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Catmapper: A Guy Who Travels the Globe and Photographs Cats

Using photography and hashtags, Portland resident Max Ogden "maps" cats on social media.

catedit  |  Jan 13th 2017

Let’s say you move to Portland, Oregon. And you love cats. You see a lot of cats around the neighborhood, and after a while you wish you knew their names and stories. If only there were some kind of photo registry of these cats. It turns out there is … sort of. It’s a social media phenomenon, started by a photographer named Max Ogden, who goes by the online handle catmapper. He has collected literally hundreds of cat photos. We chose a few and made a video.

Max has an Instagram account for catmapper. (We warn you — the account is visually magnetic and tends to black out hours at a time out of your day. There are so many cats!) You can also search Twitter for #catmapper or #catsofportland.


Here’s an adoptable cat at Purringtons Cat Lounge in Portland. Photo by catmapper

It turns out Max is a world-traveler, and he photographs cats while visiting cities of the world. His travels have brought us cat photographs from Oakland, Taipei, and Reykjavik, Iceland. Here’s one from Amsterdam:


So look for Max’s photos on any of his social media channels, and see whether you recognize any of the cats in your city.