How to Tell If You’re an Annoyingly Proud Cat Parent


Have you ever encountered a parent who takes way too much pride in her child’s accomplishments? Now that my oldest daughter is nearing school age, I see this a lot. Those Braggy von Braggersons whose kids can do no wrong get quite annoying.

But then I thought, why not let them brag? I’m proud of my own kids, too. I might not enter the boasty zone (or maybe I do, but just don’t know it), but I certainly get all warm and happy inside when my kids do or say something wonderful.

And you know what? I do the same thing with my cats. I’m an overly proud cat parent (probably on the verge of annoying), too!

Here are some of the signs that you’re an annoyingly proud cat parent like me:

1. You beam with pride when someone compliments your cats

Yep, just like any doting mother, I love when someone points out how adorable my cats are. Obviously, I had nothing to do with their looks or temperament; that was all genetics. Yet every time someone meets them and says, "Awwww!" I feel as if someone just handed me a gold medal.

2. You bask in the attention from the vet staff

I love going to the veterinarian’s office because the vet and vet techs fawn over my cats, calling them the most handsome boys they’ve ever seen. "Me too!" I think. Imagine how devastated I was when I heard them say that to another cat. Obviously they were just saying that so the other cat didn’t feel bad.

3. You never post less-than-flattering photos of your cats on Facebook

Of course not! The not-so-cute cat photos get deleted right away.

4. You never, ever complain about your cats in public

Why would you? They’re perfect (as far as anyone else knows).

5. You share "challenges" only with close cat-people friends

Okay, so everyone’s cat has a few challenges. But I share these issues only with certain like-minded and understanding company. We all have an unspoken rule that, despite any shortcomings or behavior problems, our cats are still perfect little beings.

6. You have the cutest cats in the world

Well, I do. Sometimes, when both cats are just sitting together looking up at me, I think just that. And I’m right. Sorry people, but I am.

7. You have more pictures of your cats than of your family

Look at any proud cat-parent’s phone and you’ll probably see mostly cat pictures. My human kids have gained considerable space on my phone, but there are still quite a lot of cat pictures.

8. No matter what your cats do, it’s cute

Fortunately, my husband feels the same way about our cats that I do. I work from home, so the cats spend their day up in my business, sitting on my keyboard, meowing at me for meals, and sleeping on my important papers. Every time my husband calls, he says, "What are the boys doing?" I go on for several minutes about what good boys they are and how damn cute they are when they’re doing whatever they’re doing. I love my husband; he always agrees with me.

9. Normal cat things are amazing feats

Sometimes my cats do awesome things, like jump heights I didn’t think they could manage. They always get gobs of praise and treats. "Good job, Pugsley! You are such a good jumper! Mommy’s so proud of you!"

10. You don’t take criticism of your cats well

I once had a reading with a cat psychic. She told me Romeo was very sweet (I agree!) but that he was a bit slow on the uptake. I was offended. As for comments from friends, well, seriously, if you say anything bad about my cats, I will have to re-evaluate our friendship. I’m not kidding.

Do any of these sound familiar? Are you an annoyingly proud cat parent like me? What are some other ways you can tell? Let me know in the comments!

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