Shanti the Russian Cat Loves iPad Games and Long Walks


This week, we visit Russia (virtually, of course) to spotlight one of the rising cat stars of the Instagram scene. His name is Shanti, and he’s an expressive British Shorthair silver chinchilla kitty with a zestfully playful streak. Let’s find out a little more about him.

Who’s Shanti?

Image via Instagram

The fancy looking Shanti was born in December 2014 in the Russian town of Krymsk.

“Our first meeting with Shanti was through Skype,” says his human. “He was among all of the kittens who came up to the camera, and it was love at first sight. I think that Shanti chose us by himself.”

After the matter of a 300-kilometer journey was settled, Shanti was transported to his new forever home.

A talkative chap

Image via Instagram

So what’s Shanti like to be around on a day-to-day basis?

Well, he’s said to be a “very clever cat” who also “knows a lot of commands.” He’s gentle and playful but also “talkative when he’s in a good mood and wants to go outside for a walk. He really doesn’t like staying at home when we go for a walk — he always wants to be with us.”

Kitty Digital

Image via Instagram

As you scroll through Shanti’s Instagram page, you’ll quickly realize that he’s an avid iPad app gamer.

“When Shanti was a kitten, he loved playing with the iPad,” says his human. “We noticed him doing it a lot, so we’d just open up a game and Shanti would start to play.”

Or, in the case of this photo above, graduate to using the tablet as an impromptu pillow.

A smile pleaser

Image via Instagram

Shanti’s human says not a day goes by when he doesn’t make his new family laugh. But it’s less about grand or audacious stunts than just this cat’s general demeanor.

“Everything that he does ends up being entertaining,” says his human. “He’s a funny cat who makes us all smile every day.”

Shanti’s a social star

Image via Instagram

At the moment, Shanti’s Instagram account has racked up nearly 20,000 followers. Asked the secrets of his social media success, the cat’s human says, “I’m fond of posting Instagram pictures that express Shanti’s emotions and are able to make people happier.”

Keep it positive and upbeat seems to be the credo here.

Life through a lens

Image via Instagram

Even though he’s not yet two years old, Shanti has already become accustomed to growing up in public. To that end, he’s begun to change slightly as he’s gotten older.

“When he was a kitten, he was more playful and he loved to sleep with us,” says his human. “Still, though, his soft voice remains to this day.”

Check out Shanti’s Instagram account to see more of his smile-inducing pictures.

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