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These Photos of Princess Cheeto Are Flamin’ Hot

This black-and-white Instagram resident stars in some of the slickest cat pictures you'll see.

Phillip Mlynar  |  May 4th 2016

Princess Cheeto is a black-and-white cat who was adopted back in 2012 and has turned herself into an Internet star by virtue of the Instagram account she runs with her human, the photographer Hugo Martinez. Her name is apparently a nod to pop culture and the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos snack. She’s also fond of posing with foodstuffs on her head. Read on to find out more about this slick kitty.

Introducing Princess Cheeto


Image via Instagram.

This is Princess Cheeto, a proud black-and-white kitty who definitely does not like Mondays. She lists her professional status as being a muse/model/napper, and enjoys the feline trinity of catnip, wet food, and the ever-elusive red dot.

Feline flights of fancy


In cahoots with her human, Hugo Martinez, Cheeto’s Instagram is filled with slick and fantastical pics, like, say, her scooting through the cotton clouds on a flamboyant hat.

Purple purrs


Image via Instagram.

Faced with the sad news that Prince had passed away, Cheeto decided to homage the iconic musician with her own rendition of the Purple Rain album cover.

Where’s Cheeto?

Cheeto Find Her

Image via Instagram.

Serious, where is the cat? As a pro tip, don’t attempt this black-and-white puzzler with any sort of a hangover unless you wish to induce a state of nausea.

Pug Butt

Cheeto Pug

Image via Instagram.

Here we have Cheeto crossed with what her Instagram hashtags tell me is a Pug’s butt. That red fire hydrant is looking very afraid.

Mr. Cheet Feet

Cheeto Feet

Image via Instagram.

This is pretty great — it’s one of Princess Cheeto’s front paws embellished with some stick-on boggle eyes. The creation is officially called Mr. Cheet Feet. He looks like quite the grump!

Don’t eat your greens

Cheeto Cabbage

Image via Instagram.

You know when you open up a can of fancy, premium cat food and wonder why in the world the manufacturer insisted on putting bits of vegetables in there, being that your cat will simply eat around the carrots or peas? Well, Cheeto knows that feeling very well. Here she’s protesting by wearing a cabbage cap.

All fluffed up

Cheeto Cotton Candy

Image via Instagram.

However, let the record show that Princess Cheeto has absolutely no issues with cotton candy.

Check out more of Cheeto’s pics over at her Instagram account.