Meet My Furry Babies, 3 Cats Who Dress for Multiple Parts


Do you dream of a world where cats walk around dressed up for work as police offers, cowboys, and even superheroes such as Batman and Spider-Man? If so, you’re in luck, because the My Furry Babies Instagram and Facebook feed showcases exactly that wonderful thing. The social media account stars three cats — Joey, Morrison, and Cleo. Let’s get to know our feline clothes horses.

Officer Joey

Image via my_furry_babies Instagram

Joey the tabby is a stickler for law enforcement. You can usually catch him out and about patrolling the local grounds in his police uniform. He’s a tough cat, to boot. As he quipped in this selfie, “Spotted feral cats in the park smoking catnip. That’s an illegal substance — that’s a fine coming right up!”

His other catchphrase is, “License and registration right meow, please.”

Upscale Joey

Image via my_furry_babies Instagram

When not out establishing himself as a feline felony spotter, you can find Joey relaxing by dressing up in his best finery and posing gracefully with a daffodil.

Yee-haw Morrison

Image via my_furry_babies Instagram

Morrison is described by his human as a “naughty tabby.” Part of his schtick involves dressing up as a cowboy. It’s all about the swaggering way he wears the hat, see. Morrison also has his own spin-off Instagram account, if you’re particularly taken by his antics.

Captain Morrison

Image via my_furry_babies Instagram

Let the record show that when he’s not being Cowboy Morrison, you can catch this kitty dressed up as the captain of what appears to be a tropical feline party boat. Best not invite officer Joey, eh?

Don’t forget about Cleo

Image via my_furry_babies Instagram

Cleo is the shy and elusive member of the Furry Babies bunch. Apparently, it can be hard to catch a photo of her as Morrison is always chasing her away. I’m guessing from the paucity of pictures of her dolled up, she’s one Siamese who’s not much of a fan of slipping into fancy outfits.

Serious super cats

Image via my_furry_babies Instagram

What could possibly go wrong when you have these two crime-fighting brainiacs on the case, eh? This pic also won the derpy duo a prize in a summer photo competition. You can witness them in very relaxed action here.

Farmer Morrison

Image via my_furry_babies Instagram

This summer, Morrison became a farmer for a few months. It’s said that his cherry tomatoes were a hit — although he never could quite fathom how to get his carrots to grow to a sufficient size. Locally sourced sustainability is hard.

When Joey became Snow White for a day

Image via my_furry_babies Instagram

A few months ago, Joey tried his hand at becoming a little something he proudly called “Joey the cross dresser.” The results were pretty good, all dynamics considered. As he bragged in this photo’s caption, “Now, that’s one good looking Snow White cat, he he.”

Joey also hearts ice cream

Image via my_furry_babies Instagram

All this dressing up can be so very tiring, right, Joey? Best to rest up and binge through a carton of your human’s precious ice cream to recuperate.

Follow the adventures of Joey, Morrison, and the lesser-spotted Cleo over at their Instagram account.

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