more going on with Kooty than just her anime appeal. Here’s what you need to know about this queen of the social media scene.

Who’s Kooty?

Image via Instagram.

According to official Internet lore, Kooty the cat is a “goddess Persian gorgeous queen woman.” In reality, that breaks down as her claiming to be made up of half an owl, half a Studio Ghibli soot sprite, and, er, one-quarter toothless. Math may not be this kitty’s strong point, but she’s certainly a creative beast.

Toothless creature

Kooty Tongue
Image via Instagram.

As mentioned above, Kooty is said to be a toothless kitty. The lack of gnashers doesn’t deter her from scarfing down snacks, though — or showing off her highly flexible tongue.

Kooky Kooty

Kooty Sassy
Image via Instagram.

Kooty is a cat who defiantly speaks in her own somewhat kooky language. The caption to this selfie says, “This is me looking at all the sneaky almost-dead ghost Kootsters that never speak or do anything. Where did you all go?”

In translation, I suspect it’s a barb at her online imitators. I hope.

Enter the dragon cat

Kooty Dragon
Image via Instagram.

Back in March, Kooty was turned into Toothless the Dragon by the online feline makeover service Hussy Cats. It’s definitely a fetching look for her, right?

Water vs. Mondays

Kooty Bath
Image via Instagram.

There was a bathing incident once. It happened on a Monday. Kooty does not like to be reminded of it.

Dealing with the Monday blues

Kooty Monday
Image via Instagram.

More Monday blues. Here we have Kooty captured in deep contemplation about the very meaning of existence at the start of the working week. As the caption says, “When it’s Monday and you spend the whole day thinking of why Monday even exists.”

Introducing Kooterday!

Image via Instagram.

While Kooty might not be a fan of Mondays, she’s definitely all about celebrating “Kooterdays in the Kooty Kingdom.” What does this party involve? Why, just the righteous combination of eating too much food and then sleeping the feast off.

Queen kitty

Kooty Tiara
Image via Instagram.

Kooty likes to consider herself a queen of the social media realm. To that end, it’s only natural that this dignified 14-year-old black cat can often be found sporting a swanky tiara. All hail her majesty!

It’s rude to stare

Image via Instagram.

With her striking yellow diamond eyes and bushy black fur, Kooty is renowned for being a master starer. When the witching hour comes, she likes to partake in a little ritual called the Nightly Stares. Be very afraid.

It’s all in the eyes

Kooty Eyes
Image via Instagram.

More on Kooty’s eyes: Apparently, the secrets of the universe can be found in this cat’s irises.

“If you look closely into my eyes,” she claims, “you might see the entire universe of galaxies filled with sparkly stars and hopeful dreams that make the world a wonderful place.”

Hop along to Kooty’s Instagram or Facebook pages to check out more of her pics.

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