Be Honest: How Much Cat-Themed Stuff Do You Have?


Hello. My name is Barbarella, and I’m a cataholic.

This does not only mean that I am a certified ailurophile and totally obsessed with real-life cats of all shapes and sizes — I even married mine! — but also that I am addicted to accumulating more and more cat stuff, on an almost daily basis. Wherever I go, my catdar (cat + radar) is finely tuned to sniff out cat-related items, whether that’s on the Internet, in other people’s houses, or at the shops. I often find myself getting upset when a place sells storage boxes adorned with puppy pictures but they don’t have kitten ones, or I find sets of wind chimes with all the other animals under the sun dangling from them but not cats!

Almost everything in Barbarella´s apartment is cat-themed

Being a cat lover, I have always had quite a bit of cat stuff in my house, along with cat jewelry and cat clothes. Years ago I even set up a webpage and took a photo of every single cat-themed object in my possession, which at the time amounted to 364. However, over the last 15 years or so my collection has grown so vast, I have given up even counting how many cat-themed things I own.

My collection includes cat jewelry, T-shirts, shoes, bags, nail-art stickers, cellphone covers, fridge magnets, cups, plates, figurines, coasters, cushions, calendars, books, wind chimes, mousemats, plushy toys, stickers, posters, and even a couple of tattoos, just to name a few.

To talk about my entire collection would be folly, but I’d like to share with you a few of my personal favorites:

1. Cat shoes, bags, socks, and T-shirts

Barbarella´s cat shoes, bags and socks

Living on a tiny island in the Atlantic Ocean with few places to shop, I procure most of my more unusual cat stuff online or while traveling. In the photo above, the punky black-and-red cat bag you see is from London’s famous Camden Market. This bag is extra special because the eyes of the cat are actually speakers, and you can plug your MP3 player into it! The Skechers trainers with the pink cat are from a shoe shop in Shinyuku, Tokyo. The red pixie boots were custom made for me by an amazing company called Pisa Verde in Tenerife in the Canary Islands, the cute black-and-white cat face Mary Janes are from TUK Shoes online, and the platform sandals adorned with the metallic panther are from Hong Kong via eBay. Most of my cat socks were given to me as presents — people know me too well!

Just some of Barbarella´s cat tops and t-shirts
Cat wallets, coasters, mousepads and a cat ruler

2. Cat cupboard door knobs

When I saw these I went squeeeeee! right there in the shop, turning people’s heads and getting strange looks. They are absolutely adorable little pewter cat-face knobs, which I first bought for only one cupboard in my kitchen, but about two years later I got a new cupboard added, so of course I needed some more! And I was really lucky that the shop still stocked them.

Cat knobs on the drawers of Barbarella´s kitchen unit

3. Cat jewelry

I don’t exactly know how many pieces of cat jewelry I have, but it sure is a lot. I keep buying at least one new cat bracelet, set of earrings, or necklace a month, but also my family, friends, and people who know me well give them to me as random presents. Sometimes I “catify” an existing piece of jewelry, for example, by buying a rosary and taking the little Jesus off and replacing him with a bejeweled cat (without meaning offense to religious folk, of course!), or by adding a silver cat to the plain black-heart earrings you see in the bottom middle of the photo below.

Just some of Barbarella´s cat jewelry

4. Catified items around the home

Basically, everything in my apartment (and my car) is victim to abuse from cat stickers or other methods of catification.

But the cat favorite in my home has to be my toilet seat. My bathroom is mostly white tiles, but all the accents and accessories are red. The red toilet seat remained free of cat-themed adornments for a while, until one day I found various glitzy paw print and cat stickers for just $2 each in a local household shop, which I thought were just perfect for it. Voilá — we have a catified toilet seat!

Barbarella´s catified toilet seat

Below are more photos of the catification around my home.

Custom-made cat shelves
Mirrored hooks with suckers, for all that cat jewelry!

More of my favorite cat items

To be honest, all my cat-themed stuff are my favorites. If I had to give up just one piece from my collection, I would have a really hard time choosing.

Barbarella´s Spider & Lugosi Cattoo
Catty cellphone covers
Cat Photo Frames
Tiny, delicate porcelain kitty thimbles
Barbarella with two of her real cats, Lugosi and Ruby

Like I said, there is so much more I could share with you, but I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of what for me is a lifestyle (or obsession!) rather than just a passing fad.

Do you have a collection of cat paraphernalia that matches mine? Tell me in the comments!

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About the Author: Barbarella Buchner — Ailurophile. Geeky Goth Girl. Ex-Musician Singer/Songwriter. Photographer. Web Designer. Fibromyalgia + RA Sufferer. And totally mad! She originally hails from Hannover (Germany), then moved to London, and since 2004 has lived on the tropical island of Lanzarote, together with her tabby twins Lugosi & Spider, and ginger queen Ruby Akasha. Apart from being an avid hobby — and sometimes even paid! — photographer, she works as a freelance web and graphic designer and occasional Catster contributor. She designed and maintains her local cat charity 9 Lives Lanzarotes website.

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