Happy New Year! We Want Photos of Your Cat’s Butt


I recently had drinks with three former colleagues. Each of us has spent between 10 and 30 years in journalism. Between us, we’ve covered law, government, crime, technology, arts, and business.

“I can’t believe you get paid to write about cats,” one said.

But he said it with a smile — because we’re all cat guys. (We’re everywhere!) We laughed, like I was playing a big joke on the universe. Well, today the joke gets better, because I’m now getting paid to write about cat butts.


See, we need photos of cat butts. Our managing editor, Vicky Walker, sent a group e-mail to our freelance writers a few days ago with a request for “rear view” images. And now we extend it to you, Catster readers. We can’t think of any better source. Seriously.

Here are Vicky’s words:

Dear Lovely Cat People,

We write a lot of articles about litter box care, cat anal health, and mishaps involving cat bottoms. Unfortunately, Shutterstock [our stock photo site] has a limited supply of images of feline derrieres, and we keep using the same ones over and over again.

So we decided to crowd-source some from our favorite cat people. Isn’t it time your cat’s butt was famous on the Internet?

What We Really, Really Want

1. Photos of cats stalking away from the camera
2. Cats sniffing at litter boxes
3. Cats climbing in and out of litter boxes
4. Cats’ swishing tails seen from behind
5. Cats contemplating litter boxes or otherwise looking like they really, really need to go right now

What We Don’t Want Unless They Are Super-Hilarious

1. Cats in mid-poop
2. Close-ups of poop
3. Pooping or peeing in action
4. Worms and other gross excrescences

Images should be 600 pixels wide and as high-resolution as you can get. Avoid all-white backgrounds because they look too stock-y.

It’s fine if you have a super-fancy litter box and want to help model that; it’s also fine if you just let your cat crap in a kitchen drawer.

Can you help us fill our box with cat poop photos this Christmas? You’ll be doing us a great service. And we’ll make sure you get credit, every time.

Dingleberries all the way!

Cat-butt art isn’t easy to find. Today I looked on Flickr for a good rear view. This one’s not bad — but it was the only one we could use in 15 pages of images that turned up a “cat butt” keyword search.

So help us out here, people. Send photos of your kitty’s keister to Vicky or myself. Or attach them in the comment section below.


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