Do Your Cats Like to Have Their Photos Taken?


Recently we had a wonderful professional photographer come to our house for a couple of hours for a photo shoot. We like to do this every four or five years in order to have fresh images to include with articles, in my books, on my website and social media sites, as well as other media events that I attend. Photo shoots are always a lot of fun but, a lot more tiring than you would expect. I have to give it up to professional photographers, models and celebrities who make their living doing this on a regular basis.

The photo session was mostly for my wife and I and our furry family. We knew we could get the dogs to cooperate, but were unsure of the success we would have with our semi-feral cats. Though we have taken photos of them from the distance, we are far from professional photographers. Though there are a few of the cats that are very friendly and will sit still while you pet them, most of the others will not. However, we stayed optimistic and did our best to include them in the shoot.

There were a series of challenges we faced, besides the fact that most of them are camera-shy. Who am I kidding? Most of them run when they see us approaching with a camera in our hands. If we can’t get them to sit still for a photo, imagine what success an unfamiliar person holding a very large camera with a long lens would encounter.

The other challenge was the setting for the picture. Our cats are usually lying around in our garage under our two cars or amongst the other junk that seems to get relegated to the garage. If not in the garage, they are tucked contently under a tree or bush or hiding on the other side of the fence. So, the surroundings are not ideal for photos. When taking their pictures, you usually only get a picture that includes a partial cat’s face, a tail or their backside.

The cats are never in the main part of the house. So, that left out the option to include them in any family photos of them sitting on the couch or back porch areas. They don’t go into the back yard where the dogs usually are. That is, unless they want to harass the dogs, or are returning from the back garden and decide to take a short cut through the back yard. Even then, they usually will only stay for a minute or two and then hightail it through the yard and over the fence to their safe zone.

Needless to say, even with a professional photographer, this photo shoot was not going to include our cats. We would have to see if we could get some new pictures of our cats on our own after the shoot. In order to accomplish this feat, we decided to employ two digital cameras. My wife would try to take some photos from her angle and I would take some at the same time from a different area. We had the plan in place but, the cats must have gotten wise to our plan. When we first approached them, half scampered away. Have you ever noticed that when a group of cats run away, it’s never together? They seem to flee in all sorts of directions and then team up at a central point far away from all the action. The other half stuck around, but each time we approached or moved slightly, they would move away or retreat under something.

At the end of the mission, we managed to get a few pictures. Mostly when I placed food or treats down for the cat I was trying to take a picture of. However, most of the pictures ended up shots of me trying, in futility, to take pictures of our cats. Oh well, at least we tried to include them in the family photos. Maybe next time!

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