You Sent Us Photos of Cat Butts — We Expose Some of the Best


We asked you to share your cat butts. And you shared your cat butts. A whole lot of you did. For a couple of weeks we here at Catster HQ were buried under a virtual avalanche of kitty heinies.

Some of the butts we received are fluffy — so fluffy, in fact, that the kitties’ posterior parts are figurative rather than literal, walking euphemisms, as it were. They’re the mere suggestions of where a cat anus is placed, more like the private parts you’d find on a mannequin or a doll.

Others, however, are rather stark. “I am a fact,” the keisters seem to exclaim, “deal with me.”

The cats captured on film also vary in attitude. Some are caught unawares while dining, drinking, or visiting the litter box. Some, however, stare down the camera, posing in an almost pornographic way, as if to say, “I know what you’re looking for — and here it is.”

Mary B. says: Walter, my semiferal flamepoint Siamese mix, has become a member of my household by way of adopting us. He has been hard to catch and is due for a neuter! He is packing some big guns and everyone wanted to see them. I chased him around quite a bit to get this shot.

Niko O sent us a photo of her black kitty, Fang:

Willful, this one is. Cats don’t have the same codes of behavior and shame that we humans do. Fang seems to know that — and mock us for our squeamishness, unfounded in the feline world.

Meanwhile Shelly P‘s tabby, Sam, rides the back of the couch like Monorail Cat:

Jean M. showed us Panda, who’s showing us his relaxed butt:

Courtney P‘s cat Daisy loves to investigate the kitchen. Here’s her butt in the dishwasher and a drawer.

Diane E. snapped a pic of Roxy’s derriere at the Pet Guards shelter in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. (Good news: Roxy got adopted. Maybe it was because of her cute butt!)

David and Shelley M. sent us pictures of magnificently furry Murphy. We’re sure we can see a little bearded face in his tail-fluff.

Abbey W. took this candid shot of her kitty, Quincy:

Sue J‘s snowshoe, Keisha, likes to pose outside:

Denise D. sent a picture of her cat Jenny’s interesting patchwork behind:

Cathy B. says her mackerel tabby, Abby, lacks all modesty. And as for all these butt shots? “They seem to see it as a friendly gesture to flash it at us multiple times during the day,” she says.

Janice and Gabe swear this photo of Hilo wasn’t staged. (Even if it was, we still love those plump ginger haunches.)

Kate D. shared a photo of the cutie patooties of her cats, ODB and Pilkie:

How many shots did we receive? We don’t know. Forty? Fifty? None of us could look too long before asking someone else to complete the assignment. Regardless, if you have more, we’ll take them. We’re sure to have use for them in the future — and if they’re good enough, we might expose another batch in a post like this one.

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