Kitty bookmarks.

DIY: How to Make Kitty Bookmarks

These kitty bookmarks are easy to make with materials that you probably have lying around your house and are a great DIY holiday gift idea.

Annie Butler Shirreffs  |  Nov 6th 2017

My husband and I have been painting our house, so we’ve got a bunch of paint sample cards. I hate just throwing them in the recycling basket, so I’ve been keeping them in a junk drawer. Then I found this fun project for making kitty bookmarks while playing around on Pinterest.

What you’ll need:

Large paint chips
Permanent markers
Pencil Eraser
Ruler or paper cutter


1. Use the ruler and scissors to get rid of any unwanted words on the paint chip. You can also use a paper cutter, which is what I did.

2. Use the pencil and permanent markers to draw the shape of a cat and to draw the cat’s face and ears.

3. Use the scissors to cut out the cat’s ears.

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