Does Your Cat Think She’s a Dog? Take Our Quiz


Does your cat act more like a dog than a cat? When we wrote about the 6 things dog people do that annoy cat people, boy did we get an earful from readers whose cats eschew typical cat behavior and behave more like dogs. You let us know that some of the doggone annoying things simply didn’t apply to your friendly, loyal, and tail-wagging best friend — your cat!

Find out where your cat fits in the cat-dog continuum by taking our quiz. Choose the answer that best describes your cat and then add up your total score.

1. Does your cat come when you call?

  • Yes, my cat comes every time I call her. (3 points)
  • Sometimes she comes, sometimes she doesn’t. It depends on her mood. (2 points)
  • She perks up her ears and glances my way when she hears her name. (1 point)
  • She completely ignores me. (0 points)

2. When you toss a cat toy across the room, what usually happens?

  • She brings it back to me to throw again. It’s like she’s playing "fetch." (3 points)
  • My cat is always ready to play. (2 points)
  • My cat sometimes chases it if she feels like playing. (1 point)
  • Somehow, I always end up with scratches on my hands and arms. (0 points)

3. Does your cat follow you around the home?

  • Yes, she’s like Velcro! (3 points)
  • If I’m holding a cat treat, she’ll follow me around the kitchen. (2 points)
  • I wouldn’t say she follows me, but she does seek me out at times. (1 point)
  • She does her own thing. We’ve got an understanding about space. (0 points)

4. Have you ever tried to teach your cat tricks?

  • Of course, my cat is super smart. She fetches, she sits, she gives a paw, etc. (3 points)
  • Yes, she can do one or two tricks if she really really really feels like it. (2 points)
  • I tried to teach her, but it was hopeless. (1 point)
  • I would never ask my cat to stoop so low. (0 points)

5. Does your cat walk on a leash?

  • Yes (3 points)
  • No (0 points)

6. How does your cat greet strangers who visit your home?

  • My cat greets them at the door and then hangs out with us for the entire duration of their visit. (3 points)
  • After giving the visitor a once-over, my cat will then go about her business. (2 points)
  • Cat? What cat? She’s hiding. (1 point)
  • People don’t visit. They’re afraid of my cat. (0 points)

7. Which best describes your cat’s attitude toward dogs?

  • Best buddies! (3 points)
  • "I will tolerate you." (2 points)
  • It’s like cats and dogs. (1 point)
  • "I shall vanquish the demon from our household." (0 points)

Tally your score

16 to 21 points

You’ve got a dog cat. She might look like a cat on the outside, but she’s got the heart of a Golden Retriever on the inside. Enjoy your hybrid cat!

11 to 15 points

While your cat is very much a cat, she does buck the usual cat stereotypes. Some might say you’ve got the best of both worlds.

6 to 10 points

Your cat is definitely a cat. You probably nodded your head a few times when you read our article on the annoying things that dog people do.

5 or fewer points

You are the proud owner of a cat cat! You enjoy your cat’s idiosyncrasies and also being her servant. As long as you respect that she’s the queen, all will be well in your household.

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