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6 Amazing DIY Cat Cooling Pads You Can Create at Home (With Pictures)

Written by: Chris Dinesen Rogers

Last Updated on June 9, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

6 Amazing DIY Cat Cooling Pads You Can Create at Home (With Pictures)

You may notice your cat stretched out on the floor to try and stay comfortable on a hot summer day. A cooling pad can do the job quickly when your cat needs relief from the heat. Luckily, there are several options, ranging from easy-peasy to challenging to make. Our research found that many plans were surprisingly simple and only required common household materials. While a few of these plans were made with small dogs in mind, they will work perfectly for the feline variety!

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The 6 DIY Cat Cooling Pads

1. Cornstarch and Salt Cooling Pad by LanieVin AP

Materials: Plastic storage bags, cornstarch, salt, water, packing tape
Tools: Freezer, stove, spoon, pot
Difficulty Level: Easy

This cooling pad is awesome for a DIYer because you probably have everything you need without buying any more stuff. The video does an excellent job of showing the process, confirming how easy it is to make. It’ll definitely do the job. However, take the same precaution you would for yourself and wrap the frozen pad in a towel. Also, limit your pet’s exposure to 15 minutes at a time.

2. DIY Dog Cooling Mat by Diana Rambles

DIY Dog Cooling Mat by Diana Rambles
Image Credit: Diana Rambles
Materials: Fleece piece, ice packs, thread
Tools: Sewing machine, scissors, tailor’s chalk, freezer
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Don’t let the fact that it says “dog” keep you from trying this pad plan. Your cat will not know the difference and will enjoy the same cooling relief. This project works best with a sewing machine. You can sew the pockets by hand, but it’ll take longer to complete. We liked that you could customize the temperature based on the number of ice packs you add. The fleece provides the necessary protection from the cold as well.

3. Pillowcase Rice Pad by Diary of a Mad Crafter

Pillowcase Rice Pad by Diary of a Mad Crafter
Image Credit: Diary of a Mad Crafter
Materials: Pillowcase, rice, thread
Tools: Freezer, needle, scissors
Difficulty Level: Easy

We like projects like this pillowcase rice pad because it repurposes used items. You can cut a used pillowcase to size. Remember that we’re filling it with rice, so you probably want to keep the cooling pad to what’s needed without any excess. It won’t hold the cold for too long, but perhaps enough to keep your cat comfortable in the heat.

4. Diaper Cooling Pad by Rowena Caneda

Materials: Diapers or old towels, garbage bags, pillowcases
Tools: Scissors, lighter, freezer
Difficulty Level: Easy

Again, ignore the dog reference and think of this plan as a pet product. It’s another product that is easy to make because you likely have everything on hand. We suggest putting the finished cooling pad in a pillowcase to protect it from your cat’s sharp claws. You can make it to size, which is another plus. It also is a way to repurpose old items to extend their usefulness.

5. DIY Kitty Hammock by Hunker

DIY Kitty Hammock by Hunker
Image Credit: Hunker
Materials: Wooden dowel, wood screws, glue, sandpaper, fabric
Sewing machine, cordless drill, scissors, saw, screwdriver, tape measure
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Cooling off is sometimes just a matter of getting in the breeze, which this DIY kitty hammock offers. It’s more involved than the others we’ve considered. However, if you’re handy around the house, you probably have the tools you need. This plan puts your skills to another valuable use that your cat will appreciate.

6. Cooling Pad Insert by Kol’s Notes

Cooling Pad Insert by Kol's Notes
Image Credit: Kol’s Notes
Materials: Small air mattress, glue, rubbing alcohol, dishwashing soap
Tools: Funnel, scissors, freezer
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

This cooling pad plan puts a summer twist on your cat’s warm winter bed with an insert to make it a summer model. You can cut it to size so that it fits snugly. It simply involves filling the fitted mattress with a solution of dishwashing soap, water, and alcohol. The ingredients control bacteria growth, so you can get some long-term use out of it. Pop it in the freezer, and voilà!

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Final Thoughts

Cats can get uncomfortable in the heat, just like people and other pets. Felines usually have no problem warming up when the temperatures drop, if just by cuddling with you. Cooling off is another story. That makes these DIY projects worth the effort when it gets hot outside and inside your home. You won’t have to worry about your cat handling the heat with any of these plans.

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