The 6 Coolest Instagram Cats Owned by Musicians


Music superstars used to live safely closeted lives, what with their daily comings and goings hidden behind the giant platinum-embossed doors that fronted up their snug and secure gated mansions. Why, there was a time when you would have had no idea that a world dominating country and western chanteuse owned a Scottish Fold named Meredith.

But thanks to the intrusive wonders of the social media era, those days are long gone, and Taylor Swift (of Meredith guardianship) is just one of a cat-crazed bunch of musicians who have taken to Instagram to post furry-filtered pics. Here’s a gallery of the six coolest music-loving cats you’ll find on Instagram today.

1. Bon Iver’s cat Flo

When not heading up indie rock group Bon Iver, Justin Vernon can be found enjoying a healthy cat-first lifestyle. He even designed cat-themed sneakers for Best Friends Animal Society. Here’s an artsy Instagrammed close-up of Flo.

2. Kreayshawn’s kitties

Female rapstress Kreayshawn is a confirmed crazy young cat lady. She once told me that the first thing she was going to buy once she signed her major label megabucks record deal was a Petco cat tower for her two kitties. Here one of them gets all meta by drinking out of a cat class.

3. Bethany Cosentino’s cat Socks

Socks the cat is indie rock’s most prominent feline, having appeared on the cover of Best Coast’s debut album. Here Socks’s owner Bethany Cosentino has made skillful use of some summer shades for cat portraiture purposes. As she confessed in the photo’s Instagram caption, “I spent a really long time trying to make this happen.”

4. Katy Perry’s feline alter-ego

Katy Perry is one pun-loving cat owner. Her Maine Coon goes by the name of — wait for it — Kitty Purry! Here she’s gone all soft-focus to capture Ms. Purry in a state of coquettish lounging.

5. Tyler, The Creator’s cat Tuts

Tyler, The Creator heads up Odd Future, a group of Los Angeles-based rap kiddies who make wantonly grisly songs about all sorts of anti-social things like pillaging small villages. Behind his persona, though, Tyler’s quite the cat fancier; his tour posters regularly feature cats and he’s fond of Instagramming pictures of Tuts, his puffy tabby pal. They seem so contented together.

6. Taylor Swift’s cat Meredith

Poppy country star Taylor Swift knows all about the giddy joys of coming home to an adoring cat face. This is a close-up of her Scottish Fold, Meredith, who was apparently waiting faithfully by the door for Taylor to return to her palatial mansion one day.

Those are six top musicians with cat Instagram addictions. But there are more! Let us know your favorite cat-owning musicians who love to post pics of their feline companions in the comments below.

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